California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am very greatful for the years I have spent at college and this is not simply due to the fact that I learnt a lot of new information in my academic classes. I am mostly thankful for the opportunity that was granted to me to meet so many bright, intelligent and lively people such as my math professors and other science and language instructors and athletic coaches. I gained a lot from these people. I learned how to be a more self-motivated, dedicated and hard-working person. College work and sports have built my character and helped me develop my personality and, most important, build my stable goals and futher looking plans for the future. Through the interaction with my professors I learned a lot of new ideas and beliefs that eventually helped me to become a more creative and prospective student. In addition, thanks to my tennis coach, I learned how to be more optimistic, open-minded and cheerful person. I became more open and friendly towards others and it made my each day go by with excitement and positiveness. And i could feel and notice more and more positive things around me which was absolutely amazing.


The most valuable things I have gotten out of my college experience are the degree and the major specific knowledge. I need a degree to be competitive in the job market as a signal to employers that I am capable of completing something, anything. Also, despite the complete waste of time I spent in General Education classes, those classes I took that actually were relevant to my future career and current interests were beneficial and stimulating. In fact, the amount of useful information I gained from my "real" classes is nearly matched by the trivial and rather disappointing information gleaned in the often mind-numbingly boring classes that were meant to round out my education. Perhaps their value will be fully realized when I eventually appear as a contestant on Jeopardy and am faced with the category "Aztec Geography." As for now, I can rest assured with the knowledge that my degree and dutiful work in my major will wing me wistfully and successfully into a bright career.


I feel like I never would have met as many people as I have nor been able to study such a variety of topics as I have at Sacramento State. It's definitely been valuable to attend because I have learned many things I didn't expect to learn before and have taken classes that are different, but still end up being really interesting and almost some of my favorites.


I joined a club on campus my junior year and realized how important it was to get involved on campus. I was one of those students who attended class and went home immediately after the class was over. I dreaded coming to campus and didn’t feel connected with the campus. I didn’t stay and socialize or reap the benefits the campus had to offer. Once i joined the club, I ran for the VP of Community Service, hoping I could make a difference. Once i was elected for the position i made it my mission to get the campus involved in helping out the community. Knowing that you, as an individual, made an impact on the school and also the community is an amazing feeling and very rewarding. I met many amazing people that have gone on to contribute their amazing qualities elsewhere. I would not be the person i am today if i didn’t attend Sacramento State and get involved. I learned that I have a strong passion for making a difference in someone's life. I loved the campus so much; I am back getting my teaching credential.


Through my college years I have learned that I need to spend a little more studying for my classes and just educating myself in general. For example, reading the books, newspaper, or listening to the radio regularly so I could improve my vocabulary and language. Another thing that I learned is try to not give up setting a goal because the result will bring only the positive things when reach a certain goal.


So far I have gained an increased knowledge of my resources available on this campus along with how to go about recieving help in the real world if I ever need it. I have been given the opportunity to make many new friends and find myself along the way. I value Sac State and its ability to mold me as a person not just in my mind but on the outside as well. I love this school!


My college experience has been a necessary tool in my academic and personal advancement. It has encouraged growth in areas that one would not stereotypically associate with academics and college. Besides having significantly assisted me in increasing my academic abilities, many of the classes taken have also offered invaluable insight into myself and the world that I live in. I have been forced to take both a critical and personal view of my character and how it relates to what I have experienced, am experiencing, and what experiences are still to come. I have further come to realize that, "No man is an island," and what I do will not only inevitably affect me, but those I associate with in day to day life. To me, this has been the most valuable reward of my college experience.


I now understand that each class I take is a stepping stone for the next class and so on. A lot of information I learn I try to teach other people and students, and motivate them to go to school and get a higher education. My job is a Child Development Assistant, and working with older youth at church for many years. I try to teach them what school did for me, and what it can do for them. It has been valuable to attend becasue I an work and learn from really intellegent people/professors. But I fear that without adequate funding I wont be able to reach my goal. I also learned its really hard to get any scholarship. That is why Im asking you to review this application and allow me to finish/resume my education without dropping out due to lack of funding. Thank You.


