California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was to go back in time I would have a lot to tell myself about the college experience. I would start off by telling myself not to feel so bad about not getting into my dream school because what I thought I wanted to do with my life is no where near what I've found I actually want to do. In high school I was all about agriciulture/ animal science and I was certain that's what I would do. Now through volunteer work I have found a passion for teaching and can't see myself with a career anywhere else but the classroom. I would also explain how I should go into community college with an open mind because I will end up having amazing oportunities and learning from brilliant professors who will change my outlook on life. I would then leave myself by saying that while college may seem like a terrifying and looming thought I should not allow it to scare me but instead I should say yes to every oportunity that comes my way, because what is a college experience without a little fear and a whole lot of excitement and new experiences?


First and foremost, learn time management. College life is busy and making time for thorough textbook reading is an important part of understanding the material. Second, use your available resources. There are many beneficial programs that Sacramento State offers that often go unused by students like the writing center and your professors' office hours. These programs will add so much more to your education if you seek them out and utilize them. Last, but not least, get involved on campus. Sacramento State is a commuter school in which some students merely go to school and go home. Those students are missing out on a huge part of the college experience. There are academic and social fraternities, intramural teams, sport clubs that all offer networking circles while also giving you fun memories and profitable experiences.


It is very important to maintain a high GPA. This will open doors for you that otherwise would be closed. It is also a good idea to do some volunteer work in your community. Giving back to the community not only feels good, but you will gain connections that may help you succeed with your academic career as well as your professional career. Get involved with school activities whether it be sports, performing arts, yearbook, or student government. These entities will help shape who you will become and give you valuable experience in human relations. One of the most important tools you can obtain is to learn about politics. Politics will help you succeed in whatever environment you encounter. If you don't understand what this means, don't be afraid to ask. No one is perfect and it's human error that helps us grow and learn. My last advice a sponge! Soak up as much useful information as possible and hold on to the knowlege you gain. Be the most well rounded, open minded person you can be and reap the benefits! Make sure to plan ahead!


Just because you hate the fact your mom made you take spanish put all your effort into it! Don't fall back on typical teenage rebellion and refuse to do most of the work out of anger because you wanted to take german. It will ruin your High School GPA and make it so hard to get a lot of scholarships. You could have graduated on an advanced plan instead of the basic because you refused to go through three years of spanish. Also get your act together don't let family drama get to you so hard and never give up your dream or you end up taking 3 years of community college trying to find yourself only to end up back at the same degree choice you had all your life. Life is hard but you will make it through your senior year even with all thats going on in your home life at the moment!


If I went back in time and I could talk to myself about college for the future, I would say volunteer as much as I can and meet a lot of people. Also, I would say to focus on homework but not too much to where there is no time for fun, there should always be a time where I could have fun with friends. Another thing I would say is to talk to all the professors that are related to my major because they are the ones that can help for my future.


You have the keys to success and achievement in your hands. Don't settle for "good," be persistent in getting the "best." Take your grades seriously and finish high school strong, you've gotten this far and you can go even further with your hard work and determination. You will soon be in college, where resposibility will slap you hard in the face. Show off how well you can tackle this challenge. You will learn only as much as you allow yourself to. Absorb all that you can, these 4 years give you lifelong skills. Take advantage of all the resources offered, like financial aid, counselors, career centers, etc; you're paying for them, aren't you? Make friends, get phone numbers, join class facebook pages; your classmates are a great and honest resource. Don't forget your social life. You do have one; catch up during your days off to stay healthy and sane. This is a short, yet incredibly important part of your life and you can do it!


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself to take every opportunity and take risks. Coming into CSUS I was a trasfer student, and didn't get involved right away. I would tell myself to get involved in anything that interests me. All things I can dip into are resources and connections for later. Also I would say to explore. Explore everything! That includeds the campus like the great gym, amazing resourources, and cool spots to relax. and also the surrounding area. Sacramento is so intereting and has something for everything. Im lucky to be in a campus right in the middle of it all. Last but not least I would say have fun!


