California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not rush into any majors but rather explore all the different majors and opportunities out there. I would visit various colleges and universities to see which one I see myself being a part of. I would look into studying abroad in different countries to expand my knowledge about the multiculturalism around me. I would tell myself to be more resourceful and apply for any types of scholarships or grants. Most importantly, I will tell myself to be ready for and adventure. I will tell myself to look at college as a learning and growing experience instead of something that is needed to be done. I will get more involved in the different campus actitivies and be a part of the campus life. I would get to know all my teachers better to build networking. Overall, I will tell myself, college is one of the best experience ever if you make the most out of it. Lastly, I will tell myself to enjoy college because after college, the real world hits.


I would tell myself to be more expermental and less shy. I would tell my self to research the major i'm going into and figure out if thats trully what I want to do in life. I would tell myself to be more flexable when it comes to picking my classes and remind myself that college means a person need to stay focused.


Don't let your fears and worries keep you from trying new things. Making college an experience to remember is not created through just getting straight A's, it's about finding a balance between academics and a social life. Put yourself out there and try new things because it always pays off in the end. You meet new people and have experiences that will last you a lifetime. Life does not begin and end with college. It is merely the beginning, a launching off point for the rest of your life. It does not set you on a linear path through life and whatever degree you choose to pursue does not pigeon-hold you to one future. Take it for what it is. The experience of a lifetime that you will never be able to repeat. So make it worthwhile.


I would go back and tell myself , don't choose a major right away. You still don't really know what you want to do with life. As well pick a major you will enjoy, and can see your future self loving. It is your life do not be pressured into a major due to parental pressure, just because they think it will be a better career move and that you will be making more money in the end. You want to love your job becuase of what your doing, not about how much your getting paid. While your in the dorms go to as many social gatherings as you can. Become involved with the campus, this will make the transition and college life much easier and enjoyable. By doing this you will make friends, which will help rid yourself of pressure. Since you will have chance to go out and have a fun, and get your mind off of school for a bit . This will overall help with getting better greades. To end this, apply for scholarships and grants. You will need this and it will take the added pressure of you and your parents. No more second jobs.


I would prepare myself more for the upcoming days. This preparation includes taking notes, having a headstart for any assignments and/or tests, and knowing my goals. Most importantly, I would ask for career advice so that I knew more about the real world when I start my career. I only took what were required to enter Sacramento State, and this would be something I want to change. I would take courses that I could have taken in high school such as four years of Spanish, Science, and Mathematics.


As a high school senior I was wandering blind. So many choices and opportunities were handed to me, and without really understanding what they meant or could lead to, the best I could do was clutch onto one and hope for the best. If I were able to talk to myself back then I would remind myself of the main thing I forgot about in the haze of choices, happiness. While I was busy thinking about the happiness of my family and those I love, I lost track of who I was trying to be, and what I was trying to achieve. Because it is very difficult to achieve anything when you become unsure about major life decisions, and every essence of college screams major life decision. Happiness is not found while clinging to a relationship, its not found in a GPA, or given in the kind word of a parent, its found in those little moments when you can enjoy the company of another person, and smile a genuine smile. There will always be time to make a difference in the world, but there will never be a time to bring back the lost smiles missed along the way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself bak when I was still a senior in high school I would tell myself to make sure to do the fafsa on time so that way there is no wait for the aid, to apply for more scholarships so that way I could have had more money my freshman year for school, and to pack lightly when I leave home because I wont have the room for all my stuff.


I would advice that I get involved sooner. I would advice to get passionate about something important to you and participate in campus organizations and/or clubs. Student activist are the catalyst for social change and becoming involved early in the colege experience allows for training for all to become socially aware and prepared to take lessons learned and to be applied to real life.


The biggest thing I would tell myself is to study harder. I slacked off the first two years of high school and that limited my abilities in terms of where I could attend college. I would say be more outspoken as the people in college are not afraid to say what's on their mind compared to the students in high school. I would also tell myself that it's not bad to be smart as I discovered people in college who were just like me, eager to learn and actually knowledgable and interested in the classes they took. The high school senior in me was terrifed of leaving high school, but I would say there's nothing to be afraid of, college is more to my liking than high school ever was.


I would definitely tell myself to consider going right out of high school because I would be beneficial to use the skills that I had aquired in high school to complete some of the training I have received in college. For instance the math, if I would have known that I would be taking the classes I am today I would have paid more attention in the last few years of high school and it would still be fresh in my memory instead of being lost and not remembered at all.


