California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


At first my college experience was not what I was hoping for. I had classes that I was not interested in and teachers who seemed not to care. Finally this last fall 2010 semester I took at Bio course and the teacher really felt what she was teaching. It made me even more exciting about the material. I learned through this particular class to ask as many questions as you need/want. It is your education and no one holds you back but yourself. Working in groups was another learning challenge that I had to work with. Learning to work with multiple people takes work but when you are finished it is well worth the efforts.


I have learned some of the most valuable information known to man kind as a CSUS student. Such as the theory of evolution, Business, Marketing, and Accounting. All of this infomation will help me to be successful in my future as a Government professor. I enjoy the fact that there is so much to learn still and I do enjoy being able to be apart of this learning experience and hopefully I will be able to help someone else as well in the future as a professor.


My college experience has been one of enjoyment. I have had always made it a point to attend as often as I can, but due to hardships both financially and personally I have not always been able to attend as often as I would like; however now that I have been able to add some stability to my life my first goal is my college education. This education not only benefits me today by applying principles that I learn ins chool, but is also one step closer for me being able to have a career in the medical field where I will be able to fulfill my altruistic desires. This is important to me because I like to help people, and being able to give back to society is nothing short of a blessing.


I have learned so far from my college experience how to be organized and how to handle tough situations without my parents help. I have had a hard time getting classes and as a result I have learned to plan my class schedule around this challenge. When I get the classes I need I make sure to take full advantage of them by staying on top of my work and using teachers office hours to get all the help I need. I have learned to be more independent from my parents by taking care of all my school needs myself and with the help of the administration on campus. This is a valuable asset because when I graduate I will need to be organized in many ways in my life and my parents aren't always going to be there to help me. Being organized and self-sufficient will greatly benefit me well into my adult life.


I have learned that anyone no matter their economic status can go to college. I have learned that professors here do care about thier students. Sac. State has recently opened a two story gym that I believe will encourage many to be active. I think this campus has been valuable to me because I have not only made great friends but also due to the wonderful teachers that care for our education and well-being.


I feel very priviliged to be attending Sac State, simply because many returning student are having a hard time gettng re-admitted into school after taking a break. I myself am a returning sudent after taing a three year break from school due to some financial problems. I am the first in my family to attend a four year university. I haven't really had "the" college experience because I am a full time employee and I have to pay my own way through college. I miss out on a lot of activities due to this. I also live in Stockton, CA because that is where my job is , forcing me to commute 45 minutes. I wish I could participate more and have the full college experience, but it is impossible with my situation.


My college experience thus far has been significantly challenging. It is this challenge that I would deem the most valuable aspect of my education. I have, through strife and toil, come to attain invaluable knowledge and experience in my craft. I have made bonds with my peers and instructors who have come to be ideal role models that I can learn from. However, the greatest treasure I have discovered thus far within the trove that is my education is an aptitude to pass on knowlege within myself that I was not aware of. I now find myself studying more and more frequently in attempt to gain as much knowledge and skill as possible. Where I once put forth this effort for my benefit alone, I now work to attain knowledge that I may share it with my peers that they may grow as well. My college experience has been truly valuable to me, but my work is not done yet.


Comming to Sacramento State University has made me become a more independent person. It has allowed me to make friendships and given me the opportunity to continue to do what i love doing best which is community service. I am very envolved on campus all the time. The university offers many opportunities for students to get involved in the comunity. The proffessors on campus have been very kind and more friendly than i think i would have gotten at a UC campus. As a person i have gain alot of knowledge, i think and view the world in a more liberal way. I am well aware of the importance of my education and i am constantly motivated to continue my education at sac state.


I have learned many valueable lessons during my college experience, all of which prepare me for the future. As a college student and employee, I learned to manage my time and money in the most efficient ways possible in order to excel. Although I was a dedicated employee, I placed emphasis on my school work, and it helped me to achieve academic success. Working and going to school simultaneously prepared me for life, which is hectic and one most learn time management and coping skills, in our ever busier lifestyles. I also met many different people from various walks of life. Our society is a great mixture of people and attending college helped me to work with and learn about a lot of different people, which translates to being able to apply this experience into the work place and in society. Assmilation into other cultures is very helpful in today's world. College also taught me independence and life skills. From college I also learned that hard work pays off, and the satisfaction of excellent grades has motivated me to keep working hard and doing my best to achieve all my goals.


