California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College has been valuable to attend because it prepares you for the real world. I have been able to apply some of the things that I have learned in my Accounting classes to my job as an Accounting Specialist. Group projects in college have prepared me for working with my fellow co-workers in coping with diversities and compromises. I view college as an intensive job-training program. I have also learned that an employer is more likely to hire you if you have a college degree versus some one with a number of years of experience. Having a degree shows commitment and trainability and I believe that is what an employer looks for.


My college experienced has shown me that I have the strength and knowledge to be a successful well educated young woman. It has taught me that no matter what background, ethnicity, and financial struggles I may face that I have been given equal opportunity to be a successful educated American. It has taught me to persevere through my struggles and that whatever negative issues arise that I can overcome them with pride, and honesty. Going to Sac state has taught me to dream big and strive toward my ultimate goal, and that goal was to graduate with honors and get into a master's program. As the saying goes "nobody can take away your education" I believe that education is the key to success and Sac State allowed me to obtain that key, which has allowed me to open many other doors of opportunity. I am proud to be a Sac State Alumni and hope that my future allows me to give back to the university that gave so much to me - the greatest gift of all, an education.


I have really enjoyed my classes and have learned a lot, especially in my anatomy and physiology and microbiology classes. I have used some of what I have learned in my anatomy and physiology classes in caring for my grandfather, who is ill with cancer and has other medical conditions. I have learned a lot in both anatomy and physiology classes that I can carry forward to my nursing classes. I also am much more carefuly about food safety and in being more conscious of cleaning since taking my microbiology class. I have also learned a lot about antibiotics from that class and how the immune system works. I have met lots of nice people in my classes that are going into my field of nursing and have had some great instructors. Attending college has taught me that I can set a goal and reach it, even with being a busy mom, working and helping with my ill grandfather. I set a goal of getting into my community college's nursing program. Through hard work and a GPA of 4.0, I was just accepted and look forward to starting the program.


The exper ience that I have gotten out of college is that there is still knowledge that a person needs to learn and know after graduating highschool. I have taken my first allied health class this semester and found that even after college and after your formal education that one will still have to continue learning no matter what fielt or profession they go in. College is not like middle school or high school, where one can mess around and still graduate. College and the college experience has matured and shaped me into a person that I like. I attend a small community college and think that it is far more valuable to go to a community college rather than a university. At a community college one will get the attention they need with smaller class sizes and the material they teach at a community college is at the same level and higher than one might learn in a university. But before commiting oneself to any college or university, one has to look and ask am I ready to learn and put my time and energy into school work. Its your future and only you know what best for you.


From my college experience, I have (almost) gained the degree I need to proceed out into the workplace and begin a decent career. However, I feel the knowledge I have gained about myself has been much more important. I have always settled in school and never challenged myself because I never believed I could succeed or believed it was worth it to challenge myself. After attending three years of college and pursuing a degree which came much to easily to me, I decided to change majors. I have learned what I am capable of and what I should expect of myself. These are vital skills I will need to get through any obstacle I come across in my life. College allowed me to not only add on to my education, but to develop myself as a person. I see those who chose not to go onto college, and I realize how much they have not grown They are content not to seek a challenge and better themselves or strive for the best that they deserve. Although my college experience has not been what one may call extroadinary, it has been valuable in pushing me to work for the best.


My education has taught me to give back to my community. Collective action will change things, especially for those who need things to change (foster youth, low-income families, etc...). My research is geared towards foster youth and the developmental issues they face being in the system. California and ultimately the entire United States has a serious problem with children who have aged out of the foster care system. Due to the environmental issues surrounding the foster child, there adult life is negatively impacted. My research is focused on finding a solution. My job as a group home supervisor has given me personal experience with foster youth and the troubles they go through. Social work is extremely hard work that pays very little.