Thus far, I cannot honestly complain too much about the educational experience I have received. I realize that, with this economy, schools all over are doing their best while having to cut funds to classes, majors, and "extras" ( like bus lines, housing costs, etc). However, I am a little peturbed to see what Sac State has done. While expanding the Nursing program to a different building (they just purchased this year, off campus), they have cut pertinent portions of student funded services. They have closed down the Hornet Shuttle during the most convenient hours; students with a 7:30 AM class or an 8 AM can no longer take the shuttle, they would be late. Also, they have cut the shuttle before dark hits. With all the rapes and sexual assualts that have occurred in just this past semester, I am stunned they would do such a thing. Lastly, they have taken funds from majors to place in the growth of stabile ones. It seems that a student's experience at this campus is no longer in the school's plan or interest.


I have had the most amazing experience of my life as an older college student. I returned to school after 8 years of being away, and college has given me the confidence to follow my dreams. It has made me extremely organized, allowed me to create friendships with people of all ages, and see the special talents others have. College has made me less critical of other's differences, and more accepting of people in general. I have loved seeing how caring the faculty are over their "flock" of students each semester and how they want us to be happy in our pursuits as much as we do. College has humbled me at the same time to realize there is a huge world out there with a ton of information, but given me the power to use my resources to access it. I appreciate my education and how fortunate I am to be the first one in my family to have an Associates, and soon a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. My parents never were encouraged to purse higher education, and they will be proud when I graduate as one of seven kids. College has significantly connected me to other people.


College has been one of the greastest experiences for me because I feel that it has helped me grow as a person as well an in my studies. I will be the first person in my family to go to college for more than a year, and this inspires me to study harder and enjoy my life as a college student. Since I am a huge believer in diversity, this campus has opened my eyes to one of the greatest joys of learning from different people and gaining knowledge. Among my classmates are the inspiring teachers who love what they do. The teachers have enlightened me in math, and yet keep me entriguied with learning something historical. The teachers on this campus have made my college experience extremely valuable because they are passionate about what they are teaching. I believe that being passionate in what you chose to do for the rest of your life is the most valuable trait that I have gotten out of attending college.


From my college experience, I have grown as an individual. Aside from obtaining an excellent education to excel in my future career as a Civil Engineer, I have met many influential people. CSUS is an beautiful University because of the campus and especially involved people. If I had to do it all over and had the opportunity to chose any University to go get my education, I would definitely pick CSUS all over again. When I graduate from CSUS, I am confident that I will be prepared to jump out into the work force and succeed. CSUS definitely prepares students to learn the technical aspects as well as hands-on aspects. Most students graduating from CSUS are well-rounded individuals which is an extreamly important quality to have once entering the work force.


When asked the question "What have you gotten out of your college experience?",I can honestly say that I have not fully utilized all the services nor have I had a chance to experience the "college life" of socializing and interacting with people near my age, who also share similar interest. While living off campus with a sickly grandmother and working part-time really has put a damper on my social life, through the different classes provided at Sacramento State,I have met really wonderful people whom I wouldn't have ever thought of interacting with. Sacramento State has been valuable to attend because I have learned the meaning of success and what it means to become an educated person, I have learned the importance of being a well-rounded individual and being comfortable with oneself to know that with hardwork does pay-off. in the long run. With the phrase " It's not the destination,it's the journey" lodged in my head ,I know I still have a chance to make the most of my college experience.


College has opened my world to opportunity beyond measure. I have grown in so many ways though attending college. I began my college career later than most. I had a son at a young age and I believed I would never have any opportunity for anything more than I currently had, which wasn't more than a full time job where I made very little money and spent little time with my small child. I was so very wrong. After now commited myself to self improvement though my education I have discovered what the world has to offer a girl in my position is much more than I expected. My education has allowed my to become a great example for my son who now knows that education is the opportunity to create who you want to be and all it takes is hard work. In short I have gained knowledge, insight, courage, critical reasoning skills, and confidence among too many to list. It has been so valuble because I am a changed person, who can contibute positively to my community, family and world.