The most valuable thing I have gotten out of my college experiece thus far is my self. When I first started out at Sacramento City college I had no idea what I wanted to do or if college was even the right path for me. After two years at Sacramento City and transferring to Sacramento State, I have found my passion for Dietetics. I have always known I wanted to help people but college is giving me the opportunity to express my passion. Not only has college pointed me in the right direction for a successful career, getting an education has absolutely made me a better rounded person. My eductation is teaching me how to survive in this world. Going to college is the best decision I have ever made. It has given me the opportunity to grow on an educational and social level, which in my opinion is irreplaceable.


What I have benefited from my college experience is that I have appreciated that I am a small participant in the grand events that are shaping our world. With the maths and science majors being in high demand in our country, I wanted to rise to the call that our nation is asking us and improve our way of life. My science classes have provided me not only with the skills to benefit me, but also in my community. By doing research with the Chemistry Club, I am finally given a chance to prupose my own ideas and experiments and see the scientific process in action. In addition, many of the projects I do in the Chemistry Club are presented to underprivlidged children to not only have fun, but also encourage them to pursue a future career in the sciences. Even though I am just an ordinary student making small contributions to my community, in the long run I am happy I am contributing to the future of my neighbors and country.


I have learned so many new things at my current college and hope to learn even more in the coming years. I believe it is so important to have something to fall back on and a degree does just that. It is so important to attend college and get through it until the end. You will get paid more at most jobs and it show them you can commit to something. I can't tell you how many people were offered a job over me because they had their degree. You should stay in school and finish because it will pay off in the end. You will feel so great when you graduate and move on to bigger things in the future. We are the future so we need to learn as much as we can to have a successful future.


College is an invaluable component of my life. In college, I learned to build upon the most salient and beneficial qualities I possessed. I participated in the debate team, where I prepared arguements to solve complex problems. The chagrin that came with growing up in a poor community dissipated with each class I took. I read books from Hobbe's Leviathon to Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. If it were not for my undergraduate years, I would still be a docile woman who saw little hope of a successful career. Instead, I found a mentor who provides guidance and has helped me not only enroll in graduate school, but has extolled my academic efforts so profusely that I am confident that I will not only obtain a prestigious internship over next summer, but afterward be offered my dream job as a Finance Specialist. I learned hard work, commitment, and leadership; although these qualities were probably always a quintessential part of my character, they are now qualities that I am able to utilize both academically and otherwise. Everyone should go to school, but more importantly, everyone deserves a mentor who will encourage them to reach for the stars.


I have learned necessary lifes skills - accountability, time management, etc. - that I will need after I graduate college. Though it might be an expensive cost, I am able to learn and figure out these skills to prepare myself for life outside of college. In college, I am able to seriously figure out what I want to study by trying different classes and determining where I want to grow as a person. Also in college, I am exposed to things that I do not think I would have normally been exposed to outside of college. For example, study abroad programs, seminars and master classes on your field of expertise, and events that might get you involved more in your community. All of these experiences make college valuable to attend because they have greatly contributed to my growth as a person and I'm able walk away from the experience with something to provide to my community and work.


I have reaped much from my time spent at Sac State. When I entered as a freshman, I had little clue of just what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I loved to sing and my voice teacher had encouraged me to attend Sac State since she taught there. It seemed like a fine idea to me, so I applied and without too much trouble was accepted. However, I was naive when I entered college, and this was quickly revealed to me by the level of musicianship expected of me. I had to take theory every semester and it became increasingly difficult as I advanced. By far, Ear Training classes were the most challenging music-related classes I took. It was only due to my sight-reading skills that I passed them. Additionally, I was unaware that I would be required to compose music for my theory classes. The assigments were difficult. But I stepped up to the plate, and fortunately I did not have to retake a single class. In general, my experience at Sac State was a combination of working hard and Providence looking after me.


I value my education more now than I've ever had in high school. College has opened my mind to many life experiences and exposed me to a diverse group of people, whether it be a different religious background or race. I'm graduating this semester and, honestly, would prefer to stay in school. I love the college atmosphere from meeting new people, learning new things, participating in things I thought I'd never do, and I adore the beautiful girls on campus! I hope to attend college again...


From my college experience, I have not only gained knowledge, but have also learned how to fight for my goals and stand up for what I believe in. Any struggles I have gone through in college have made me a stronger person with more drive and ambition than I have ever had. I know that it is up to me and me only to achieve my goals no matter how big or how small the goals might be. Only I can make myself get good grades in a class and only I can make myself have the best project in the entire class. In my opinion, college has prepared me for the real "real" world. It is as though college is a training course on how to be on your own and be able to survive when you no longer have your parents or friends to fall back on. College has taught me how to be on my own and be okay with it. To me, an independent woman is unstoppable.