I have recently gone back to school after being out for a few years. Although my college experience at my current university is limited I learned quite a bit from the last. I have definately learned to be more responsible and have found what path in my life I would like to take. Unfortunately, I attended my first university out of high school. The bright-eyed prospect of college parties and new friends got the better of me. Quickly seeing that time off was my best option, I took my leave with grace and pondered my experiences. Time has now passed and I take my first year college flop with stride. Despite it taking a few years to get back to school I feel that, that experience was for the best. I have learned to fight even harder for what I want and take time to really weigh my options if need be. After working hard for a couple of years to get back to school and finally making, i feel that it is valuable to attend. Working towards a career instead of staying at a dead end job, as cliche as it sounds, my be more valuable then gold.


What I've gotten out of the college experience is a sense of independence. I've learned how to network or meet too people. I've gotten to exprience living on my own, managing money and learning how to manage my time without forgetting about many assignments. I've learned how to take my mistakes I've made and how not to repeat them. I've learned alot of things while I've been in college. If I didn't attend college i would have true gotten a chance to grasp these concepts with just a minimal set back. If I was on my own and not in college theses small lessons would or could impact my future in a big way. Such as managing money I could be in debt. But I'm happy to be in college its a wonderful experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.


My goal in life is to change the world, to make it fit my vision of what is right. This vision includes people who live life as an end to itself, doing the most they can while they are alive as possible. I view the role of a human being as that which he can contribute to the development of the species, were it not for individuals who have contributed something, from science, art, a phrase, a thought, were it not for people who have contributed ideas to the world, the human race would resemble beasts more than I care to imagine. As such, I wish to be a part of these people. Specifically speaking, I want to contribute to the world of science, with the hope of someday freeing the human race of limitations placed on it by this planet. No matter how much we are able to prolong it, this planet will eventually be uninhabitable for us human beings, I want to work towards a day where that will not be a factor contributing towards our extinction, I want to be a part of developing man as an intergalactic species, capable of sustaining life outside Earth’s atmosphere.


Thus far in my college experience I have learned many things. I learned that college is extremely hard and not for everyone. However, if college is a must in your family, or if you just want to better yourself and your life, you will need to work hard at every class you take. I have also learned that there is help once at school. There is help financially and personally. I was able to get many loans and a few grants (wish I had scholarships or more grants though) to help cover the cost of my schooling. Also, there are many faculty on campus who are willing to help. There is tutoring available to students who need it. There is counseling for students having problems with any issues, or even students who simply need someone to talk with them. Also, most of the teachers are very willing to accomadate students who need extra help or who have accidentally missed an assignment. It has been valuable becuse I know know matter where I go, I will be a better person. If I had to give one word of advice to anyone attending college for the first time, it would be, STUDY!!


I'm a 30 year old woman that was a well behaved, slightly above average student in high school and soon discovered, when my father passed away shortly after graduation, that it is difficult for the average person to move up in life unless they have the money or connections. I've yet to attend college so I don't know if I can accurately answer the questions put before me. Though I can't tell what I've gotten out of college, I can tell you how it has affected the lives of one of my peers. My dear friend Roman who was often labled as a problem child because of addictions, cutting school , and general lackadaisical attitude was fortunate enough to have his parents pay for his schooling. Today, he's a loving and responsible husband and father. What I think is most shocking is that this former high school 'rebel' is now a high school teacher! College helped him turn his life around. I just hope for the same opportunity. Thank you.


The most valuable college experience I got out of attending Sacramento State was the process of growing up into my own woman and realizing which career was most suited for my personality. I went through three majors - Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Health Science until I discovered my passion, which is Social Work and I would love to thank the school for that. The school has a richness of discourse communities and it's been fun to jump around and see how people are both different and similar regarding their career paths. Sacramento State is located in the capitol and it's been great to see such political activity and care for the community we love here. I thought attending this school would not help me become more academically inclined, but it has by pushing my limits and showing me that I can be good in any field I try.


