California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at California State University-Sacramento know before they start?


I would start by telling myself that everything the adults are telling you about making high school count and giving it your all is true. College money is thrown at you like a 100mph baseball if your grades are high. Strive to be the best. If you do not know what you want to major in once you get into college, then take all your academic general classes. If you do that, all you will have to take are classes involving your major when you decide on a major. College will be a self driven experience, so please DO NOT GOOF OFF! There will be tons and tons of partying taking place in college and you do not need to be at every single one of them. Remember to do business before any pleasure, because most of the pleasure will halt all business. Lastly, I would tell myself that the college female is you biggest threat as a male. They are like starving vultures and you are fresh meat waiting to be taken away. Do your very best now, so getting into college is a breeze.


Knowing a year or two ago what I know now about college life I would advise myself that that experience isn't going to be as different and fun as depicted on television. I looked forward to so many fun events and making riends with so many interesting people thinking college would a lot like what is being depicted in film and television. My experience at Sacramento State University is going very well and I don't regret deciding to attend this school in any way. I would tell my high school self not to expect too much.


I would tell myself to start searching for scholarships as soon as possible and keep looking and apply to all that are applicable to me because every little bit helps out. I would also tell myself that college life is crazy but just take a deep breath and do your best to find something to get involved in even though it all seems so insane when you first start. Get out of your room and go meet people and go to various places on campus or take the bus into the city and to the mall or the bookstore. Don't get too caught up in school work but don't put it off forever either. Spread it out and find time to spend more time with your friends especially those that you graduated with from high school and either go to the same school as you or live just down the road from when you're back home. And talk or text your parents more than just when are you coming to pick me up to come home for the weekend.


I would probably tell myself that there is nothing to be nervous about. College isn't as scary as you thought it would be. The teachers and students are actually super nice, friendly, and helpful. However, dont lose focus in school and make sure to stay on top of things and also remeber to have fun!


Life is full of obstacles. Sometimes they come out of no where, but you have to remember you are a strong person and you decide your own fate. Everyone will tell you what to do in a difficult situation, make sure you listen to people you trust and respect. Take advice from people you want to be like and always remember, in the end, it is your life and your decision. Only you know your situation. It is very important to always put school and family first. When things seem like they are spinning, like you cant handle it remember that your family is always there for you. Choose your friends wisely. Unlike family they might not always be around. Even though you want to be accepting of people in all situations and not above anyone in a stuck up way it is important to evaluate your situation. Its okay to have standards for yourself and to be better than some things or situations. Lastely, be your self. You are amazing for who you are and where you came from dont lose any of it.


The main goals you have to focus on is building your confidence level and be better at managing your time. Building confidence is important, because it reflects in every work or assignment assigned by your professor. Also, college won't be intimidating if you have confidence. If you feel lost remember their is help for everything such as the writing center to help you on your essays and help on your presentations too. The most important goal is managing your time. It is the key to have an excellent project or essay. If you have a project do it right away and every day do something that way it is less and the day before it is due you fix a few errors, and not stay up all night to finish it. It is a waste of time and a lot of errors!


I would give myself better advice on becoming more of an outgoing person. It is important in a college setting to be able to talk to people, make friends, and go to teachers or advisors when you need help with something. I would also tell myself that no question is a stupid question and that it is ok to ask when you don't know what is being said. I wish that I also could tell myself to push harder to try and reach my goals and not to settle. To have an accomplishment takes many hours of hard work and dedication towards that accomplishment and that no one will just give you what you want, you need to earn it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to really go in and talk to a councelor and learn all the graduation requirements and transfer requirements so that I could shave off as much time from graduating as I could. I think that my biggest failing was not being prepared for college when I went into it. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go and therefor my grades suffered simply because I didn’t care. This however has vastly changed and now is the most important thing in my life. I want to graduate and make a life for myself and pursue my dreams. College is a necessary step forward and one I truly intend on taking seriously. But unfortunately it wasn’t always that way. If I could go back I would attempt to make myself understand this and change my behavior so that I could get where I want to go now faster.


Whoa the first thing that came to my mind when I saw how much tuition I owed, how big the campus was, the food court, and how incredibly awesome the well (gym) was. Once I started college there were so many things I realized that I never fully thought about in high school. There are always those people that tell you all this advice about maintaining a good GPA, joining sports, applying for scholarships, and volunteering. Maybe we should have listened to those fellow wise people. Throughout my first semester here in college I have regretted many things I could have done in high school, luckily so you will be more prepared for college I am here to rescue you from worries. First, don’t procrastinate when it comes to applying for scholarships. Even if you think you’re not going to get them apply for them anyway chances are you’ll get one out of the 10 that you apply for. Second, if you get money just save it dont spend it at the food court, you do not want to get fat. Lastly, get summer jobs it will really help when it comes to paying tuition or bills


Going back in time for me would have to go further then my senior year, sense i droped out of high school in my sophmore year. By my Freshman year in High School i already had a fulltime job taking care of my self. Only if i knew what i know now, i would have not skipped school. I would have tryed alot harder to make better grades. growing up i had no rolemodels to show me that high school is a important time in my life. My older brother droped out of high school during his freshmen year, my parents had no dagree, as i followed their footsteps. reaching my 18th birthday i had been working for 5 years in a restuarant. Turning 18 i decided i wanted to find a more mature adulthood job but with out a highschool daploma or a GED it was almost impossible to suceed. I then decided to make my own footsteps and go back to school. i obtained my GED at Gary Job Corps and now a Freshman at SanAntonio College. I am also now that adult that influences younge teens to stay in school and study hard. so they will suceed!