Since going to college I have developed the knowledge and experience needed to get the most out of life. While at college you will have a chance to learn stuff that you would normally not learn. While at college I have meet people who share the same interest as I do. There is no feeling quite like meeting people who share similar interests as you. Meeting people who are more like me is probably the most valuable thing about college. I would encourage everyone to think about going to college. At college you will build relationships with people who share the same interest as you. Also, it is a prove fact that those who have college degrees earn more than those without college degrees.


The summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college I was able to take a summer math class at CSUS that I had applied for. I was able to meet a lot of people who were going into the same major as me and I was able to meet faculty for my major as well. This made the transition from high school to college much easier because by the time the fall semester started I already had new friends and I knew some professors who I could go to for help. The most beneficial things about my school are; the availability of study space and resources, the helpfulness of the professors during their office hours, and the variety of activities offered around campus. We have an excellent wellness center where we can sign up for all kinds of recreational sports, which is a nice release from the pressures of school work. Overall, I'm very happy with CSUS.


I have been attending community colleges since 1997 and what I have gotten out of it, is, an A.A. in Liberal Arts. I feel it was valuable to attend, because it has taught me dedication, education and social fulfillment.


Commitment and responsibility. When I use the word commitment, I mean it in the manner of being committed to my education and the push to complete my goal of obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Committed to showing my children that college is an event you should experience during your lifetime, sooner than later, but it is okay if you choose to attend later. Since you are never too old to learn. I have learned to hold only myself responsible for being able to maintain a high grade point average and producing high quality work. No one else can do this for me. Responsible for leading by example. College has given me an educational support system. From tutoring to making long-term friendship connections. The confidence within me has increased, I no longer make excuses for my lack of knowledge, and I can now participate proudly in a group conversation, while respectfully standing firm to my opinion. College has shown the world is more accepting than I thought. The success of the college’s students is a reflection on the institution itself, but it is up to one's self to want to be successful in the study of choice.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience so far. I am a freshman and I have loved being a student. I love having the community and the constant support. I have made so many friends. I have gotten out of school that there is more to learn than just the teachers can teach you inside the classroom. I have had oppurtunity to intern in an elementary school classroom and I would never have gotten the chance to do so if I wasn't a student and in the class that provided this for me. It has been very valuable to attend because I know for sure that I want to teach. I have had the chance to know for sure that I am making the right decision for me. I have loved being around all the different cultures and people. This has been a great experience for me so far, and I hope that it will continue!


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far, is independance. I have learned how to rely on myself, instead of my parents to help me overcome my obstacles and challenges. By being independant I have learned that I have all of the necessary abilities to live my own life responsibly and sucessfully. It has been valuable to attend college because not only have I become a well rounded individual I have learned alot on various subjects such as world literature, U.S. history, etc. Being in college has allowed me to study various subjects and interact with people from all walks of life.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I am a Non-Traditional student in the Auto Collision Program and the President of the Student Government Association at my college. Because of things I have done at my college, it has given me the best experience of my college life. I have helped how to make our college GO GREEN, and it has been an awesome experience. I have also been apart of an organization known as Skills USA and have accomplished many awards in the region and state level. My college experience has been valuable for me because it has made me who I am today. It has helped me become a better leader in my college and has helped me motivate other students to become great leaders.


I began my college career pursuing a music major, then math/engineering, and finally settled on business administration with a concentration in finance. I have worked full time through my entire school career and have seen the value of applying the skills that I have learned in class to my everyday working environment. California State University, Sacramento provides students with professors who have a working knowledge of their field. This has allowed me to learn from my working experience at the same time I'm attending class. It has been as if I've had a paid internship in addition to school. I'm grateful that I've spent a few extra years in other major concentrations because the higher math has proved very useful in finance. My musical skills have given me a cultural understanding and ability to relate to people in a more well-rounded way. I am currenlty working in the banking sector and see myself moving into international finance or investments at the end of my degree. I am already looking towards my MBA and am excited to give back my newfound talents to my community.