El aprender correctamente ayuda a ser mejor en la vida y encontrar la carrera correcta para desarrollar tus habilidades pero siempre se puede regresar al pasado para repasar esas pequeñas cosas que no llevastes contigo. Podemos olvidar muchas de esas cosas importantes que nos ayudaran a ser mejores personas en un futuro.


I would advice myself to study harder and take summer school classes at community college to finish faster. I would also reccomend myself to read the assigned material for classes to have better GPA.


Assuming that I went back in time and talked to the high school senior that I was, I would advice myself that there was actually no need for me to have been so anxious about getting into a prestigious college. Though universally, the majority of high school students prefer attending a UC as opposed to a CSU, believing that attending a UC can bring you farther in the future, I currently believe that each college has its own distinguished features. Being a student at a prestigious college, such as one of the Ivy League schools, does not necessarily guarantee a brighter future. In fact, being a dedicated student at any college is the ultimate factor in determining one's success. To successfully transition from a dependent high school setting to an independent college setting, the most important thing to do is to actively seek activities that suit your interests. My chief advice to my old high school self is: Don't be misled on the idea that a degree from a prestigious college can bring you farther into the future, rather be led to believe you can well be a distinguished candidate in any college you decide to attend.


Take AP classes and college credit because a little bit goes a long way and the sooner you graduate the more money you'll save in tuition and fees. Get a job if you can because you may find yourself with some free time and the extra money will come in handy because books are VERY expensive and tuition will keep on rising year after year. Apply for financial aid and grants early and often because you'll need the money and even if it's for $50 try to get it. Don't be afraid to make friends because everyone else is also trying to get used to the change and they're just as eager as you are to settle in. Focus on your schoolwork because you will want to get the highest GPA possible and every class will count. Focus on your studies and try to get your classes finished as soon as possible by trying to take more than 12 units a semester and by focusing on classes you need for your major. Enjoy your college life to the fullest.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior and talk to myself, I would advice myself to apply for universities that offers an Occupational Therapy program and continuously apply for scholarships. I would advice myself to apply for universities that offers an Occupational Therapy program because I would be able to graduate with my Masters’ sooner. Because I am enrolled in a university that does not offer this program, I will be taking longer to graduate. I would like to save one year from attending college for tuition is very expensive. This leads me to my second wish. If I could go back, I would tell myself to continuously apply for scholarships. With that advice, I wouldn’t have to see my parents work so much to help me pay for school. It is hard for me to see them exhausted from working over time and hard labor. Furthermore, my job is not enough to help me for my expenses for school. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself an advice, I would take that chance in a heartbeat.


Education is so much more that what grade point average you have. The knowledge that you have acquired is meant to be a gift that is shared with your friends, family, and community. Take the time to give back by volunteering to help other youths and get involved. Your senior year is not the end but a true beginning to all the wonderful things that are in store for you. Life is not just about work. Have fun and find your passion in life through a variety of engagements in the community. It is important to be actively involved so as to find not only what you are good at but what it is that you can give back to your community. Explore life to its fullest and make the most of the education that has been given to you. You are a good person with a big heart and you have so much to share. You can go to college and you have educational options that will give you even more opportunities to have a successful, happy, and truly fulfilling life!


If I were to go back in time to my high school years I would tell my self alot of things. for example, that college isnt the same as high school. College is hard if you are not ready for it, you really have to stay on point with everything. You must have be organized and keep everything with you. All the things our high school teacher said about rewriting our notes its true, i understand the material better and remember it with clearness. We all always used the excuse that the teacher did not like us, but in college none of this is accepted. The teachers just go and do their jobs and its up to the students if they want to do the work. if i want to reach my goals and be someone succesfull i have to do the right things. i have to do all of the work, saty in on the weekends to work on pappers. sacrifice some time with the friends to study, but the best thing of all is that its all going to be worth it when we are done.


