University of Central Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is very big, It can be difficult finding your way around campus.


the worst thing about my school most people find funny is that its huge! Ha and thats the worst thing i can honestly say about UCF CHARGE ON!!


The worst thing about my school is that the cost of the dorms seem quite high. I do not know what other colleges are charging for dorm stay, but wow, i didn't know it was going to be this much.


Driven by greek life, not much emphasis on student success after graduation. very clique oriented not enough diversity.


I would say the worst thing about the school is the reliance of social status in sororities and fraternities, who needs to buy their own friends?!


The worst thing about UCF may also be considered one of the best things about it. UCF has so much to offer, that it can actually be overwhelming. No matter what someone is interested in, it can be found near UCF. Its central location gives this school endless options of things to do, and only four school years to do it all!


Probably the amount of students per classrooms, which does not allow to connect with some professors and other students.


Because it's a large university, it's easy to blend in-between the lines and stay invisible. Although dozens of organizations exist to keep students involved and connected, the possibility for isolation and anonymity still exists. Sometimes that's nice, but it's not always beneficial for individuals. It can be very challenging for students who may already struggle with introversion or depression. It's up to the individual to actively connect to other students, otherwise you're just another face in the (huge) crowd.


The worst thing about the school is also probably conisdered by some to be the best: the size. It is considered the largest physical campus in the nation with a student body of 60,000. Now for me I like people so it is not that much of a problem but I can easily see how it would bother some people.


The worst thing about this school is the amount of people. It's the second largest populated school in America and has 60000 students. This causes a lot of issues registering for classes and can sometimes push graduation back a semester or two. It's not that big of an issue but it definitely causes problems.


The worst thing about my school might be that it has alot of people. It can be a little difficult to truly get to know the teachers and interact with them due to the fact that the classrooms have b/t 100-300 students.


One of the worst choices I have made at UCF would be buying their meal plans. With 3 failed health inspections in the last year, the buffet formerly known as Marketplace has decided to change their name in South 63 to avoid bad publicity. By the end of my experience during the semester, the food slowly degraded and I would often avoid the place like a plague. This semester, I have decided to opt out of the pre paid meal plan and learn to cook for the benefit of a properly cooked meal.


The worst thing about the University of Central Florida is the big class sizes. Having such a large class doesn't allow students to as easily interact and form relationships. A certain human element is removed when you place over 400 students into one class. In that kind of situation, there will always be other students whom I will never have the pleasure of enjoying a conversation with, or befriending.


I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing but it's a big school in a big city. Plus, it is a new school compared to most. Due to this, there is not as much obnoxious pride that other major schools may have. For instance, you may go into Gainesville and immediately you'll be assaulted by gator gear, gator themed restaurants, gator fans, and constantly reminded that you are near the University of Florida. It has old traditions. UCF is young so it doesn't have that sense of pride or traditions yet.


Paying for tuition, loans, housing.


The worst thing about the school is the traffic. The school is one of the largest in the State and its growth has outpaced its ability to modify and create better movement of student. There is a lot of walking from the parking lots which are away from the classes. To their defense they are attempting to create a better atomsphere by adding garages, and working with neighboring 2 year colleges to build off campus classrooms where possible.


The worse thing about the University of Central Florida would have to be the cost of tuition, but our finacial aid office is remarkable.


The worst thing about our school is that there is so many options to get involved in and some students are intimidated to go out and try them. If there was a way to get more students involved, they would have more pride and love for their school.


One of the best charecteristics about UCF is also the school's downfall. The large size of the school makes it difficult to find your place as a student, and feel individual attention by the univeristy.


The worst thing about my school is the lack on on campus housing. On campus housing helps build community and UCF is just to big to provide it right now.


I would love for financial aid fee invoice to become available sooner, so I could plan accordingly. It would be great if academic advisors were more knowledgeable about career opportunities in my field, instead of reffering me to online sources.


The worst thing about UCF is the cost. It is pretty expensive to live on campus and to pay tuition, but at the end of the day you get what you put in. You are already spending thousands of dollars on tuition so get involved! Either way you are paying for it. If you use all that UCF has to offer then you can be getting your money's worth.


If i had to pick something that i consider to be the worst thing about UCF I'd have to pick the system for call waiting when you call to aske questions. Often your on the line for 15-20 mins before you even talk to someone who can direct your call to the person best capable of answering your question. It always works out in the end, but the process can be tedious and time consuming.


The level of apathy exhibited by some of the staff, with such a large university I feel as though some faculty act without any form of checks and balances.


