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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have received a well balanced educational experience from facilitators who are driven towards success in my classes that I have attended and classes that I am currently attending. The instructors committment to my overall achievement and completion is rewarding and their interaction with students is admirable. Attending the University of Phoenix online has been a valuable experience for me as I have learned the importance of collaborting effectively in a team driven environment that closely relates to the real world and business. Understanding that diveristy exists everywhere is key to adapting and accepting other cultural beliefs and ethnic backgrounds.


What I have got from my college experiences is that I feel great about myself knowing that I am trying to provide a future for my daughter and be that role model to her that I never had from my own parents. I have learned how to manage my time more wisely so I have time to work and spend time with my family. Even though I have changed my major twice since I graduated high school, I have learned a lot of different information from each major starting with business/marketing management to health care administration. My college experiences have made my husband want to go back to school to complete his degree in accounting and my mom to go back to school for health care as well. I feel like I am a role model to everyone in my family because I am a first generation college student. I am proud to be back in school because I want to be financially stable and not struggle financially with bills, groceries and so forth.


I was born into a family that never attended college. I am assuming that is why I never thought of attending until I turned 24 years old. My first thought was with the economy the way it is I needed to do something to better my life. Very shortly after that I contacted my college and started up my classes within the week I called! The experiences I have gotten out of my college would have to be not to be afraid to grow your knowledge. I remember being terrified that I was going to fail my classes. Astonishgly, I am passing them all with 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. The biggest experience I have learned is to never give up and reach your goal no matter how hard. I learned this from an assignment I had done. This college had been more than valuable for me to attend because it is online which makes UOPX very convienent! Its valuable because the teachers and students and all the staff are so amazing and help no matter what! Whatever your problem or question is rest assured it will be answered! I am so proud to tell everyone I am a Phoenix!


That you have to put time into it or you will fail classes


By obtaining my Bachelor's Degreee, I was able to travel to Korea on a work Visa to discover my passion in teaching. The discovery of this passion has lead me to returning to school to achieve my Master's Degree in Education. I would definitely recommend University of Phoenix to others, as an excellent program for professionals wishing to complete their education.


I have gotten a lot from my experience so far at the University of Phoenix online. The main thing that I have gotten is the continued verification that my aspirations to make the world a better place is the right thing to do. The staff at this institue of higher learning is so supportive of my dream to open a health care facility in Mexico for the very large low income population, who have no protection against the cost of health care, that they have used that goal as a map for my classes in my diverse schedule.


In compiling this admissions survey, my personal evaluation, and my resume, I recognize that I have changed even from as short a time as last winter. Collating the work output I attained throughout my career is an uplifting experience. My ability to assess my strengths and recognize areas for improvement have brought my expansion and evolution to light. I am also able to draw tangible connections between these many elements and their varied aspects and facets. I rejoice at the fact that the global win-win concept that once seemed so unfamiliar to me in college now serves as the supporting theme in my life. It encourages me to draw even more profound connections between former achievements and future possibilities. I realize that I can use my growth and ever-changing progress of understanding and knowledge to assist myself and others in the areas of adult education and lifelong learning. In doing so, I am making a conscious choice to contribute to building a better world.


During my stay at Mesa State College not only have I made lifelong friendships from people I have come in contact with but I have also met proffesors who I, one day, hope to call my friends as well. I have learned so much from my brief attendance and cant wait to see what the next few years have in store. It has and will continue to be the best investment I have ever made.


A sense of self, gratification, and knowing that I have the ability to produce just as good and well as others.


I have gotten out a lot in my college experience. Business skills, leadership, and communication; however, are my main goals that I have achieved during my time at this college. I have learned how to communicate with people in having a social life with other people while in college. Team assignments creates diverse ideas and innovations o being a team player. Learning as a team; however, has made me a better person with communicating in marketing. Currently that I learned from University of Phoenix in business. I was able to operate an online financial planning business. Websites, business cards, and advertisements; moreover, is how I market my business online. This is compared to all of the effective training that I am learning while at University of Phoenix Online campus. My website is University of Phoenix has driven me to be independent in my entrepreneurship in business. By learning online while I complete my business degree, I am able to use my college experience in my everyday in independency. I am in need of this scholarship to create financial success. Once I receive this scholarship to pay for my college, I will spread wealth and prosperity.