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice about college I would probably tell myself that during the time that I am in college the best thing to do in order to not get overwhelmed with all the class work and assignments, is be able to manage my time well and have an agenda where my time is laid out so no assignments go undone because I simply forgot about them. Also that college will be a time in my life where I will have an experience like no other, therefore I should enjoy it and create great memorize. Finally I would tell myself that college will be hard but that I can do it.


I'd go back to myself as a senior and tell me to work hard and study. College isn't like high school where you can just wing tests and pass. It takes time and knowlege to get the correct answers. Also helping the community and filling out scholoarships is helpful, even if you don't think you need to do anything about it at that time.


I tell my little brother all the time, to get better grades in his classes. I did not value the need for a good GPA in high school. If I would have put a little more effort into my classes, I could have gotten a much better GPA.


I would advice anyone coming from high school straight into college to remeber that although there is more flexibility, there is a need to be disciplined and responsible. It is easy to get distracted, but very important to stay focused. Also, do not deprive oneself of fun and entertainment; it is easy to get overwhelmed if you do not take a break. It is very import to use campus resourses to assist in course work.


Going back in time, I would advise myself to not let other students influence my college decisions and pick a school that suits my needs. Pick a school that caters to your academic interests and goals, and pay attention to what kind of social activities you want to become involved in. If you want more internship opportunities, pick a college that is located in larger cities that provide jobs in multiple fields. I would not base a decision of where to go to college on what school is popular or "cool." Choose what appeals to your needs and interests because most likely, you will finds students with same interests.


Given a chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself that although college will be tough at times with finances, classes, and life in general; it will all be worth it in the end.


I would advise that you always do more then the high school requires one to accomplish in order to graduate. I do not believe that high school requirements adequately prepare you for college coursework. Take as much AP classes as you can and always challenge yourself to do more then you think your capable of doing.


Faced with myself as a high school senior, assuming my past self didn't run screaming as from a lunatic, I would say, "Self, stay on target, and complete college the first time around." Going back to school at the end of my twenties has not been easy, especially as I am a single mother with a smiling, brown-eyed three year old looking to me for protection. "Self, perseverence is essential and education is the key that opens doors to health, wealth and security, " I would say. "Love often and laugh loudly whenever given the chance, because life is finite and can be snatched away in an instant by the capricious hands of Fate. Self, make choices that that your future self can be proud of, and never give up." No matter how hard it is to juggle being a single parent, taking 14+ units of classes and working full time, I would tell myself that it will all be worth it in the end when I can give my daughter the future she deserves. The transition from citizen to student takes discipline and sacrifice, but is well worth the pain. "Also, Self, you can sleep after you graduate."


I would tell myself to stick with the rowing team and the ski and snowboard club for more than the first year. I would also tell myself to stop changing majors and just stick with my childhood dream of becoming an archaeologists because thats what I end up doing anyway. I would also tell myself to start volunteering in the archaeology lab right away. I have been working in the lab for over a year now but the more experoence the better. Lastly I would encourage myself to take Stats 1 my first semester of college because I now have to take it my senior year.


I would have wrote a better personal state that way I could have gone to school I really wanted to and not feel like I had to settle with Sac state.


Make sure you know what you are getting into or majoring in to make life easier. Have a plan of what classes you need to take to accomplish your goals/major. Make sure you leave some time for studying and finishing assignments as time spent in classrooms are shorter than in highschool. TIME MANAGEMENT is essential.


A few things I would like to say to myself if given the chance to back in time would be to be confident but not overly confident in myself and definitely apply for as many scholarships as possible. Also, I would like to clear the misconception that college is going to be easier than high school because you're taking less courses at a time. Next would be to make sure to not overload on classes to take maybe four courses at a time and actually spend the time required outside the classroom and then some. Last but not least, I would advice myself to never stop believing and shoot for something more than what I consider myself to be capable of.


I would tell myself to work hard to get a job, apply to scholarships, and to study hard. The first grades are most important thing in college, because that will change your whole GPA. Also I would tell myself that it is not embarrasing to ask questions to people in the class and to the professors. Talking with professors about your class will increase the interest from your professors and will get an answer for what you didn't know. That will give you a better hint about what you are doing with test or assignments. Another thing is enjoy yourself. I think a lot of people do, but what I think is that communicating with your neighbors and increasing your friend circles are the most important thing. You might not know that one of the people you know might be your partner worker in the future.


