Sac State Students on the Freshman Year Experience

Sac State Freshman

By Princess Calabrese

By Princess Calabrese
Unigo Campus Rep at Sacramento State

Freshman year: The sweet experience of kissing curfews goodbye, testing new (but long-awaited) independence, learning how to cook with just a microwave and finding the will to actually go to class. It’s one hell of a ride – take it from us!

I’d have the say the biggest mistake I made as a freshman was not reading the course catalogue when I was signing up for classes. I continually chose classes based on the name of the course instead of the course description because I was too lazy to look it up in the course catalogue. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I signed up for a class thinking it was going to be something amazing only to show up on the first day realizing that it wasn’t the class I was looking for. So save yourself a lot of time and hassle and pick up that course catalogue. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into!

On the other hand, the best decision I made as a freshman was deciding to share a room with a complete stranger. The dorms I lived in offered a choice to sign up for a room with a desired roommate or to leave it up to the dorms to partner you up with someone based on a compatibility test. By the end of the year I ended up being really good friends with my roommate while other people I knew who decided to room with their best friend from high school weren’t even talking to each other.

Justin Tejada, senior government major, said his worst mistake he made as a freshman was slacking off.

“The GE courses I took freshman year were so easy, but I ended up slacking off a lot and not getting any A’s,” he said.

Looking back on it, Tejada said he wishes he actually tried because GE courses are a lot easier to score A’s as opposed to upper graduate courses.

“If I actually strived to get an A in courses like Intro to Public Speaking, I would have such a higher GPA,” he said. “But now I have to work extra hard to boost my GPA by getting A’s in courses like Mass Media Law.”

Although Tejada has regrets in regards to academics, his best decision freshman year was getting involved in Sac State’s Greek Life.  Tejada said going Greek was a great social decision because of all the friends he has made through his fraternity.

“I’ve met so many great guys that have helped me through a lot,” he said. “I know that every one of them will be a life-long friend.”

For senior multimedia major Martin Wood, picking the wrong major freshman year was the biggest mistake of all.

“I thought I wanted video as my major, but I figured out down the line that it wasn’t for me after all,” Wood said. “That decision ended up costing me about a year.”

Although Wood said he picked the wrong major at first, his decision to take all his GE courses during his freshman and sophomore years has given him the opportunity to focus on his major more toward the end of his college career.

“I’m glad I finished up all the GE courses are out of my way now so I can just deal with my major requirements,” he said.

Senior and digital video major Huseyin Akse, claimed cutting class all the time was his biggest mistake.

“I didn’t really go to class because I was too preoccupied with partying,” Akse said. “Ultimately, that played a big role in pushing my graduation date back two years.”

Although Akse said he did not make any good decisions his freshman year, he did call it his ‘learning year.’

“I didn’t make any good decisions my freshman year,” he said. “But I definitely learned a lot during that year because of all the mistakes I made. It was my learning year.”