I would tell myself to start paying attention in class because in the future the cost for going to college is going to increase. So, it is very important for you to have a high GPA therefore you can get scholarships to pay for your college education. You know that your family can't afford to put you through school. Hence, your education will rely on how many scholarships you are awarded. I know you want to chase girls and get into trouble but ill tell you right now that your not missing out on anything. You will be truly missing out by not finishing your education at Sacramento State. So, Daniel make sure you study hard and try your best to get good grades and remember "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Godspeed


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time I would tell myself to follow my heart and intuition. I would advise myself to choose a focus or career path that not only challenges me but that fulfills me. I spent a lot of time going back and forth on majors before eventually settling on my first choice and love. I would tell myself to try my best and to take the time to learn. Many students do well in classes without taking the time to learn the lessons we are being taught. I would tell myself to pay close attention and to develop professional relationships with my professors so that I could ask them for advice regarding school and career choices. Finally, I would tell myself to enjoy school rather than trying to get through it, it goes by much faster than you think it will and when you're done, a part of you is relieved and the other part wants to do it all over.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would let myself know that no matter what obstacles and challenges I come face to face with, I will have to persevere and believe I will get through it. I will motivate my high school self to do well in my senior year by reminding “me” that what I learn and accomplish now will carry me through college and my future career. I will reassure myself that it is possible to balance classes, social life, and work as long as I learn to manage my time wisely and prioritize tasks effectively. I will encourage myself to work hard, stay optimistic and keep following my dream to become a teacher for young children because in my heart I know this is the right path for me. This is my passion.


My advice would be to study hard play less, enhance GPA, and community work. GPA is extremely important to succeed and to obtain better opportunities not only job opportunities, but recognitions too. Employers look at GPA very closely when selecting candidates either for permanent hires or internships; therefore, maintaining a GPA above 3.0 is a crucial factor to succeed in school and for career opportunities. In addition, focusing on studying hard will not only maintain GPA high but will prepare the student to complete assignments/projects and be able to answer questions. Lastly, community work is really important to show that student cares for his/her community and is willing to return what was given at some point in life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have many words of advice. I would tell myself to focus on the present and not worry about the future. Focus on getting each assignment done and then stop stressing out about it. This is something I didn't know back then which would have really helped me be stress-free. I was always worried about the future, but where I am happy with where I am now and I would love to tell that to myself as a senior. Another tip would be to prioritize school instead of slacking off to hang out with friends.


Stay focused. Determination is very important at this point. High school paves your way for your future in life.


I honestly don't remember what was going through my mind back then, but I do know if I were able to go back in time, I would mostly listen. I would ask my past self to just talk and let it all out; I was pretty depressed then, as I had a hip replacement that previous summer, and I feel I would've appreciated it if someone would have just listened. No matter what I would've said as my past self, or what I would hear as my present self, I would probably say something like, "You know what? It gets better. College can be stressful at times, but there are lots more fun times. You'll get to meet great professors at College of the Desert; sometimes they give a lot of homework, but it's never too bad. Plus, if you need extra help, they'll help you out. Most everyone is really friendly; even the office ladies are nice! You'll even get to make friends who are pretty weird, just like us; they'll keep things fun, I promise!" I feel everyone should receive a lot of encouragement before transitioning to higher education.


Study harder, respect, communicate better, help everyone,participate more in sport activities,


I would tell myself to figure out what i wanted to do sooner, not to waste my time with technical schools, and go straight to a community college first and finish the classes i needed in order to earn a degree faster in order to move on. I would also tell myself that financial aid doesnt last forever and there are goals that the schools want you to finish as well. I would say that it is not fun being 32 years old and still working towards a degree that will make my families future stable and secure. I should have started when i was younger.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about the college experience, I would tell myself to be a free spirit with soaring wings and have a mind like a sponge. First off, I would tell myself to study away from home, somewhere completely different from the city of Sacramento. I would also advise myself to take a variety of classes and be open to different areas of disciplines such as astronomy, art, biology, sports nutrition, economics and political science and the list goes on. Campus life as well as a healthy social life are also important contributing factors to a successful and memorable college experience, aside from prospering academically. Therefore, I would encourage myself to participate more in extracurricular student activities and be involve in organizations on campus. Additionally, I would also tell myself to take advantage of studying abroad in my sophomore year and again in my senior year because there is no other opportunity and experience like it. You only live once as a young college student, so make the best memories out of it.