Jessica. You have been on the computer for a while now. Get off of myspace or facebook and do your homework. You have plenty of i HW to finish and you have a pre-calc test to study for as well. College is not going to be the same as high school for you. Stop procrastinating. Use time management skills to priortize the work you have to get done by this week. It is important for you to realize that the homework you turn in will determine what grade you will receive. The amount of studying will determine how well you do on the tests. Don't feel dissapointed when you receive a D on your test and the night before you were texting your friends istead of studying. Learn from it. Next time you will know what needs to be done. It all comes to your procrastinating. Work to eliminate that problem. College life will only be harder for yourself if you do not overcome that obstacle.


Growing up in a large family and having parent who never went to school before was a very difficult thing that I believe contribute to my college life. When in high school, my parent wasn't able to help me find all the resources that I need about entering a college or any ideas about how college life is like since they have never experience it. Therefore, I didn't have any ideas about how college life is like and how stressfull it can be. What I realized and wish if I could go back in time when I was still a high school senior is to not procrastinate. I procrastinate a lot when I was in high school and still manage to pass all my classes. However, it is not same for college. College work require more thoughts and times into perfecting a good paper or project and I wish I knew that back then. One important advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior is to take school more seriously instead of waiting for the last minute to do my homework. As a result maybe my college life would have been much easier.


I would let myself know, not to procrastinate, because even though I can still do a good job, I could be doing a fantastic job if I wouldn't procrastinate and could instead turn up on top instead of just being in the top ten. And so once I start working on that in high school, it would make an easier transition in college and work to not procrastinate.


If I could go back in time 9 years to my senior year of high school and talk to myself as a senior, there are only a few things I would inform myself about college life. One of the first things I would say is to make sure to be financially responsible. Credit cards can be the devil if used inappropriately, but cash is always reliable and will not let you down. When it comes to classmates, I would note that everyone is entitled to their opinions, listen intently and welcome new theories. The world is vast, the population is only growing, therefore being more accepting of others? thoughts is of upmost importance. Being a college student is leading to a life of independence. Separating from parents or guardians is inevitable and exciting. The ride should be welcomed and a great deal of knowledge will be coming in. Just breathe and take in all the advice and life experience you can while you can. Try to absorb it all and learn from mistakes. All will be well in time. Change can be great, so do not live life with regret.


Remember who you are. It is good to meet new people and to hang out with people different from yourself. But, don't try to change. The person who you, as long as your not hurting anyone, is who you need to be. Take time to yourself to remember where you have come from and what your goals are. Once you do have a goal and know what you want to do, get it done. Quickly or slowly, just get it done. If you don't know what you want to do. Do what you are good at in school. IF it comes easily do it , why not? Think less about changing yourself and expanding your mind. Stay healthy. You mus take care of yourself if you are out of your parents house. Know who your friends are, people that make you feel good and don't use you. When I say feel good I am again talking about healthy habits. Staying out all night drinking is not a healthy habit while you are in school. Remember that you are in school, that is your job. You should be going to class and taking notes.


If I had the chance to go back in time to high school and give advice about college, I would tell myself: "Participate in high school extra-curricular activities so you can expose yourself to many things, as this will help when you are selecting a major you like. Build good relationships with your peers and maintain these relationships even if you end up at different colleges, as such networks help you socially, academically, and even in your career. Understand that there are huge differences between high school and college, so embrace these differences rather than abuse or fight them. College requires you to be responsible, manage your time, and make choices. Each choice you make may steer you into a different path as in major, career, the people you meet and so forth, but embrace these opportunities and learn from the poorer decisions you make. There is no one right way of doing well in college but there obvious ways of failing college. In high school you may be able to cram the night before for a test, in college, you might as well not take the test. Remember, a good studying habit, great management of time means success!"


i would better in clases and do good on my sat tried to get use to living in a different enivornment and pick on my work habit and work vey hard and be condient and get more finacial aid and not including loan just grants and scloarship


Hello High School Me, There are some things that you have been worried about when it comes to college. Yes, you know where you are going and what you intend to puruse, but you are unsure as to how you will make the change from high schooler to college student. Don't worry! In college there are so many offices to help with scholarships and tutoring and academic advising that you don't need to stress out on your own. Take advantage of the fun times you can have now running track and cross country and don't stress out all the time. Don't worry about the first day of college. It is going to be fun and exciting meeting new people and having such intelligent professors. So, have fun and enjoy the change as you move from one area of education to the next. From College Me


If I could go back in time to my high school years I would honestly tell myself three things. First, try not to date every beautiful girl I could see because I have found that what matters is what is in the inside (love and honesty). Second, pick a major that I love not what other people (my father) love and want me to do in my life. Last but not least have fun/enjoy while learning new topics.