My college experience has taught me not just academic lessons, but life lessons. During the three years I have attended college I lived in the dorms for a year, lived in apartments close to campus, played a varsity sport, and finally figured out I wanted to major in mechanical engineering. In the dorms I learned how to interact with students from completely different backgrounds and belief systems. In my apartment I learned to live with roommates which made me a more courteous person because I learned to clean up after myself rather than letting someone else do it. While playing a varsity sport I learned how to juggle traveling and practicing everyday with my studies which required serious time management. Under my coach I discovered the type of person I need to work for in order to be successful. In the search to find my major I learned a lot about myself including my strengths and weaknesses while discovering the kind of people I want to work with. All these life skills I developed were because of my overall college experience. I am a better, more well rounded person because of college. I am also a lot better at parking.


There are many things to see and do. There is not one road that can lead me to where I want to go. I have to choose those roads wisely though. College has taught me that hard work and dedication never go unrewarded. It has made me appreciate new people and learn from others around me not just the people or my friends that I see on the regular basis. School has made me appreciate life because without it I would be blind to see that I don't have to be in college and though it is a right not everyone can fulfill that right because they can't afford it. I'm just so blessed and thankful to Jesus that I'm in college and he has given me the knowledge to overcome any obstacle that comes my way and I'm so thankful for that. College has enhanced my life and thats why it is valuable to me.


I have only been in college for a short period of time , but it has been such a life changing experience. I'm learning about Surgical Technology, which is a very rewarding and facinating career. Despite the fact that I've only attened school for a month, I feel very motivated and accomplished for making a step in the right direction. I had the oppertunity to witness a couple surgeries during a job shadow at my local hospital. The hospital I attended is very advanced in their technology and the type of care they can provided. Seeing surgery was a very eye opening experience and I'm very excited to see what the future holds for me. I've already learned so much and I can't wait to get further into my education. This is why I believe my college experience has been valuable.


After high school I knew I needed to go to college but I had no idea what I would do there. I decided on a community college for financial reasons and I was never big on huge auditorium lectures. I spent my first year and a half in college aimlessly taking all the required general education classes with no idea what I wanted to pursue. I decided to get involved on campus during my second semester and it was a life changing idea. I was never big on campus activities and never realized how truly valuable they are. I became involved with a fraternity/sorority social club based on community service and student government. I have never felt more fulfilled in the work I was doing at school and around the community. I gained new friends and new values and a better understanding of college. This opportunity allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about myself and my goals in life. Community college is definitely a good starting point in the road to furthering your education and I would recommend it to anyone. I have decided on a major and could not be happier with my choices.


My experience was great because i moved from south carolina to california just to get a better education and thats exactley what i got. I loved it out here but its time to move on to a four year school i've learned so much by living on my own out here and i've met alot of good friends out here some i will never forget. This experience has matured me as a young man and prepared me for the next level so the when i transfer i should be good and ready for what ever test thats ahead of me . I plan to get my bachlor's degree in physical education degree so i can work with teenagers as a coach and mentor to the youth because ii believe in giving back to the community . The best part about moving to california was me realizing how i did independently with out the support of family it has made me strong and california would be a good place to come back to after college because of impact i believe i can bring to the community with being a big problem out here crime is at all time high.


My college experience thus far has allowed me to mature and view the world in a broader spectrum. As a college student studying the Humanities I have learned so much about the history of humanity. Attending my Humanities class at California State University-Sacramento has allowed me to learn how all humans are very different, but at the same time very much alike. If we could all do our best to understand one another life would be a lot more peaceful. It is very difficult to explain the extent of how valuable a college education is, beyond just saying that it is priceless. My college experience has consisted of building valuable friendships, working with fellow club members to put on events for colleagues, and learning from graduating seniors who have become like family. I have receieved inexplicable growth from my college experience. Attending college is valuable because you grow professionally, socially, and mentally which is needed as you prepare to enter the work force. I hope that all people can attend college and use its valuable resources. I often visit my high school and do my best to motivate others to attend college after high school.


I spent five years in community colleges, trying to figure out what I wanted to study long-term. I took lots of classes just because they sounded interesting, and it has been the most enriching part of my adult life. Not only did I learn practical things in classes like Personal Finance and English Writing, but I learned about some really neat ideas that I had never been exposed to (and probably never would have been) in classes like International Contemporary Art History, and Biological Psychology. I have enjoyed my college experience so much, in fact, that I plan to pursue a doctoral degree, and become a university professor. I think that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding can only lead to positive self-development.


What I have gotten from my college experience is responsibility and discipline. Being on my own and not having parents to tell me what to do has allowed me to mature. I have learned to take care of myself. I have to ensure my rent has been paid on time as well as my electric bill and phone bill. I have stayed up on occassions finishing up research on projects and papers instead of being out like other students and still after being up arriving time to class. For me college is valuable in my road to success.