I have recieved a deeper understanding of my profession. As a machinist and mechanic I had used mathematics to design and repair machines and tooling, but as I take higher math; calculus and trigonometry I am forming a vision of the world in mathematical terms. As I get closer to my goal of becoming an engineer, I realize that some of my tasks would have been easier had I possesed a fuller understanding of math and science. I beleive that is valuable to attend college for many reasons, but the best and most transparent one is money. I work at an electrical harness manufacturer for an hourly wage that keeeps me just above the poverty line. When I receive my degree in engineering, I will recieve a promotion with a comeasurate salary. In plain language, it will enable me to stop living payday to payday and in fear of financial pitfalls such as car repairs, health expences, and any family cirisis that might occur.


As an incoming freshman at Sacramento State University I tried out for and made the Sac State Cheerleading Team. Two weeks after school started I made one of the best decisions of my life by accepting a bid to join the prestigious national sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. I joined a sisterhood of Real. Strong. Women. and have gained so many life-skills, such as how to give a public speech and how to succeed in an interview situation. In the year I have been a member of Alpha Chi Omega I have held executive positions such as formal event chair, a member of standards board, assistant recuitment chair and Vice President of Recruitment. I feel honored and blessed that I joined such a respected club on campus and in the nation. Alpha Chi Omega has helped me uphold my grade point average of 3.3 and higher, I am also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Academic Club. In the year I have been a student at Sacramento State and a member of Alpha Chi Omega I have gained so much knowledge that will help me in my future and guide me to the successful person I will become.


Coming from a very low income family and being the first child out of thirteen to attend college, graduate with a bachelor's degree, and currently working on a master's degree is definitely a dream come true. I not only learned valuable information and skills that will benfit me and my future, but also learned about myself, who I am, my strengths and weaknesses. Growing up in a culture where women were not encourage to pursue higher education, I had no support. However, attending college taught me about life, broadened my skills, and built my self esteem and confidence. The education and tools instilled in me will help me in the future so that I would not have to struggle as my parents had, being illiterate and uneducated. In addition, it will also enable me to help others. It is definitley an honor to attend college because it is the only way for me to rise out of poverty as well as it was a learning opportunity that helped me discover who I am as a Asian American low income woman!


My college experience has largely influenced my decision to pusure a B.A. in teaching (History) to low functioning/special needs children. I have a desire to be a positive role model to students that are less fortunate than others. My college experience has given me the skills and knowledge to not only be a better person but it has allowed me the opportunity to grow in the future to become the teacher I know I can be. To be given the opportunity to use the experiences I have obtained in the classroom will enhance my skills as an individual and as a instructor to better serve our students. My college experience has changed the man I have become and gives me a sense of personal accomplishment.


From the moment I stepped into my first Health Education class I knew that this major was the right one for me. Throughout my education and learning at Sacramento State, I have been able to get to know the professors in my desired profession, and know that they are happy and absolutely love what they are doing. Students here are always very helpful at pointing the right direction for new-comers, or lending a helping hand. I often see students walking with a professor to their office, or saying, "Hi" as they pass them in the hall. I value my eduction and learned early on that to be successful in college you must get to know the students, the teachers, and most importantly the information in the textbooks. I have been able to learn and grow so much and am excited to graduate next year. Though I will be sad to say goodbye, I know that I will have been properly taught and ready to take my place in our ever-growing and developing community. I often hear from my professors, "We love you, but we want you out of here as soon as possible! That's a promise."


I learned that I can achieve anything I set out to do. I've met some amazing people and made to great new friendships. Getting an education is great but the bonds that are made with the people you encounter along the way are the most valuable.


College has become a very valuable part of my life not only because it provides me with an education and a promising future but because of the long hours and extensive effort I put in throughout the years. Frankly speaking, I would hate to see myself fail to only get stuck paying off all those accumulated loans. I learned that college requires your investment of time and commitment to stick to your ultimate goal. The final payoff is always rewarding! The far most significant value of attending college is being able to, first-hand, pass on that value to the little ones that we love and cherish and who will someday be in our shoes.