I have come to understand myself better. I attended community college at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, and while I enjoyed my time there, I wasn't required to interact with the students at the same level that I do at Sacramento State. I find the amount of student participation to be exceptional and I also find the students and the teachers to bevery approachable. Being in a more demanding educational environment has definitely helped me to hone my discipline when it comes to academics, and push me to think harder when it comes to my major. I am generally reserved, so I had to become more outgoing and interact with my peers and professors more than I ever did. I found this the most valuable--not just the academics, but being given the opportunity to grow and become more confident when it comes to my own personality. Sacramento State University has also given me opportunities, such as studying abroad, that were not available to me prior to attending this college. I have never felt more confident in myself and my academics than I have since attending California State University, Sacramento.


I have learned that college is a time for self-discovery and growth. It is a place where one can learn new things and affirm the things that are already known. I have grown immensly as a person while attending college because it has provided me with an environment where I can ask questions and look for my own answers. Not only have I learned about my chosen major, but I have also learned about the world around me and what I can do to make it a better place.


In college, you see so many different types of people. My first year experience introduced me to people that appreciated school as much as I as well as who did not. College is a new chapter of High School at times, I have never been associated in the petty arrangements people were in such as fighting. People came to college to grow, as for me I have been grown. Coming from a single parent home and being the oldest makes you that way. However, I had changing to do as well. I always worry about what I have to do, I never appreciate myself on what I have done. So college made me see that it was okay to take a break and to live life because work is a progress. A twenty page paper cannot be fully accomplished, and meet all requirements in one day. College life shows me things take time, getting a degree takes courses to get through and that I need to just live and go with the flow of this life process. I can go on, overall college has allowed me to task risk and begin living instead of existing.


From the time I can remember, I was always in the kitchen with my mother. If I bothered her long enough , she would put me on the counter and let me help with the simple things that she was making. I do not remember a time that I did not want to be a chef. I thought it would be a hobby that I would fall into after retirement from the military, but after one broken ankle and a hardware store to put it back together, Culinary Arts became my obsession. When I first stepped into the school kitchen and buttoned up my coat, I knew I was home. In high school I was a straight D student, but in college I flourished. I was living my dream and following my heart. I had Chef Instructors that not only taught me, but listened to me. I already knew how to cook; what school taught me was why it was considered an art. I received my AA in August and intend on enrolling in a 9 month "total emersion" program in April. I believe that I will always be a student whether officially or by mentoring.


College has been a very good experience for me. Even though I only in my second year at California State University, Sacramento, I have learned many life skills that I use and will continue to use. I have become more open to peers and older adults. I have learned the importance of networking, because a lot of times in society and job settings, it doesn’t always depend on what a person knows, but also who a person knows. I have also learned the importance of organization and to not procrastinate. In high school, I was able to put off something for weeks and wait until the very last moment to complete a task. I learned that if I did that in college, I was not going to succeed. I now make sure to continue to work on task that may not be due soon, so that way I have time to really study and learn all that I can while I am in school. Because of college, I was able to attend two out of town weekend conferences. At these conferences, I was able to meet and talk with real companies which were very beneficial to me.


So far I have been in college for 3 years. I have learned to be a disciplined individual, dividing my time between my home business and going to school full time. It really changes your prespective on life, because you can experience first hand what life is like without a degree when you walk into a fast food joint and see the expressionless visages of the employees that work there. I do not want that for myself. Seeing people that did not take hold of their dreams for their futures and instead chose the easy way out of high school push me harder to study more and be the best student that I can possibly be. My professors are continuously providing me with motivation to continue being a sucessful student, as well as helping me enjoy being in an environment where everybody there wants to learn just as much as I do. A couple years ago, right after high school, one of my teachers gave me some advice: when you surround yourself by the right people, you will never feel out of place. Since going to college, I have never felt like an outsider.


I have received an immense amount of experience and education from completing my first year at CSUS. My college experience has introduced me to a myriad amount of people from the industry, classmates, and teachers. These people have helped me become more aware of my responsibilites at CSUS, by giving me a real life experience of what the job market offers outside of CSUS. Joining the CMSA club has made me excel further in my stay at CSUS. I look forward to my following semesters. My experience has been worth attending CSUS, because I learned cultured from the education and it has greatly helped me in my work experience. I have received the opportunity to develop relationships with people in the industry, my classmates, and teachers.


