University of Central Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Central Florida know before they start?


I would definitely begin by telling myself to calm down and head into college life with an open mind and a positive attitude. Like any other senior, I was both excited and scared of college, not quite knowing what to expect aside from what I had seen in movies and read in books. All of this pop-culture college propaganda proved to be very false. I know it sounds generic but college is what you make of it. In its most basic form its a down to earth experience. A campus filled with great, intellectual people, breathtaking experiences, and rare opportunities lies in wait. However, only you can choose whether to seek them out and use them to unlock your full potential, or become an observer. Heading into the college experience without an adventurous attitude can severely cripple your experience. Go out and explore, scour the campus in search of anything and everything that can be helpful to your studies. And remember to have fun every once in awhile, because everyone needs a break from that tough coursework every now and then. Good luck and have fun at your new home.


Dorothy, I know that things look difficult at the moment. I want to remind you that you have worked hard for the position you are in today. You never talk about your immigration issues with your friends and you try not to bring it up at home. For the most part you have kept your worries to yourself. Do not be ashamed of your fears. During this precious time in your life, you will learn a lot about yourself. Intelligence is marked by hard work and dedication. Despite the numerous obstacles that come your way, the hard work that you have put forth now and in the future will continue to define you. Everything else will fade and pale in comparison. Not only will you love college because of the academic challenge it provides but also its impact on who you are. Take a deep breath. In the end, everything will fall into place for you.


Make this count! Have no hesitation when picking UCF as your future school. Do not be disappointed when you do not get the housing you initially wanted. Your room ended up being bigger, and closer to all the classroom buildings – and you make some life long friends living in Libra. I know the last four years were hard, but do not give up. You have a bright future in a place where you grow, mature and succeed. Do not be afraid to say “yes” and never sell yourself short. Buy an old fashioned alarm clock and set it away from your bed so you don’t snooze your phone and oversleep for class – it is after all why you’re there! Don’t let the older philosophy students or your ethics professor intimidate you or make you believe you are not good enough and cannot be one of the top students in your major – you’re about to have your own thesis published! Ultimately, take advantage of the many opportunities you have at UCF. Appreciate and nurture your friendships, and take in every moment you have – the good and the bad. Three years finishes before you know it.


Assuming I went back in time to talk to my high school senior self I'd bring the list of requirements he'd need to transition into the college life im in now. Had someone compiled this very same list and showed it to me as a senior I would have made different choices and would have been better off and more successful then I am now. First and foremost, the list would start with the word RESEARCH! Researching the colleges that interest you and how much they cost, and what major you are interested are the most important factor that decides how you will perform in college. The second requirement on the list is applying for scholarships at an early time. Don't slack bro because you aren't doing much on the weekends anway. Pull up internet explorer and apply for scholarships like the campus discovery scholarship. Doing this will insure that you have a chance to better prepare yourself for the cost of college. The last requirement is be yourself. Don't let anyones ideas or opinion change how you want to live your life and what goals you want to pursue. Do you bro.


You come from a very small town where no one goes to college and the advice they are giving you is wrong. Dead wrong. Please forget their words "it doesn't matter just get any degree". For a short time you will live in world where you can study any career that you want so the question for you is - What is worth wanting? When you answer that question then you have placed yourself way ahead of the other freshman who are wandering from class to class. When you find a passion worth wanting you have also found something that is worth suffering for. There are some classes that are going to cause you suffering. You will be pushed hard. Things worth wanting always push you. This applies to the friendships you will form in college as well. Deep life long friendships will be formed. These people will become your family. Your middle of the night calls with questions or study partner in a class that seems all consuming. The same concept applies find the ones that push you forward. With these friendships and passionate field of study I see college years spent in the very best way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry. High school is stressful, but everything works out in the end. "You'll cry at graduation," I'd say. "You'll miss this, so enjoy it." Although high school can seem really hard, it's also some of the most fun you'll have. You'll make friends, lose friends, disappoint your parents and also make them really proud. High school is a perfect example of what it means when people say "life is all ups and downs". But if you haven't realized it yet, the ups can far outweigh the downs if you live in the moment and don't stress out so much about your future. You'll be just fine.


Look high and low for what you are passionate about. Don't listen to your parents, don't break under social pressure to become a doctore or a lawyer or any of the "practical" fields. Be sensible. If you want to major in music, have a plan for how you will make yourself valuable in the job market after you graduate. Do not give up when you start doing badly in a class you initially were doing well in. The final exam is worth a large chunk of your grade, but once you have learned everything together, it'll start making sense. You can get your Associates degree at a community college and transfer to 4-yr university. Classes are smaller and you are saving a ton of money. Apply for scholarships about underwater basketweaving and above water basketweaving. Just apply. You will meet guys that are charming and good looking. Look for MEN of character. Character is more important than superficial charm and looks. Don't look for friends who just make you look good, cool, or fun. Surround yourself with positive people. Get to know the valedictorian and the kid who wants to on the US Olympics team.


Hey, me. You're going to be going into college next year, and I know you're really stressed out and think you'll never get accepted anywhere. That's okay! You'll make it just fine. You're going to struggle a lot, I'm telling you right now. It's going to be really hard, and you'll want to give up, but you never will. That's what makes you strong, you perservere. The only advice you need is this: work hard. Don't keep procrastinating. College is NOT the same as high school, you can't get away with the bare minimum, and you actually have to study. But you'll make it. You think you're not good enough now, but you are. You're great, and you're gonna do great things.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the best advice I could give myself would be to start forming better study habits. In high school, they don't prepare you for college, at least in my case. They teach you material throughout the year based on standardized tests instead of how to form study habits. Students in high school tend to cram and do only what is expected of them in order to get the grade they want. In high school, I never "learned" the material for tests, I only "memorized." It is impossible to make it in college if you are only memorizing the test material. You have to know the material inside and out and this type of studying required is completely different from high school. I experienced this first hand during my freshman year of college when I had to withdraw from biology and chemisty because I wasn't studying the way I needed to in order to pass. It was a rude awakening and at the time, I wished I could go back and better prepare myself for what was to come.


College can be the hardest and most stressful things one could go through is one is not fully prepared. As a college students now, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would make sure that I understood the hard work that college expects from a person. I would tell myself that I should have studied harder for my Advaced Placement tests for Enviromental Science and Psychology, this would of saved me time, stress, and money in college because I wouldn't have to take them in again if I had passed my initial tests. I would also make sure to tell myself to take a math class my senior year, that way numbers would be fresh in my mind for the college entry exams and again I would not waste time and money on extra classes. I would stress to myself that deadlines are crucial and that having a good balance between school work and a social life will help everything run much more smoothly thoughout college and save me some stress breakdowns.