If I could go back time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take classes to get a little ahead, I would tell myself to study harder since tuition is expensive and so I can make the most out of the money that is being spent on tuition, and lastly, I would tell myself to get involved with school. I would tell myself to take a few more classes so that in the long run, I would not need to worry about trying to get in the class or even needing to take that class. I would advice myself to just get some classes out of the way so it will be easier on me. I would tell myself to study so that I can get good grades. The tests from high school are totally different from college. College, the test is much harder and students really need to focus in and out of class for certain subjects. I would tell myself to get involved in school to show my spirit and to help make new friends.


If I could go back to high school , I would advise myself to not view community college as a bad thing. I had a good experience, saved money, got it and now getting out. Community college gets the job done.


I would go back in time and advise myself to stay more focused in my last years in high school and to challenge myself rather than taking the easy route. I would tell myself to take more AP classes as well as the tests so that I would have been able to get college credit for those classes. If I could go back in time I would also tell myself to look more into different colleges and weigh the pros and cons of seeking out other colleges as well as getting more involoved in extra-curricular activities. I would also advise my high school senior self to continuously seek guidance from the counselers at school and use them as a resource to find out more about college life and requirements. And lastly I would advise my high school self to stay focused once I start college and follow a schedule that follows the four year graduation plan including going to summer school, and to take advantage of the campus resources provided by the college.


Make sure you know ahead of time what you want to major. Else you may end up waisting a few years of your life deciding like I did. I would be graduating this year if I would have chosen on a major sooner.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to go to sacramento state because the people here are very freindly. i love how the people at this school interact with eachother without judging one another. i love all the tress that change colors from seasons to season making the universitiy look beautiful. Knowing that teachers at sacramento state are very helpful and are always availble to help you, i would tell myself to go to this school


If I were able to go back and tell myself what I know now after being in college for a year I would tell my senior self just to have fun, and enjoy being young. I would say this because college is EXPENSIVE, I work 40 hours a week just to pay for my books, and tution. It is hard for me to be able to have a free weekend, and when I do i'm not really in the mood to go out even though I live in this amazing town! I would tell myself to enjoy the easy work in high school, because once I go to college work is no joke! I would mainly, and lastly tell myself to enjoy being a kid, because I will be growing up really fast. College would be openign up many doors for me, and many new friendships along with new relationships. I wouldn't really tell myself anything specific of the future, because even though my life is hectic I wouldn't change it up one bit, and telling myself in high school what to do/not do could affect how life is today.


I would advice myself to take the English and Math placement test seriously and actually study for it. Don't take advantage of the fact that attendance is not mandatory for any class. Stay on top of your major requirements, especially if your major is impacted. Make sure you join at least 1 club at school so that you can stay involved, students that stay involved in school are more likely to graduate then those who don't.


The best piece of advice I could give myself is to be patient, seek help, and utilize all the resources at your disposal. Don't get caught up in drama or activities that will detract from your ultimate goal: to be a successful and productive member of the community.


Look into colleges whenver I had time because I didn't know anything about any colleges when I was in high school. I knew I was going to attend a junior college then transfer but I had no idea what the college life would be until I transferred a year ago. I would have attended more campus tours because I would have a better feeling and understanding of schools which I did not take advantage of while I was attending junior college. There are a lot of things I could have done but I would not go back in time to change them because my experience today would not have been the same if I knew everything I know now.