Out of my college experience, I've gained responsibility, knowledge, and social skills. By being in charge of all my class registeration, searching for a tutor, attempting to find clubs I'm interested in, and juggling sleep, school, homework, and hanging out. It wasn't like high school where my teachers, counselors, and parents were in charge of helping me basically keep on track of deadlines, but now I'm responsible for myself. Being independent and forced to take care of myself, helped me realize just how much has changed from high school to now, and how now for the rest of my life I am going to be on my own. It's scary not to have the safety net of all this. And that's important to learn, that life isn't all about having somewhere there to support me, I have to learn to make it on my own.


I have met a lot of new people through my sorority and my time in the dorms. as well as in classes. From college, I have learned to be much more independent and to have a lot more confidence in myself. The people that I have shared experiences have shaped my beliefs and opinions in a very positive way.


I have only been in college for about two semesters but I already learned alot. College has already helped me with my two part time jobs. I have bettered myself everyday since i've been in school and I am so glad that i made the choice to go it was one of the best choices i've ever made.


In my first few months of attending college, I have experienced a major change from high school to college. College has showed me the value of time and what it means to have time management. I feel that in college, you have to rely on yourself to get assignments done, to remember to wake up for class and to make the effort to do your best. Expectations change and you as a person have to as well to prove that you belong in college and that you can make it on your own. This is your first step from being independent from your parents. It is valuable to attend college because higher education can lead to a better job and a more stable future for a person and their family, epsecially in this economic times. During these economic termoils, a higher education is important because many people who have gone to college and have a degree are more qualified than myself, might find ourselves competing for the same position. Which means I will have to push myself well educated in whatever career I pursue.


Midway throgh my college experience, it would be remiss of me to assume that what I have gotten out of it is sufficiently representative of the overall experience I will have received upon graduation. Having said that, so far I have thoroughly enjoyed my university experience after transferring from a junior college (Sierra College, Rocklin, CA). To try and quantify the value of my college experiences thus far would be to neglect the prospective years of experience to come, but as is obvious in this response, I strongly value the possibilities to achieve higher education at a fine institution such as Sacramento State. I grew up in the Greater Sacramento Area, and having spent one semester at San Francisco State University previous to Sacramento State, would assert that the experience of attending a university that establishes a sense of pride and confidence -- which Sacramento State has in me -- is one worth committing to. The most unquantifiable measure of the values of my experiences at Sacramento State lay in my desire to continue higher education. Applying for scholarships such as this one is the perfect example of how a great university can encourage students to dream.


My college experience so far has been amazing. I feel very lucky and blessed that I even have the opportunity to further my education, even though finances are tight. I am a student athlete that is not on scholarship, so my first freshman semester was very rushed and started off a little stressful trying to balance homework studying and getting to practice on time, but I was soon able to manage my time efficiently. I am very impressed with most of my professors and how knowledgeable they are. I have had the opportunity to learn an abundance of new things and am very eager to learn and study more. Not only have I gotten and continue to receive a quality education but I have also been able to interact and learn about many different cultures from the diversity at Sacramento State University. The extreme diversity has been exceptionally valuable to my character because I am learning to commingle with different ethnic backgrounds which will be very beneficial to my future career in public relations. I am working hard to get the most out of my college experience so that I can contribute and benefit others in the future.


I've only completed my first term at SacState but, I have attended classes on subjects that were not offered at my high school. The subjects have been very interesting and I have learned much. The college setting has students from beyond my neighborhood which has introduced me to many new friends who have different experiences to share. Since I am a scholar athlete, I have gained additional confidence as the coaches have worked wth me to hone my skills. I have found that I can push myself further than I previously thought possible. These experiences and the confidence that I have gained will follow me throughout my career which will allow me to succeed in whatever I try to do.


I have been able to grow and learn alot that helps me do my earlychidhood education job every day. also i am a role model for my oldest daughter that even at my age i can go to school and i hope that i can encourage her to go to coledge after high school. I have always wanted to go to school and now that am i a can move forward in my career.