My college experiences have provided me with a good understanding of different people, personalities and ways of working with them. I come from an extremely small town where I never experienced so many differences. Aside from the valuable knowlege I have recieved, I have also learned who I am and realized how much I want to finish college. It has given me a purpose in life and I will get this degree no matter what it takes.


CSUS is a campus of great opportunity. There is a multitude of experiences here that have confirmed my choice of attending this school. I came to campus my first day not knowing anyone, not knowing where to go, and not knowing what exactly I wanted to learn. It didn’t take long for this to change, mainly because CSUS has many clubs and resources available to all students that help guide and shape the college experience. It didn’t take long to become active in social events on campus, become familiar with the campus, and be inspired to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. My time at CSUS has given me the skills and knowledge to think critically about local and global topics, develop a strong set of ethical values, communicate my ideas gracefully and clearly, and given an understanding and appreciation for our diverse community. CSUS has been a phenomenal beginning in my lifelong journey of learning and education.


College is what many people say the road into adulthood. It is the process in which we learn to become a responsible adult, while furthering our education for our dream career in the future. I agree, and what I've gotten out of my college experience thus far is learning about myself. I learned what I'm capable of, what my strengths and weaknesses are. I discovered this whole other side to myself, I have always been the type of person that was shy, and eaily gave up upon failing. Here at college, however I changed, for the better of course. WIth oppurtunities thrown at me, I grab them.Not only am i getting an education, but college is giving me the oppurtunity to learn about who I am, and this too me is what i find most valuable in my college experience.


After my first year of college made me realize that I need stronger and efficient study skills. I also realized that college is the real deal, its not a game. Most of all stay focus and keep up with my health. Just don't study all the time but have some fun time too so you don't over load yourself. Make friends that will help you not copy your homework or use you to copy from. Join a organization or club so you can network and meet new people and get involved in school activities and events. Just try to get the full college experience and pick classes early and really don't procrastinate. This is valuable because it helps me be a better person and a better student and knowing this now is going to help me in the long run.


Knowing that many people get a degree in a subject then get a job in a completely different area, I decided to choose a major that would benefit me no matter what my future holds, Spanish. I love learning how to communicate with people in another language. I think it's really important to try and understand people, and by learning another language, it's easier to understand a wider range of people. So when I graduate, even if I don’t work in a field that requires Spanish, I'll at least have the ability to utilize me newly acquired skill in other ways. One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel, deep into other countries, and experience different cultures, speaking Spanish would open up a whole other world. Traveling and experiencing other people and their cultures is one of the best ways to learn, and I intend to learn this way for many years to come. Spanish is just the first step; I'd love to be one of those people who speak four or five languages. Ideally though, I'd love to use Spanish in my private life as well as my professional life.


The most important thing I've gotten out of my college experience is self-managment and problem solving. Throughout my classes, I have had to teach myself how to regulate my social life, school work, and part-time jobs. Each of thse activities has presented its own challanges, and I've been able to use the skills I have gained through my college experiences in my classes to overcome them.


From attending to courses in college, I feel like I know more about myself. One of the reason for people to go to college is to get higher education. Another reason is to find you, what you want to do in the rest of your life. I think I am gradually finding what I am and what I really want to do in the future. One of the most important courses is the Ethnic Studies. These courses will give you historical background of your race or ethnicity and also explores other race and ethnicity talking about prejudice and discrimination. This course might help a lot of students with accepting who you are. Another college experience I had is making connections. College is filled with students with different majors and I think some business comes from friends from college grouping up to suceed in their future. It has been valuable to attend because I made friends and found what I love to do.