Since I've been in college, I can truly say that all things aare possible. I'm doing well in school,working full time and I still have time for my children. I thought that this would be impossible but now I know that all things are possible. I believe that attending college has been a very valuable experience for me, it has given me the courage to move foward and I will not be looking back.


What I have gotten out of college besides knowledge is self-confidence and respect for myself. I am now able to walk strong with my head high and able to make my son proud. My son one day will understand if his mom can do it he can do it too.


I have relearned how to learn.


Since my first day of class 10/30/2008 almost two years ago I have gained a lot. I have gained confidence, I now know that no matter what I can achieve I never would have thought that I would have flunked out of school way before I completed 24 credits which for me is a miracle itself. I am very proud of myself just doing that, it is my greatest accomplishment.


I have discovered that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Phoenix has allowed me the freedom of this. I learned that I can accomplish so many thisngs and overcome so many challenges to be the best person, mom, wife I can be. I attended Phoenix so that I can make a better life for my family. I am proving to myself that going back to school was one of the best choices that I could ever make. I'm proud to tell people I meet that I am in school, it makes me feel good.


I have learned alot of things will attending college. It is the best experience and the most memorable while I continue to receive my bacheolors degree. I've learned the importance of education versus experience. It means that I have invested some time in studying and taking time to learn.


College has been the path to a future and a way to overcome the past. I have goals that involve overcoming past issues, such as sexual abuse. I will be using my education to help others overcome those same issues.


Attending Community College is important to me because it has taught me what college lifestyle is like, it has prepared me for the reality. It has allowed me to enjoy the pleasure of playing sport and also getting educated. I have played Woman?s Basketball at Mendocino College for two years, my first year I got voted best offense player by my team and coaches, and my second year I got all conference honorable mention. While basketball is a very important part of my life I believe academics are significant as well. I maintain a 3.28 GPA, and will be graduating this semester with an AA degree in General Studies. Community College has been an awesome experience for me. Attendins school to me is very important to me. My life goal has been to earn a college degree. Not no person in my family has reached such heights and I want to achieve and proudly represent this. College can help me succeed in my goal of becoming a physical therapist


College is valuable to me because the more I learn the more I grow in mind, body, and spirit. I feel as though I am the example and able to set a standard for my family as well as my community. I can show how a poverty stricken 18 year old that found themselves pregnant, can overcome all obstacles rendered by life experiences and create a fulfilling and prosperous life. Education to me spells freedom, knowldege, love, and power. Freedom to grow and be what I want to be and not what I am settling for. Knowledge to learn about myself and the world so that I may help my children as best i can understand their world and instill in them logical and coherent interpretations. Love because to love myself and those around me is being able to extend my knowledge to them. Power because knowledge is POTENTIAL power and I plan on using that potential power by taking massive action to create an amazing and interesting future!


I have learned that a college student needs to learn how to balance thier life. Each person needs to find a balance between work, school, and their personal life. This school has given me tools to help me achieve this and to be able to apply time mangement to all areas of my life.


I have gotten a lot out of this college experience. Going to college has been really fun and a great experience. No one should say money is a problem when going to college. There are so many way's to be able to attend college . I know if I can apply for a scholarship anyone can. It does take work, time and no one will do it for you . Especially if you want to make sure it's the way you want it ,you have to do it yourself. I have experienced that college is way more different than high school. You really want to graduate once you enroll and you really want to try your best in every subject. I have learned college is not only there for you to have something to do when you get out of high school but college is all about your future. You will be able to let your kids and your grand kids know how fun and important college is. Also from my experience you going to college encourages the younger ones in your family. It's a wonderful experience that everyone should take advantage of.


After High School all the signs pointed me toward my Junior College and understanding what is best for my life. About this time is when I realized a big change must occur. Topping out at 5?7? and 140 lbs. an athletic career was not probable; so I turned my competitive attitude in sports to a competitive attitude in the classroom. College has inspired me to learn and grow and realize the knowledge I attain will enhance my standard of living. I turned off the football game and picked up a book and it opened new doors that were unimaginable three years ago. College has inspired me to discover new possibilities and never be a closed window, but to accept knowledge and different perspectives in my life. My higher education has transformed my mindset from an entitlement attitude to a strong work ethic and individual empowerment. This won?t happen over night but the step by step process I will enjoy every minute of. I have nowhere else to go but up, because I am committed to being successful and making my mother, siblings, teachers and schools proud to say they were apart of my life.