I have been determined to attend a 4-year university ever since I started high school. Neither my parents nor my brother attended and I felt it was something I could do in my life to bring positivity into my home because my parents have always said how much they regret not attending college. Moving away and attending college has helped me to become a mature, well-rounded and independent woman. From my experience at Sacramento State I will walk away with: friends who have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, peers who have shaped me to be a more prepared student, and important facts and information from professors who have taught me some of the most valuable information I have ever learned within an institution in my life. My college experience is something I will always hold near and dear to my heart, and I am so glad I will never have to look back on my life and wish I had attended. The money spent on my college years will surely be exceeded by the career and salary I will be able to obtain by having that degree.


Through the various courses attended at Sacramento State, knowledge and life skills have been gained that can never be replaced. By participating in activities in my freshmen seminar course to understanding the importance of a structured society in my world civilization course, I have become prepared for many obstacles that can possibly be placed in front of me in future courses. There are innumerable resources in the library and Academic Resource Center along with individuals who assist students who are struggling in a course or who need more information regarding a specific subject. By being able to attend Sacramento State I have been able to experience campus life but still feel comfortable without getting overwhelmed with course work. I have been able to understand the importance of asking the professor and other students in the class for assistance on an assignment because it was through these confrontations that I was able to recognize my potential as a student and as a future educator.


Merced College was not my first choice when I was a senior in high school, I thought I had to make something of myself by attending a university. I was naive of the tuition costs and classwork in universities, community colleges offer the same first two year's worth of general education as most 4-year institutions at a cheaper price. It was from Merced College that I came to understand the importance of studying days prior to a test rather than the morning just before the exam. When in high school, I assumed the mentality that I was one of the few high-achieving students, however when coming into Merced College I discovered that that idea no longer applies. Most college students are capable, if not more than capable of achieving the same assignment as myself; I realized I need to try harder. So although Merced College is a small campus, it serves as a significant stepping stone from high school to a 4-year college. I got my money's worth while attending a community college. I learned to be more independent at school, be a recluse to finish my assignments and to adhere to my studying habits.


I have learned that college is much more than just parites and fun. It's the opportunity of a life time that many wish to have and with my hard work and also with the help of my parents have been successfully done. I come from a background where it is an honor to make it to an university. I am the first of my family to attend and as a child I was pushed and very driven to succeed. So one day I could provide my own family with the life I couldn't recieve. It's very valuable to attend because not only are we paying for it, but also because it is the first step to success. The only way to survive in this world is to recieve higher education and make something our of ourselves. I've learned a great deal of responsibility and that it's important to keep my head in the game. No matter what may occur to always keep pushing until I reach my goal. I enjoy college because it's given me the chance to focus on my education and most importantly to make my parents proud.


Though my experience at a 4-year college was cut short, due to the passing of my best friend, I feel as if I have gotten alot from my college experience. When I attended Wright State Univeristy in Fall 2010 I enjoyed myself. I got to meet new people and was opened up to new ideas and perspectives. I have experienced dorm life, and the responsibility that comes with. Also, I have learned a tremendious amount not only education wise, but through the about of diversity presented on the campus. I now attend Columbus State Community College, where once again I see a plethora of diversity. I am in class with people who are 2X my age or possibly the same age as myself, but no matter the age, I learn from each and every one of them, whether it be a math problem or a person issue. It has been valuable to attend college not only for learning but to make me a better person and more culturally rounded.


I have learned so much thus far in my college journey. It has opened up my mind to many things I had never even thought of before; college is so valuable it helps you think outside the box, see things differently and learn about the world and things you would only lean from going to school. It gives you tolerance and patience for other people and exposes you to all kinds of different people and situations that you will find in the "real" world. College is a must it gives you general knowledge in many areas and I will never regret going, I have never met anyone who said they regret going to college. Overall college so far has helped me to become a well rounded person, educated and able to understand the world and people much better. I now know what it is like being on both sides of the fence, educated and without an education and I would never go back, I always encourage people to go to school it has been the best choice I have ever made, the most important investment of my life, for my kids life and our future.


I have completed only a semester of college, and yet I have learned enough to make it seem as if I have been there for years. Going into college, I was quiet and shy and kept to myself. After this first semester though, I have learned to be open and social. I have also learned to take things as they come to me and to not worry when things go wrong because it's not the end of the world. If I had to leave college for whatever reason, I now know that the short time I spent at Sacramento State was worth it because it has taught me to be more relaxed and to just go with the flow, which was a lesson I had been waiting and needing to learn my whole life.