Since I entered college I have experienced a lot of changes from how people view what type of school I attend, to how people make friends, to challenging myself and pushing forward to my goal. My college experience has its "ups" and "downs". A person can just go through school, studying and finish early or embrace the college experience and join a fraternity or sorority, and enjoy their experience. I just made many friends that i can have conversations with, not discriminating on their looks, age, years they been in college, race, or sexuality. I consider everyone on campus equal. Yes, I do have my concerns and dislikes of certain people, but that is life. I am glad I did not just go to the police academy and just become a simple police officer, but have fun; work hard and study hard to get further in life. Each individual that finishes high school, should be given the chance to experience everything that I have done so far. This happens to b the highlight of my life and for those who embrace this experience as well.


Sacramento State University has provided me with so many opportunites. There are a vast number of groups and activities to get involved in. Also, we are located in the capital city of California and we are just an hour drive from many visitor places in California. At our school, there is such a great diversity, and people learn to become more open minded than when they came in. I have gotten very involved in this campus and have greatly enjoyed my college career so far from doing so.


I have learned about how to deal with people of different ages that come from many different backgrounds. I learned how to balances classes and where to sit so the teacher doesn't call on you. I learned about public speaking, politics, biology, geology, education, english, dance, zumba, and those were just my classes. I also learned I am not a late class person and breakfast is important! It was valuable to attend my school because it was cheap and I have a better chance at success in the world.


I have gotten a valuable sense of self from college. I realize now that I am an independent strong minded women who can go after what she wants and can overcome the challenges. College has shown me that by working hard I can accomplish my goals. Prior to college, school came easy to me, now I must focus my energy and time to get good grades. This has taught my life skills that will be valuable in the future.


that i need to take care of myself and that I choose to do homework and not get told too. I learn that if I actually do the work I understand the material and that makes it a lot easier on me.


Being the fist in my family out of eight to go to a four year university has been a great experience. I currently transferred to Sacramento State University as a junior from Napa Valley College. I was introduced to Sociology in which I automatically connected to it. Going to a community college was really different and scary for me because i didn’t know what to expect. It was hard to adjust to it because i never had any role models that i would look up to throughout my college education. However, with the help of programs like Student Support Services and Puente they opened my eyes to better opportunities. I never thought i would ever accomplish a 3.0 GPA, qualify to be an honor student, or attend a four year university. It has been a very long road but iam blessed to have the support i need from my family, friends and academic advisors. My experience at a community college as well as in Sac State has shaped the way i am now and has encouraged me to keep going with my education.


I have learned to understand this world at a better and more liberal perspective. Also, I have learned who I really am and what my passion in life is, to help others around me. If I wasn't in college I would probably be working at a dead end job and would have continued to be a close minded person still living in my highschool ways. College is giving me the opportunity to take my ideas to the limits and find a career where I can truely affect lives. I really enjoy being able to converse with such intellectuals who have studied their subjects for quite some time.


I have gained alot from my college experience. Through joining an organization on campus I was able to aquire skills that have helped me get jobs and network and meet many succesful people. Throughout my college experience the importance of networking has been greatly emphasized, knowing the right people in your field who can mentor you when you graduate, and sometimes even help you get your first job can have a great impact on wether your are succesful in your career. Attending college has been valuable to me because as a first generation college student I have been exposed to resources that I never knew were available. Attending college has allowed me to become an independept responsible individual with my own morals and ideals, it has also taught me to be tolerant of other views and learn to accept those views. In today's world it is very important to be tolerant of other people and their ideas .


I've been attending college off and on for 17 years. I always found one reason or another not to finish my degree. I'm now a single Mother of two wonderful kids, but I've been unemployed for the last two months. Going back to college to become a nurse will give me some direction in my life, a career I will love and stability for my children. College has taught me that it's all about accountability. Parents aren't around anymore to remind you when homework is due. When you're in the non-traditional age group, like I am, I have to be even more accountable. I'm paying for this education myself, and it is benefiting not just me but my children. The value of an education will be unmeasurable when I can wake up every day knowing I have a job to provide for my children and knowing I'm modeling a future I'd like them to have: being a college graduate!