Once high school is completed, there is no mandatory law forcing continued educaton, the opportunity is left up to you. College is not just a time to earn degrees, but a time to develop skills and discover passions which you will utilize throughout life. Education can be used as a compass directing you to your goals, and helping you attain them. Don?t become overwhelmed when choosing a career path or a major, knowing will come in time. Focus on the curriculum that makes you excited and you enjoy learning, as these are tools that will aid you in discovering your passions. Finding a profession that coincides with your passions will never seem like work. It is important to push through the uncertainty of knowing what the right path is. Focus on the priority of learning about yourself, earning your degrees and finding a satisfying profession. Seize this opportunity as it is an investment in yourself and your future.


Planning for the future is as important as the air we breathe. We must set small goals to get to our short term goals, and we must set short term goals to achieve our long term goals. If I were to go back to high school and choose a better set of goals, I would not. The point is not to go back to fix things, but to take the positives from the goals we accomplish and reorganize the goals we didn?t accomplish. Positivity is powerful, so keep your goals high and learn from your mistakes so you do not repeat them!


if i got to go back to high school to be a senior i would fill out more soholarship for school because i really need them now


College is very busy and your schedule will get hectic, but it's also a time for fun, as long as you make sure your fun does not take away from your focus. Friends from high school will change, but so will you. Make a plan for what you want to do with your life once you graduate college that includes all interests and options available to you. Visualize these possibilities and know that hard work and focus will get you there, so even though classes and life may be stressful at times you are working toward accomplishing your goals for your life! You don't have to know exactly what you want to do, chances are you will change your mind even if you think you do know. Don't get distracted by friends who get off track and put partying above education. It is possible to do well in school and have fun with friends as long as you manage your time wisely. There are plenty of people close to you who are very willing to help you if they know you are doing your best to succeed. And finally, be excited about new people and new experiences!


I will make sure I travel and spend couple days in the city of my college before attending. Instead of just visiting for one day or couple hours. I would love to know and spend a day within the class.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd tell myself that college isn't what it seems. There is competition everywhere and in order for me stand out, I have to work hard and use my resources and skills to the best of my abilities. I would tell myself the only way I can better myself and my abilities, for one, is to be social and make friends. People in college are less judgemental than those in high school; people in college don't judge you on what you wear or who you hang out with, but reather what you have to offer as a person and a classmate. There is no need to be scared because when it all comes down to it, I have the brains, the courage, and strength to succeed and build myself as i go. College isn't easy, but it's life.; it's only another speed bump that i will get over as a I persevere the long journey of obtaining knowledge that will only help me as a person and my life.


As high school student, I would advice myself to work hard and take my education seriously possible .I am, however, still proud of myself because when I was in High School, i put my education first and worked very hard with my teachers. I did not have wealthy family to support me financially, so I focused on school and worked harder than other students to acomplish my goals in life . For instant, while I was in high school and when I saw students wear new, and stylish clothes and have fun with their freinds, I wanted to do the same things, but I instead stay in class with my teachers and do my work. I understood that education is the only only way and key to get me where I wanted in life. when it come to my family, they do not have enough income to support me. So that I gave a higher value and respect for my education while I was in high school which helped me to get were I wanted today. I believe I do not have anything to regret for, but, in case if I become high school student, I would give a little break.


I would say they should foucs in school and have always a second plan. They should try to find what they want to do in life instade of going back and forth during they college years. and learn how to be resposible for you action.


I think I would have told myself to try harder, to push myself in my last year because I slacked off during my senior year. I would have taken classes different classes to challenge myself and I would have also told myself to look at colleges and see what I would want to do. Another thing I would have myself do is to have taken the SATS. I never took them because I wasn't sure I even wanted to go on or to what school. These are some of the things I wish I could go back and change but we learn as we go.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I don't think there would be alot that I would have to say. I think that the journey to college is just as important. I learned alot going away to school, moving in with roomates, and being away from my family. But if i were to say something to myself it would be that I didn't need to decided right away what I wanted to be. I changed my major so many times and I wish I hadn't worried about that so much in the beginning. It would have been nice to know that going to school I would figure it out along the way. I would also tell my high school self to plan on getting involved in college clubs so I could have done some more research and been more involved from the beginning. But overall I feel satisfied with the transition from high school student to an undergraduate.