I absolutely love my college experience at CSU Sacramento! During my first college semester, I was able to become an Orientation Leader for the New Student Orientationat CSU Sacramento and help incoming students the following year. My second year at CSU Sacramento, I became a Peer Mentor for the Academic Advising Center. As a peer mentor, I helped 20 first-year students adjust to CSU Sacramento. I conducted ice breakers, personal development assignments, etc. I have given presentations on general education as well as time mangement and study skills. I also met with each student twice during the Fall semester; once to get to know them and establish trust. The second meeting to plan their academic schedule for the following semester. I still have much to learn, but I think I have made significant progress so far. A college education one of the most important things for me. I am a eldest of three, first generation Latina student pursuing a bachelors degreein Speech Pathology. It is rare to see a Latina student in Speech Pathology but I want to set a good example for my brother and sister. I am pursuring certification as a blingual Speech Pathologist.


I have gone to college since 2003. I started out at a Jr. college because I couldn't afford tuition at the University. I have been teaching children who have autism for 8 years and I absolutely love it! I teach at a pulic school where we also have students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I noticed that those students only hung out with eachother because other students didn't know how to communicate with them. I began to learn sign language from them and started taking sign language classes in college so I could learn even more. I earned my sign language certificate at Sac State and I teach all the students sign language during my lunch so they can communicate with our students who are deaf/ hard of hearing. It is such a beautiful thing to see everyone making true friendhips that last. I absolutely love what I do and I dream of being an inclusion kindergaten teacher for children who have different abilities then one day opening a summer camp to get kids off their butts and have fun! The only thing holding me back from my dream is money for my college tuition.


Throughout college, I have experienced and learned many academic skills. For instance, I have interacted with diverse populations having the ability to build teams with peers. As a result, this opportunity has helped me improve my communication skills by networking with people and adapting to different cultures. Besides, my communication skills, I have also improved in my writing and reading skills by taking and receiving the appreciated tutoring help in my academic courses. Therefore, from my personal point of view, attending to California State University, Sacramento has been a great and valuable experience that I have been exposed to because l have learned to be more independent and responsible


College has been tough, i am not going to lie but it definately has been a good experience. Not only have i learned about different topics or subjects but i have learned more about myself. I learned time management and what to focus on and what not to focus on. I learned that even though i may like something that it might not necessarily be the right thing for me. its valuable because if i were to look back and did not make some of the necessary choices that needed to be made i would be no where. i would probably be making circles and not learning from them. College taught me to learn and without that i would not be able to grow as a person or as a student. if i cant grow i cant go or do anything with my life, i want my life to be something, and i want to be remembered by how i lived my life. It all started with a choice and that was attending college now in order to continue making choices like this i to explore and acknowledge all my resources.


For me, college has been an experience characterized by my dedication to my studies and my determination to by successful as a nursing major. However, I have realized that college can be any experience you choose it to be. Some students choose to make the focus of college a social experience, others can balance their focus between their studies and their social life. However, my college experience has been defined by my choice to major in nursing. Nursing is an impacted major, so it is competitive because it requires a secondary application and acceptance into the school of nursing to actually begin the nursing coursework. My college experience became valuable to me when I was accepted into the nursing program; the feeling I got when all my hard work paid off was a beautiful moment. To know I will be a practicing nurse is valuable to me in the sense that I will feel I have a role in the community. Even more valuable, I am excited to have relationships with my patients at the individual level. In a sense, college allows you to become a member of a specific community and for me that is the healthcare community.


I am the first one to go to college in my family, so being enrolled in a 4 year institution is a once in a lifetime great opportunity that I will not put to waste. My mother always tells me that people can take anything away from me but not my education. Things I learned and still learning will make me and take me to far away places. In this world people need to have a degree to work, and if I want to have a great life in my future, I need to finish college. Plus, my motivation is my family. As much as possible, I want to help my parents by getting a decent job, and plus this is my way to give back to all the thing they've given me. Also, college is fun. I get to do what I love which is theatre. I get to meet new people, and I get to explore and learn. College teach me a lot of things I do not know in life. Lastly professors here really take care of their students. As much as possible, professors want their students to have a future. I know I will.