Every since i was younger i always liked takeing care of other people weather its family, friends , nabiors or even people that i just meet . When i turned 12 years old i decided that i wount to reach more people other then the ones i have known all of my life so i decided i wount to beome a nurse . When i was 16 my mom got sick with cancer so i dropped out of high school and took care of her until her cancer was gone. I went back to school and got my ged and now im in college for medical assisting at SJVC.Comeing here has not only gave me a chance at a better futer it has given me hope for tommarrow. They made sure i was willing to learn and i was willing to better my self as a person and for that im very greatful to my school and staff


I have gotten a sense of community out of my college experience. I am more goal oriented and I am more able to communicate with people that I dont know personally. I am able to be more business minded and also I am able to be more confident in my school work as well as my business work. I am able to express my differences in a positive manner and not show rudeness and disrespect to anyone, nor myself. I am more interested in the well-being of others around me and I am defintely more interested in seeing others succeed in all of their tasks.


What i have learned from the college exerience is skills and a since of belonging. Also, the feeling that I'm doing something right and going to go forward with my life. Knowing that in a few years I will have a degree and get to go and do whatever I want pushes me farther. With a degree and skills I can move to where ever I please to start my career, and thats the most exciting part. There is still many more valuble things to get out of college and learn all through life, and I will keep a open mind and welcome it.


The relationships I have formed have been valuable. Learning to get along with other people and coexist peacefully is a very valuable lesson. Living in the dorms teaches you to be more out-going.


I've learned not to take education for granted. It is a priviledge for me to be attending a four year university. I have really learned to cherish the education that I am able to recieve. I look forward to using my knowledge to make the world a better place. I love that there is so much diversity on my campus. There are people for different ages, ethnicites, cultures, backgrounds yet everyone has the same educational goals in mind.


My college experience so far has been, for the most part, a learning journey of myself. I have found that I am incredibly dedicated and persistent, as well, I have found out that I can conquer the difficulties in my life if I work hard enough. Nothing for me is impossible and I have realized that through my hard times in college. College has been valuable to attend because it has given me lifelong connections with friends, alumni, and professors; people that I can lean on for support in the years to come. As well, it has been valuable because it has allowed me to identify what I truly am passionate about and it has given me the tools to achieve a career that I am passionate about.


Starting out at a community college has made it easier to accomplish my goals of furthering my education. Sierra College has allowed me to set a solid foundation that I can only move forward from. I am excited to move on to bigger and better things and continue my education, hopefully as successfully, at Sacramento State University.


I’ve heard some say, “College is a waste of time.” You don’t learn a thing, And it costs you a pretty dime. Oh ignorance is bliss, For us college students know, College teaches work ethic, And provides opportunities to grow. I learned mixing HCl with NaCl, Causes gas and explosions, And that good friends are made, Late nights studying equations. Budgeting, saving, and living off pizza, Football games, parties, And lots of “nice-to-meet’cha’s” Political debates, And participating in frats, Pulling “all-nighters,” And failing stats. Living alone, or worse yet: Dirty roommates. Or those 20 page papers, And then forgetting their due dates. The cost of books, And increasing tuition, Hindered my goals, But not my ambition. It took me six years, Those cheaters were sleazy, And building a resume, Was anything but easy. I arrived as a boy, And became a man. I learned patience, and diligence, And will leave with a plan. Us college-goers know, That in the end it’ll be worth it. When you call me doctor, And I call you patient. It’s never too late, To get your education. To experience the thrill, Of a college graduation.


I have always been classified as a "commuter" when it comes to college. I never have gained any true friends through my years at community college because I never was exposed to extra-curricular activies that intruiged me or that I could put aside time to be a part of. When I came to CSUS, I didn't know anyone besides my sister, and we commuted together. I started to get involved this last semester in a business club, and I was voted to be on the new board for this semester currently. I have gained great friends through this club and now I look forward to going to school because I know someone in all my classes! It's a shame that I waited until my last year to get involved, but I am constantly challenging myself both in the classroom and outside working with our club and it has made me grow as an individual. It has been valuable to attend CSUS because it is close to family and friends and I am never far from home. I feel I get the most of out my money here at CSUS. =)


Many learning experiences including educational, social, and leadership activies that have helped me in school as well as other areas. I've enjoyed my years while attending this school and I look forward to graduation. Some of my professors have been really motivating and concerned about my future.