Attending Sacramento University for my first and second year, i have learned to become responsible. I have gotten the oppertunity to expand my horizon and seek oppertunity through advice from students and professors. Cal State University of Sacramento has been valuable because it has helped me to be independent, being away from home that is several hours away. The help from tutors has been a number one source given, because it has helped to improved so many areas of my weakness that i have problems that are recognized in my academic classes. My college experiences have shaped me into a indivisual that is willing to become succesful. Before i step on campus i had not clue to what i wanted to become, however, Sacramento State University has given me a different mind set, by being surrounded by young intellectual indivisuals as myself and by this; iam able to to remain with a great mind set to what i want my furture to behold. 19167198069


I feel my college experience is very different compared to my peers. Throughout my college experience I have been married, working full time and volunteering on a regular basis with youth in my community. I do not have that typical TV college experience of living in the dorms and attending parties on the weekend, but this has made me appreciate the education I am receiving all the more! The diversity in students and professors at the institutions I have attended have helped me become a more well rounded person and give me education that is useful far beyond the classroom walls. My unique circumstances have forced me to multi-task, organize and prioritize my time in ways I could not have even imagined possible. All of these things and more have given me a college experience that is so valuable that it can never be replaced.


I have gained perspective, not only in the career field I wish to pursue, but also in the greater sense of learning more about the world around me. I have had the opportunity to be around people with similar interests as me which helps to drive me toward what I am passionate about. I have also had the pleasure of encountering many more people that are interested in different fields of study. This aids in broadening my point of view and gives me more insight into what other people think, believe and feel. It’s extremely valuable to be around such diverse people because they have helped to open my eyes to other cultures, activities, and issues. It is also nice to be a part of a community with such wide-ranging ages, ethnicities and races and to have one common factor bring all of us together: school. This allows for us to reach across generation gaps and geographical hindrances which would otherwise deter me and other students from communicating with one another. College has not only furthered my education but it has also allowed me to connect with people of different backgrounds which has widened my view on life.


School is more than just learning the materials given by the instructor. That is just one component. The resources provided by the campus are another layer which contributes to a great sense of belonging that is comparable to my service in the Marine Corps. While the cost of tuition and fees can be overwhelming, the expenses are offset by the various forms of assistance offered by the university. The advanced fitness facility is enormous and convenient for students who would like a workout between classes; the university union is a one-location for meals, entertainment, studying, and other various student activities; and the career center assists students was every aspect of employment (resumes, interviews, internships, etc…). The staff has always put their efforts into helping students succeed every step of the way. For those students who use these services and resources will be the ones benefiting the most out of their college experience. I have used these resources as well as involved myself in many clubs and organizations on campus, making the most of what Sacramento State has to offer. College is multi-layered with each layer a piece of something experienced that can be taken and used after graduation.


More knowledge. School has given me more knowledge so I am able to make better choices and decisions, and to be able to choose right from wrong so that I may be the best that I can be.


What i have gotten out of my college experience so far is that i learned more about myself and i also expanded on my knowledge about some future jobs that i would like.


The thing I have gotten so far out of my college experience was first of all, how to do thing's by myself. Going to college gave me the confidence to do thing's for me, and not to please others. It has been valuable to attend, because if the one thing I got out of this whole college experience thing is that no one can take away your education from you. Taking college courses allowed my perspective on life to change, it opened me up to see thing's more than one way.


My college experience allowed me to travel the world through a study abroad trip to New Zealand and Australia. I was able to meet people from other cultures and learn about them. It taught me to view the world in an objective way. I have also learned to be more responsible and manage my time more effectively. I feel blessed to be able to attend college and take advantage of the opportunities offered to me. College has been valuable to me because I've learned so much about myself and life, and also because I've met some of the most important people in my life through the process.


When I graduated in 2008 from high school, I was given advice on how to "survive" college. Several tips were to take my studies seriously, college isn't all about drinking and partying, and if I wanted to succeed in my first year of college and not be one of the dropout statistics, then I should attend community college before transferring to a four year university. While all of these suggestions were helpful, the last statement has been the most helpful piece of advice I've ever received. Attending community college has its benefits such as cheaper tuition, a "feel" of college life so I will know what to expect in major universities, and you are seen as a person rather than a number. The teachers at my community college wanted to see me succeed, spending most of their time tutoring me when I needed extra help, and answering my questions on the lectures and notes. The teachers were also my support system. They made me believe in myself, illustrated that my dream of achieving a bachelor's degree is possible, and that I am capable of anything when I work hard.