For me the college experience was an opportunity for me to mature and grow. I feel that going off to college, leaving your home and family behinde you and taking on this big task truely builds charactor. In attending college you are also allwoed the opportunity to grow socialy and to come out of your shell. Before i went to college i was a shy person, but through going to school and meeting new people every day i have become a more social person. During your college years a lot of great memories are made. Memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Through attending college it gives me hope for a brighter future. Through furthering my education it allowes me to prepare for life. Some day i hope to get married and have a family and through my college education i believe i will be able to find a good job that will help me to provide for my family. Thats what it comes down to, i want a happy family and would like to be able to provide for their every need. and through this my dream can come true. ALOHA


The one thing that I have gotten out of college is confidence. I have grown so much as a person during my epxerience at college, so far. By being in college I have began to met many new people and start to enjoy the college experience. It really has been a valuable opportunity for me to attend, dispite the adversity I have been faced with, I have been able to grow as person,inside and out, and to discover myself.


I have been able to experience many things from going to college that I probably would not have been aware of had I not enrolled. I have found value in each and every one of them. I have met people from all over the world, each with a different story to tell. This, in turn, has shown me first hand that in spite of our perceived differences, people are more alike than different. I have also realized the value in getting an education. Getting a four-year degree will place me in a global minority of people who have been able to experience this luxury. To have this opportunity is very humbling and I am truly grateful. I also realize that because of the opportunties I have been presented I have a duty to give back to those who are less fortunate. Through volunteering for various organizations I feel that I have begun a lifelong journey of giving back to the community, which I hope will make it that much easier for future generations to realize the value of and take advantage of the college experience.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the confidence to not be reserved with myself. As a confused and poor Southeast Asian student with a conservative tradition and upbringings, I never thought that I was able to live on my own and to understand what else higher education can do for you besides looking good on your resume. As I attended college I met many great people, great professors and great mentors who have guided me and challenged my thoughts. It has been valuable to attend college because I was able to learn from my courses, participate in free cultural conferences and events, student protests, and meet people who have been in the similar shoes as me. The more knowledge, issues and awareness that I learn about my community and myself, I learn to not be afraid to question, step outside the box and to not be reserved. with myself There will never be a progress in myself if I hold myself back from the experiences and opportunities there are for me.


My college experience at CSUS allowed me to progress in my academic interests, character, financial responsibility, leadership ability, and personal development. My academic interests are to gain a teaching credential, and with CSUS’s liberal studies and credential programs I can easily achieve my goal. CSUS offers a variety of clubs and organizations one of which I am a member, being part of the Alpha Chi Omega women’s fraternity has given me an opportunity to enhance my character by showing myself that I accept and reflect moral integrity and dignity, social awareness, and fraternity loyalty. CSUS has also helped me improve my skills being financially responsible, for I have had to learn to be well aware of when payments are due so that my classes are not dropped. AchiO women’s fraternity at CSUS has giving me the opportunity to gain leadership by participating in campus activities and encouraging other collegian to be interested in their community. Lastly, my experience has given me opportunity for personal development, because CSUS is a culturally diverse campus it offers opportunities to enhance my cultural appreciation and knowledge of other cultures. All of the above made my attendance to CSUS highly valuable.


Sac State is a well organized, student friendly campus. The professors are awesome.


What I have gotten out of going to college is time management , having to balance my time between going to class, studying and taking care of my three year son and still being able to keep my grades up. With having to work on my time management , it has made me more of a responsible person and it has helped me to get things done in a timely fashion. Point being is that when I start my career as a dental assistant I will be able to handle the conflicting schedules that come with the job of being a single mom with a career. School has been valuable for me to attend because I want to graduate and become a dental assistant so that I can take care of my son on my own with a steady income.


I have had a passionate, enjoyable experience, from community college to four year CSU Sacramento. It has been an extremely invigorating, eye opening journey. I have been exposed to many new worlds of exploration and knowlegde that I would have never considered before attending college. A prime example for me is geography, which is a highly advanced field of study. I have been stimulated to develop my mental thinking capacities like never before. One example is my writing skills improvement; I felt I was a decent writer; but I didn't know there was so much I could improve on.