I have found that my college experience has given me increased educational benefits and an enriching social experience. It has been valuable to attend because of my increase in knowledge of academic subjects, and of subjects concerning my future career in computers.


I definitly got a lot of beneficial input from my experience in college. To begin with college professor taught me to view the world from a different view point, especially, because most of the classes I have taken have to do with society and history, I learned in many cases not to repeat the mistakes from the past. In addition, I got to meet different people from all over the United States and the world by joining different clubs at the college, such as, the History and Political Science club, Phi Theta Kappa and Student Ambassadors. It has been a value to attend to college because now I view the world with greater knowledge and humility than before and in a small way it has made me a better person.


It's valuable to attend college because learning should be never ending. I believe that people take their education for granted and it puts a strain on my heart when people don't realize the biggest thing you can give to yourself is an education. When you are educated, you grow--you mature, you also learn so much more about yourself while attending college; it's all about the experience. Since I've been in college I've realized that there's always going to be obstacles that aren't necessarily bad, but good. Each obstacle teaches you a new lesson in regards to life, and once everything is said and done, a person can feel accomplished when reaching their goals. And not only is an education important, but experience is just as equal.


Through my college experience, I have gotten the opportunity to further discipline myself. In order to be a succsessful online student, I must be willing and able to schedule my time properly. At first, this was a little difficult for me. I was used to having a set time schedule with teachers who kept me on track. In contrast, taking classes online requires me to make time for learning, homework, and tests while rememeber when all of my assigments are due. It is molding me into a more organized, time contentious person. It is valuable for me to attend college because my husband and I would like to share a life enriched by many children. My income with certainly help us get to a level of financial comfort where this is be practical. In addition, my husband is an active duty pilot in the US Army. God forbit if something were to happen to him I would be solely responsible for the well-being of all our children. While it is a devastating thought, we must be realisitc and take the proper steps to ensure that our children have the things they need.


After a twenty eight year marriage ended I had no job training and no way to support myself. Going to college has given me a away to support myself. I now have meaning in my life. Thank you Susan A Parker


It has been over 10yrs since I have been in school so now that I am back in school I have gotten so much more knowledge in the areas I have been studying. I have also learned to have time management and good organizational skills . I have a 4.0 gpa. I have also learned to set goals and stick with them. I have determation to keep my grades at 4.0. I have gotten the determation to want to strive and succeed at everything I do. I have gotten better self esteem. I set a goal to get my associates degree in pharmacy then go work at a pharmacy while I continue school to get my doctorin so that I can open and own my own pharmacy and be the pharmacist at my pharmacy. Before I started at the University of Phoenix I would have never thought that this would be possible. I enjoy my classes alot and like being in class online daily. I also have more modavation then I ever have to meet all of my goals and finish school.


I have learned how to become more independent, how to solve problems when the administration is being unhelpful, and how to be organized and keep on track with everything I have to do to become a successful adult.


The value of the college experience has certainly transcended my expectations from when I applied and attended as soon as my senior year of high school was completed. The opportunities available to me were alien in comparison to the lifestyle during my years of high school; the liberation of an adult setting was a fruitful and well-received accomodation that contributed to my overall success over this two year period in community college. As a math major, I have frequently drifted far from my college's limited teachings in the various math subjects available and sought to teach myself these subjects without an instructor. In the inevitable times when I become stuck in a certain area of study, I have relied upon the time and memory of professors of mine to clear my confusions; certainly, without the inspiration of this handful of instructors, I would not be as knowledgeable in my field as I am to date. I am currently employed at my college for math and physics tutoring, which has rewarded me with an amateur understanding of teaching while simultaneously giving me a stricter understanding of the material. In summary, my college experience has been rich and utterly beneficial.


I have learned so much this year as a college freshmen. I have had the opportunity to be in the student body executive council as the activities coordinator, and next year as I finish my associates degree, I will be serving as student body vice president. By having these opportunities, it will show me a better perspective on how to be an effective leader. It will also greatly show me how to be a more ambitious individual, and overall student.