There is no price to put on what I have gotten out of my college experience. I have truly learned so much, mainly about who I am as an individual and what I want to do in my life. I am biracial, Native American and Chicana, and through my college experience I have learned about the history of my people. I am extremely involved in campus life from clubs to jobs. There are, of course, many ups and downs as a college student but with practice I have learned how to balance a heavy workload of classes and keeping an interactive social life. Having clubs based in ones community for example, Ensuring Native Indian Traditions, on campus has opened doors for many new friends, support, a place to be myself and community service. The scholastic clubs keeps me in company of academics pursuing higher education and a retreat of late night study buddies. I have motivated many friends and family members to go, or go back to college because education is so valuable. My college experience is valuable because one day I will make a difference in my society and a better place for my people.


"While I can run, I'll run; while I can walk, I'll walk; when I can only crawl, I'll crawl. But by the grace of God, I'll always be moving forward" is what Cavett Robert once said, and also what is a true description of my life. The civil war that I lived through in the Republic of Georgia only made me stand taller and run get an education. When I had time and money, I ran. Now, with less money, I'm walking, steadily, toward my Master's degree in English. My experience at the university was outstanding. I have learned things that life had not yet taught me-patience, responsibility, perseverance, and exceptional organizational skills. My college experience taught me valuable lessons not only academically, but it also brought to light many details about my character and my goals that I wasn't yet aware of. It was my college experience, my encounter with the professors there that pushed me to desire to become a woman with the greatest and most honored title of all time--a teacher.


I was born and raised in a town of 5,000 residents. My graduating senior class had only 66 students. Needless to say, I felt that I needed to experience the world after I graduated from high school. I enrolled at Sacramento State because I knew that this campus and city would help me grow both cognitively and emotionally, experience new points of views and cultures, and to find myself as an individual away from the small farm life that I knew. My college experience has left me with valuable knowledge found in textbooks from Socrates to statistics. Yet while I feel that the information I've read in books and heard in lectures only plays a part of my time here at Sac State. The people I've met, the cultures I've experienced, and the feelings that come from volunteering within the community are memories and emotions that I will hold dear to my heart forever. College is certainly about the education that you receive but it is also about finding yourself. I am proud to say that I would not redo any part of my college experience as it has gotten me to who I am today.


The most important value I have taken from college thus far is that now is "me time." What I mean by me time is that going through grade school and high school I was just being prepared for something bigger and counseled on what classes to take and what path to choose, whereas in college, it's different because now I am the one telling myself which courses to choose or what path to take. Not only does it provide me with some individuality, responsibility and even realization. Going to college has helped me to realize that it's time I took everything and everyone in my life seriously and be responsible for going to class and getting my work done because if I don't, I am not affecting anyone else's education but my own. The stage has been set for me and now all I have to do is take advantage of every resource and textbook so that my time and money spent on my education is actually worth the 4 years I will have completed at college.


My college experience has not yet happened for me. I am hoping to start a new life for me and my daughter. I work in a cancer center and want to continue with my wonderful patients, but in order to do that i must have a college degree. I want to attend National College in Knoxville,TN. I am willing to work as hard as I can not just for myself but for my daughter Hannah. I have been out of school for 10 years and have not been able to go back. I have to maek a life change and college is that change. I want to better myself and be able to serve my patients with the ability to help them, like they have helped me in my personal growth. Cancer patients are so happy to be living another day that they dont complain or harrass you about minor things. I have the ability to live another day and without a college degree in my field I wont be able to help them live theirs. I hope I can have a second chance to go to college and build a new life.