The advice I would give myself would be to take on full units and work less. College should be completed at one's best capacity but the main focus should be on academics rather than work. If I had this epiphany early in my college academic career then I would have excelled much higher in my classes and finish many other classes too. The finances of a college person is not the most important part of a college student, but it does play a fundamantal role. Bottom line is that if you have to multi task both school and work, then you should put the most emphasis on school rather than work. The best advice someone gave me is that during college you would be broke, but when you graduate and find a job then you would be set for life. Sometimes, it just takes an obvious statement like this to make yourself see the whole picture.


First off, strive to become the best you can your high school year. Take the AP and Honors classes that are provided from the school and do your best to succeed in them. This will place you in the top percent of your class and will open many more doors for you. You will qualify for more scholarships and more campuses will accept your application. Sometimes it is not the best to stay in town and go to the JC, junior college. Getting out of town gives you freedom and independence, but you have to be ready to take it head on because some students cannot handle it. They simply can't handle the college life and usually fail classes and waste precious time and money. The tuition and cost of going to college are increasing and wasting money like that will come back to hurt you in the long run. The dorms are a good start to college because you meet a lot of freshman and some might become potential roommates next year. You are a whole new person with a clean slate coming into college. First impressions are everything.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition from high school to actual college life, if I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior; there would be several advice that I would give myself. Firstly, I would tell myself to not have that mentality that high school is the same as college. One has to go prepared to college. In college one has to be on top of things and take action and responsibility for oneself. No one, not even the professors are going to tell you what to do. One is responsible for attending classes and doing their work. Secondly, I would have told myself to abstain from sex. As of now I am currently a single mother, meaning that there is more responsibility on my hands to succeed in life. One has to put a lot of work into college so as one could imagine it could be harder being a parent. Last but not least I would have told myself to start saving up for college. College is expensive as we all know , but in order to get a better education one must pay the price.


I would tell myself that it is okay to feel nervous about going to college because I am not the only one who is the first one in the family to attend college. There are many students that are in the same position as me. I now that some students like me get nervous because they don't know who they are going to talk to, but this should not be something to hold you back. In college every student gets to know each other because all the freshman are trying to meet new people. Therefore, you should leave all your fears behind and go ahead and experience college life to the fullest.


Don't be afraid to try new things. You can do anything. Even though you barely passed chemistry and think you are just "naturally not good at it," you will set the curve when you take it in college, so don't sweat it. You ARE good at science. In fact, you are the cream of the crop in science. Just because you don't want to cut anybody open doesn't mean you can't be a nurse. Take a look into the field and find out what it's really about before you make any decisions! Always try new things. If you don't want to take a course, it should be the first one you take! Expand your horizons. You will have a child before you finish school, but it's not the end of the world. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. No matter what happens, the show must go on, and you will find a way.


Never assume the obvious. Yes, Sacramento is a nice place to settle in and raise a family, but the people of Sacramento, Ca. is more sane than you think. They are many trees, life, and always things to do. People might think that Sacramento is super boring, but there are always things to do. Like for example, in California State University of Sacramento there are concerts, plays, trips to the mountains, sports, clubs, and tons and tons of things. There is also many varieties to go eat at, for example, Fat Cheng's that is in the River Front, Burger King in the Union, and Saigon Express that is near the Library. When you think of it, the California State University of Sacramento is like Disneyland. It is a world of its own. It has a very diverse community and array of teachers who are dedicated and take their jobs very seriously. If students are dedicatedto do the work the teachers provide, then students will pass their class with flying colors. There is such thing as procrastination, but I wouldn't allow it because most of the work is very fast paced. Work hard to achieve your goals and future!


The advice that I would give myself about academics would be to learn how to study appropriately, so that while attending the first years of college I would have earn a better GPA, which would allow for less stress. I would tell myself to start volunteering and participating in the community because what time and energy that I would put in to it, I would get back ten-fold. In addition, I would just tell myself to relax, enjoy college, and experience everything that I could.


In highschool I found it very easy to pass all my classes. If I could go back with the knowledge and experince of college classes and professors I would tell myself to not settle for an easy pass. I would take AP and Honor classes that would challenge me. I would study, even it was a half hour every day. I would meet with my teachers because in college you don't get one on one time with them. I find myself working so hard now to study regualarly because I never aquired good study skills in high school, I never needed to. If I had a study schedule that I was already used to I would have gotten better grades in college like I did in high school. I wish I had someone to tell me that in high school. None on my family members went to college and I had no advice to give me a heads up about how it would be. I give all my younger family members this advice because I wish I had it myself. Never settle for what you know you can do, strive for more.