I have been attending college for about two years, and I have learned that putting time and effort into my work always end with a good outcome. Going to college also made me learned to be more independent. College experiences made me learned that there are many things in life that I have to go through before I reach our goals. I will always have to try something before telling myself "I can't do it." To become something in the future, it is not easy. It has been valuable to attend college because many people who did not attend college when they have the chance regreted very much. Also I learned to respect many single parents who were able to graduate college because I am single mother myself and it is very hard. I've met many great people in college and learned many valuable things that will not just help me with my career, but my family too. For example many of my general classes like Child Developement will help me to raise my kid(s) so that I will be aware of how I should appropriately discipline my children. Going to college gave me educationa and knowledge.


I've received a renewed outlook on life. These past two semesters have given me an opportunity to meet many new people and engage myself in some totally awesome intellectual challenges. I've discovered that I had to re-learn the art of study habits and discipline myself to maintain total focus. It has been an experience that I would not change for anything in this world. I believe that everything happens in life for a reason, and I truly believe that this is my time to achieve and make a life long dream come true. I feel honored to be a college student.


I started out as an anti-socialite, but was lucky enough to instantly build an amazing bond with my roommate. At the end of our first year, we applied to become Resident Advisors (RA) and both got the job. After two years of being an RA, I have many opportunities to grow as a person, and to create many connections with residents, coworkers, and faculty/staff on campus. Additionally, this leadership opportunity led me to finally change my major from Accounting to my lifelong passion of Art. From there, I got an internship at the Multi-Cultural Center on campus, which has led me to further growth as a person, as well as finding my true passion in art through striving for social justice and personal development. Had I not attended Sacramento State University, I figure I would never have had these unbelievably amazing opportunities, and would therefore still be stuck in an anti-social shell.


Through my overall college experience I have realized how important an education is. I originally started college with the idea that it was pointless and now I love being challenged intellectually while preparing for my future. I believe that it is truely valuable to attend college no matter your career goal so as to have a chance to better yourself and understand the world aroound you. For me the value of an education is not the money you make from it, but what you get out of the experience.


Sac State has been a very rewarding campus to attend for my undergraduate degree. It was affordable, focused, and student-driven. Throughout my time here I took part in many programs at this school. Luckily, there are activities and programs for all students. There is a big sports life for students interested in playing sports. Likewise, there is a great movement of the arts at Sac State, with many students involved in theatre and music. The aspect of the school that fit me best however was the academic opportunities offered. Great academic advising helped me with choosing my major and helping me pick my classes. My major advisors helped me take the most efficient route, allowing me to choose courses that would count for more than one requirement, thereby helping me graduate faster than I otherwise may have. One of the greatest opportunities I took part of was the study abroad program. I was able to go to school in Australia, paying the price of an affordable local school in the United States. I hope all this shows that Sac State has been extremely valuable to attend because I was able to learn intellectually while also learning more about myself.


I have seen how important school is, and how it is the key to success. I have been able to interact with many kinds of people from all different backgrounds, I have had wonderful, diverse teachers. I have also, been involved in extracurricular activites that have been very fun and influential.


I have been in college of and on for about six years. Sac State has been awesome so far! I love the new Rec Center(The Well) and all of the inturmural sports Sac State can offer through there. It has made my first semester there so much more enjoyable than past schools I have been to. I lived in San Diego before I moved up here and I was not looking forward to coming up here, but Sac State has made me comfortable and happy. Can't say enough about who well the school has been to me so far. The staff is nice and the professors are awesome so far too. It should be a successful two more years of school for me. Can't wait!


Even though Sacramento State may not have been my first choice for college I have gotten quite a lot out of experience there. I am a Resident Adviser, a Peer Minister for Campus Ministry, and am in the Honors Program. Through working with Housing, I have matured through learning how to assertively confront my peers and being able to live with the people that I work with. I can work well in emergencies and stay calm in crisis situations, and have become a leader that can handle almost any situation. As a Peer Minister, I have learned to understand people of different faiths and opinions. I am more open-minded and accepting as a person and a believer. Honors may be a new program, but it offers a lot to the students accepted. We read analytically ancient texts, look at cinema from its beginning, learn about the environment and our contributions, and have interned with community partners - a life changing experience. If I had chosen any other university, my experience would have been quite different and I would not be the person that I am today. I am grateful for that, and am looking forward to my last years here.