While the size of my school is impressive, shows our ability to grow at a fast pace, and maintain our standards, it is also overwhleming. We struggle with finding classes and parking at times because we are growing so rapidly. I also feel that the large number can hinder school spirit because it's harder to build community and relationships. We take pride in our school; however, we could try to create more school spirit, loyalty, and tradition to unite the student body in upcoming years.


During my time at the University of Central Florida, I have experienced many aspects of my school. From the accommadations in the library to the knowledge of the professors to the beautiful scenery and people that surround me daily. My only complaint about the school that I attend is Room 435 in Engineering Building 1 because, for a room in the engineering department, it's projector screen is awfully finicky.


I think the worst thing about my school is that when it comes time to register for classes they are never available.


I have not seen anything bad at this school as long as I have attended. UCF is a great school to attend. It is however very easy to fall off track so I would suggest to get your studies done first before having fun.


The 1000 and 2000 level classes can be really crowded with between 700-900 students in each class. It makes it very hard to get one on one attention if you are having trouble understanding a concept. There is also not a lot of parking on campus and sometimes you will spend 30 minutes just trying to find a parking spot.


I have not attended UCF yet, I am a transfer student starting Fall 2013.


Too many students


The word part of attending my school is the math courses. Here at the University of Central Florida the math courses and primarily done online. I am not a big fan of this because I rather do pencil and paper work for mathmatics. Every single assignment for math is done and submitted online, including homework, quizzes, and the exams. On top of the online system they use here there is a requirement to go to the math lab for a certain amount of hours per week. In the math lab they have very strict rules on what you can do.


The fact that my higher education institution does not offer a Tuition Installment Plan and I have to resort to extreme conditions to allocate $3,000 by February 1, 2013 in order to stay on track for Aerospace Engineering.


Not as die-hard fans as other schools.


If you just look at the number of undergraduates attend UCF, more than 60,000, you can see my frustration with competing for an open spot in a class I want. But because we have such a large population, UCF works hard to have as many teachers and classes as possible. It's hard in high school to learn a subject to it's full potential when many of the teachers haven't had real world experience. At UCF, numerous professors don't just have teaching degree but also have had outside jobs that relate to their class.


There are few things I have to complain about UCF. What i consider to be the worst is the costs of housing. I pay more for housing than my tuition. This has caused many students to seek out off campus housing or forcing them to take hour long trips to school from home. In my opinion, On campus housing should be cheaper than off campus since I am a student at UCF.


The worst thing about UCF is the parking. Parking in the garages at UCF is the most stressful task. You will spend time driving up and down the garage if it is busy. The first week is extremely packed and sometimes the parking garages even fill to capacity. If you have class after 10am, good luck finding parking in under ten minutes.


The area. It's so far from the areas of main businesses like grocery stores and shopping centers that without a car it would be hard to get to any of those places.


This school edges on the conservative side , so where there were pleny of judaic studies, most other religions got left by the wayside. Furthermore, because it is still growing, it is focused heavily on improving its 'practical' course offerings. So this means there isn't much variety in, say, what languages you can take, or what extracurriculars are available. The worst thing is definitely the fact that a lot of students feel lost, or like they're recieving bad advice (even fi they only ask friends!) Read the undergraduate handbook and command your own future.


UCF has a parking availabilty issue! with 50,000 + students, students and faculty alike tend to have a hard time finding parking.


Not be able to find a parking spot even with 8 min 3rd floor parking Garage.


I would say the worst thing about UCF is the regional campuses don't have much to offer in terms of clubs and organizations to get invovled in.


The biggest downfall for my University is the large population of undergraduate and graduate students. With over 60,000 students, the classes tend to be large. Some lecture halls have close to 200 students. This results in less individual time with the professor and difficulty focusing. As a freshman, it can be overwhelming but students quickly adapt to the larger atmosphere.


The people at the school can be a little standoffish. You have to make an effort on your part to meet people and engage with them. This is not to say that they are bad people. They just seem to keep to themselves or their friends. It has to be you that makes the first move.


The worst thing about this institution is the food prices. There are several food vendors on campus but they do not cater to the student’s budget. It would be more convenient and beneficial to the student if he/she purchased food off-campus.


The worst thing about UCF is the average classroom size is very large. The student-Professor ratio is very high meaning, for every one Professor there is a high number of students which in turn may hinder the student-Professor interaction.


Even though there are many classes that are smaller in size, nearly all of my general education classes have almost 500 students in them.


The worst thing about UCF would have to be the lack of computers for student use. There are waits at the computer labs...


The fact that classes were cancelled for football games. I think academics should come first.


The counselors gave me the run around at one point and it's happened to other people too.