I have learned that it is possible to attend school while working, going to school, and being a single mom. Being able to do these things has made me see that it is possible to acheive anything despite the obstacles that you face. I was in foster care growing up and I never thought that college would be a choice that I had to make. But here I am doing all the things that I never thought were possible.


Out of my college experience I have obtain many valuable lessons. One of the most important is managing independence. As we go thought high school and we move to college we expect to be treated as adults and we don not know how to manage independence. In college you are on your own for example in high school the teacher prepares a lesson plan and uses it to tell students how to prepare for the next class period (e.g., ?Be sure to read Chapter 3 in your textbook.? or ?Don?t forget to study for tomorrow?s test.?) and in college the instructor prepares a syllabus, distributes and discusses it on the first day of the class, and then expects students to read and follow the syllabus without having to be reminded about what will be done or what assignment is due during the next class period. As we move from high school we also need to chage our way of thinking and be prepare for the real world. It has been valuable to attend college because I not only learn to be independent but also to be prepare for everthing.


What I have gotten out of my college experience, is the ability to better communicate with others. I have learned the importance of friendship and loyalty. It has also been a big step into the real world, as college has made me realize that I cant hold on to Mom and Dad forever I have to learn how to do things on my own. College has made me a better person, a stornger person and an even more sociable person.


I made the decision to return to college to obtain my bachelor's degree to improve my marketability as a nurse. The experiences I have had since returning to college have been priceless. It has afforded me an opportunity to see how my life experiences can augment my educational experiences. I have also gained confidence in my basic academic skills in areas such as writing and math.


From my educational experience with the online branch of the University of Phoenix I have learned the importance of technology in the advancing world. Attending school online has been valuable by opening my eyes to new opportunities in the world around me. The online availability of this school made it possible for me to attend an educational program; I am grateful to this university for this reason. This school has bettered my writing ability and taught me the importance of a schedule while demonstrating lessons and assignments through a thorough and timely manner. I enjoy the having the opportunity to get straight out of bed and work on my assignments without the hassle of calling a transportation service to drive me into town to attend the university in town that does not provide married housing. This school has given me the opportunity at a head start towards a better future for my husband and I and our future family. This school has helped to shape me into a better person by providing me with such high quality education and outstanding academic help. Each day I look forward to learning something new in my classes that will apply in my future.


I have gained so much knowledge of how to communicate in the business world. I know now I have to set a tone, know the audience and structure it correctly. Reading Comprehension and Retention has also taught a lot. I wasn't very good at comprehending the material I read. With all of the reading comprehension techniques, I found ways to read and comprehend any and all reading. We took Personality and Intelligence Assessments, these assessment taught me a lot about my and about my peer's learning styles. I wish these assessments would be given to all students so we would know which of their learning styles will partner with mine to make our learning and study more effective. I have also realized I can do this, I have a 3.4 average and I will continue to strive to keep that average.


I have discovered that it is possible for me to do the work. Joining in on discussions online, and doing the reading, and homework show me that at 58 I can do this. I didn't get all positive feedback from friends and family when I told them what I was planning on doing. I've always been interested the legal profession, whether it's police related, or maybe private detective, or corrections. I've been accused of not following through, except with my current profession, and I want to do this for myself and to show people my age that it is not too late to accomplish something like college. I am so proud of myself for having the guts to do this. I've never been a good student, have ADD, and a lot of stress, but I have added college to my plate, and the experience has been, so far, great, scary, nerve racking, intense, positive and has given me the feeling of future independence. I'm in the process of ending a 23 yr. marriage (27 yr. relationship) and on my own for the first time. I have a feeling of value now. It feels good!


To date, my college experience has been rewarding and enlightening. I have found that once you have a career focus and understand what and where your personal skill sets are, filling the need for education becomes more enjoyable and rewarding. I find that the school I am enrolled in has filled much of that void, even with some minor adjustments to my career path. I am still happy to say that I feel satisfied with the level of direction given and the level of direction attained. I am eager to continue my path of self discovery with the hope of helping others gain such a path in their lives. Seeking help through scholarship programs like this one is a wonderful added benefit that I hope to see fulfilled.