Recently, I went back to my high school and talked to the seniors. And what I told them was, if could do it all over again, I would. I didn't take my senior year serious, not school work wise, but to the extimct of me getting ready for college. I didn't apply for any scholarships. But when I got accepted into the school that I applied to, they gave me alot of money. But the advice that I would give myself if I went back to being a high school senior, is to stay focused. Don't get caught up in other school activites, focus on yourself and do what you have to do to get out of high school and start your life. Wheter its going to the Military, working, or going to a 2 year or 4 year college. The choice is yours.


The biggest advice I would give myself would be to make sure I put aside more time for my studies. Also, I would tell myself that I need to start trying to find scholarships as soon as I can.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice before entering college, I would say, "It's not what you expect." I would tell myself to cherish my time as a high school student and appreciate my last moments living with my family. I feel like I was in such a rush to grow up and be on my own as an adult. I didn't appreciate the dances, themed dress up days, and movie nights with my family. Once you get to college it is all bills and phone calls. I get to see my family only during holidays. High school students don't realize that college is completely different than anything they've ever experienced. My biggest advice to myself would have been, "Write those essays for scholarship applications, it'll be worth it." There are so many opportunites to earn scholarships if you just take the time to write the required essays. I wish I wouldn't have just passed over those opportunities because I could have saved myself a lot of worry. So my advice to myself would be make senior year last as long as possible, appreciate your family, and write essays!


Don't let money affect your decision about where to go to school. Taking the cheaper route will only leave you wondering what you've missed out on. Also, don't be afraid of a challenge, and don't take the easier route just because it will be faster.


Do not join a sorority and get involved with lots of orgs that interest me for my future. Stay connected with all people and profesors. Take advantage of counselors or advisers.


I would tell myself to talk to a counselor before planning out my schedules by myself. I would tell myself to not get lazy or procrastinate. I would tell myself that if I need help with anything, to ask the professors, teacher aides, and go to tutoring. I would also tell myself to get more involved in school activities, such as football games, basketball games, and soroities.


If I could go back into time and talk with my high school self I’m happy to say I wouldn’t have a lot of changes to suggest. The transition to college life at Sacramento State wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. With the students and resources available it made problems like financial aid, housing, and books very clear. Even though I won a scholarship in high school I would suggest applying to more scholarships. I would also recommend for myself to think about what I wanted to major in. I could have taken opportunities (volunteering/jobs/clubs) in nutrition if I had known I was interested in it. I would assure myself that all the decisions I have made are perfect and not to regret anything. My friends criticized me for picking a school so close to home. In the end, going to school two hours from home gave me more advantages then anything. I would tell myself I’m going to love college life. My love for Sacramento State is indescribable and I have so much pride. I can’t wait until I can say I am a graduate at Sacramento State.


Do not listen to your parents who tell you that college is evil and will cause you to turn liberal and atheist. Move out and make your own way and don't stay under the cultish religious organization your family is in. College IS IMPORTANT and will help you go far in life. College opens your mind and fills it with knowledge that you never knew was out there. Study hard and push through. The benefits will outweigh any pressures that you have. Be confident and believe in yourself. Do not let anyone stand in your way. Ever.


Wake up, dress up, and walk through your room door. As soon as you walk out, follow a flow and don't rest until enough is achieved to gain a reward. To keep the productive life but not to overstressed and to enjoy what comes; to adjust easily and wing whatever comes our way. Because during our lives, we just live without really knowing any direction we are going in. We might "know" the direction and how to "get" there, but we are never fully prepared for everything that comes our way. So if it is unexpected, take a breath, look at it, and say "I will be thrown off." Keep walking ahead, and only look back to review your mistakes and rewards. One needs to have both study and reflection in life to follow forward. When we walk, when we roll forward, even on one leg, there will always be a need for balance. Keep that balance as you walk through that door. And at the end of the day, that is when we sit to look around and enjoy what had come to past and what awaits ahead.


The first piece of advice I would give myself is to not procrastinate on any scholarships opportunities. As a high school senior, I applied to many scholarships but more would not have hurt. I also would challenge myself to be more involved in the school organizations. My high school was small so we didn't have many clubs, but it would have kept me busy and not as stressed out as I was. For a 17 year old, I should not have been as tense because there was no need for it since I had an immense amount of assistance and support from the staff. I would tell myself that I was smart to be very optimistic about college acceptances and that mentality ensured that I would get into my first choice school. Being positive about life changing events such as college is the mindset to have so you succeed in that next chapter of your life. Overall, my senior year of high school was pretty productive and effective, I entered college feeling well prepared and ready to do an exceptional job. I continue to tell myself as a freshman to stay positive and move forward.


It's okay to be the nerd in the library. Finish your responsibilities, then go out and have fun. Remember the big picture as to why you're in college. You're there to succeed in your classes in order to find a stable job job in order to be financially independent. oh, and also remember to breathe.


Dear High School Diamond, When it comes to having the freedom of going (and not going) to class when you want, don't believe the hype. Attendance is really important to some professors as many of them factor attendance into your final grade, which I had to learn the hard way. This past semester I would have earned an A-, but ended up receiving a B due to attendance. Responsibility for self becomes a reality indeed. I never imagined being in a class with over 100 students and where the teacher doesn't know my name. I've learned that you have to make all initial efforts to do well because if you're not trying to help yourself how can you expect anyone else to? Remember what you came to college for: EDUCATION! Have fun, but don't get caught up in the midst of trying to fit in, rather than being true to who you are. If you're comfortable with yourself then the right people will surround you. Sincerely, College Diamond P.S. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments thus far! Remember to show up, it's the first step to success. Good luck!


study more


The advise I would have give me is that always ask for help for the professor because if your struck no one will help you and force myself to form study groups because it would help alot and make a huge difference in my gpa.


Making the transition to college from High School was supposed to be one the biggest steps in my life, however, if I had the choice I would redo many things in my High School career. There is a saying that you dont know what you have until it is gone, and for me that saying used to represent what I thought about my future. Throughout High School I was the person that put studying on the bottom of my priorities and having a social life at the top but I now know that was the wrong choice. In a way im glad community college was the only choice for me because it really opened my eyes and made me realize that the future is always changing and that it is never to late to try. If I could talk to myself as a High School senior I would let myself know that education always comes first and to perservere through any obstacle put in my way, furthermore, that the transition to college is tough and to not under estimate or take any opportunity for granted.


Stop cutting class! You are so bright, but you are wasting your time. You are young and want to have fun right now, and you think college can wait, but trust me, the fun can wait. If you don't get focused and start trying, you're going to pay for it later. Go to college right out of high school and get it done in 4 or 5 years or you will spend nearly 10 years of your adult life trying to balance a full time job, supporting yourself financially, and completing a bachelor's degree. You can invest in your future and still have fun, but focus on your future. Life is going to start moving a lot faster than it does now, and before you know it, you'll be over 30 and struggling every day to stay motivated. If you get it together now, five years will be over before you know it, and you'll have so much more to show for it than a job on a resume and a bunch of party stories. And finally, do the reading, ask for help, be social, and apply for scholarships even if you feel doubtful.


Hayley, do not slack off your senior year; you are almost done and graduation will be that much better if you can graduate with honors and wear more sashes to show people how hard you have worked. Study hard and do not let yourself make excuses. You are going to have an amazing college experience one day; don't stress because you still do deserve to enjoy yourself. Order your textbooks early for college so that you are not stuck without your biology book on the second month of your first semester, look up what your college has to offer, and think about getting involved. Also, keep applying for scholarships and try to get a job in the residence halls; so many people seem to enjoy how easy and social the job is. Just remember to have a great senior year and enjoy the time with your family and friends before you all go your separate ways; it may sound bad, but it is a good thing and you will be great in college. Again, enjoy your senior year, but do not slack off! Love, Hayley