My college experience so far has been short, but great. I am learning so many new things. Although I am only attending a community college, I still feel like I am just as educated as a person who is attending a four-year college. The teachers and staff at West Valley college are so helpful and caring. When you need something, they are always right there. The first class I took at West Valley was a Careers and Lifestyles class. Once the class was over, I had succesfully chosen a major. Early Childhood Education. Before taking that class, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It feels so valuable to me knowing that West Valley not only helped me choose my major, but is now helping me to follow through with it and succeed.


I have a sense of pride when talking about returning to school. I have been reminded of how hard work does pay off. It is not easy in anyway, but well worth the effort. I have not felt the pride of bettering myself in a long time, and going back to school has provided that to me again. There is a long road ahead, but I am confident that I will succeed. I take my classes online and I feel that my classmates are also feeling the same feeling of pride I do. We are all there to help each other succeed and to assist each other in any way possible using the format provided to us. My classmates and I are spread across the country yet we are still able to form bonds and friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. I am excited everyday that I log in to my classroom to read the input of my instructor as well as my classmates. I was very nervous to start classes again but with the support I receive those feelings are gone and replaced with pride.


I have increased my knowledge about every subject that I have taken thus far and I still use a lot of the materials that I learned to help me with other classes. Attending class was so important, because there was in class assignments almost every day that I went to class and the class work prepared you for what was going to be on the next test. On top of that I was only tested on information that was covered in class so if I did not attend class I would have been studying a lot more information then I needed to know. Attending my classes helped make the subject clearer for me to understand, and it helped me do good in my classes. By me attending class I learned more and passes all of my classes.


I am a late returning student (single Mom, Full time worker and care of a disabled person) This expierience has been hard but it will all be worth it. I have learned to apply myself and I can do it! When i was in high school i struggled with a learning disibility but now im in college i have learned how to use my disabillity to be successful. I enjoy the atmoshpear and the continued learning. i want to show my 16 year old daughter it is never to late to go to school, even though i should of went right out of high school.


I received my Associates Degree and was able to advance my salary. I have had a very good career and have many years of experience in the office enviornment as well as the accounting field. The most value I received was knowledge that has served me in all walks of life. I have been able to use my knowledge in helping others study for their GED, teach some computer skills, and consult on office procedure. In the workplace, I was able to teach co-workers computer skills to help them in their job. I was able to use my organizational skills to set up new programs for the corporation I worked for. The most important thing I have received from college is KNOWLEDGE.


I have gotten a certification out of my college experience. It is something I can mist definitely do, but not a job I can do enjoyably in the future. This is why im trying to go back to school for something that I can enjoy and can benefit my daughter and I financially. However, attending school for different majors has been very beneficial to me. It has showed me how to perform different taskes in different working enviroments, and has made my resume very lengthy.


Becoming a University of Phoenix student has completely turned my life around. The general quality of my life has steadily increased since I first enrolled. I feel more empowered and educated, and that is just the start. I now have goals, hopes, and dreams where I had nothing before, this college experience literally saved my life. Maybe someday I can help others realize their ultimate potential and use my real world experiences combined with my college education to help America?s troubled youths not have to go through the things I went through to get to where I am. This experience has forever changed my life for the better, and I feel as if I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise my status in life so that I may someday help other children who slipped through the cracks of society as I did as a youth. I have come a long way from street kid to college graduate, and I will use my story to inspire others like I was to greatness.


I have learned more of myself and that I do have the ability to be a wife, mother, employee and a full time student at the same time. The experience has been stressful but will soon be rewarding.


I have not started my classes yet so I really have not gotten any experience out of it yet.


In addition to receiving valuable knowledge, I have also gained confidence and the ability to help my children make sound decisions when making college choices. I have also gained maturity and tools from my course work that have enriched my life. The field of Psychology as a whole has given me more perspective and a brighter outlook on life. Regardless of career paths, I am confident that these tools will be beneficial for all walks of life.


My college experience has given me a purpose. It has also given me a clear goal of where I want to go in my life and how I will be able to provide my family with the things that they need. It has been valuable for me to attend college because I have been able to gain knowledge and skills that I need to progress in my profession as well as skills such as time management and following through on goals that will carry to all aspects of my life. It has been an invaluable experience.