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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Keep focused on the task at hand and remember that high school is the easy part of life. Education is earned and at any age can be achieved, but it is much easier when you are young and have the world's opportunities at your door. Time is simpley time and without taking advantage of all opertunities toward education, time will become nothing but earned regrets.


I would tell myself to become more proactive with the resources that were made available at the time. Guidance counselors and Vice Principals provide a host of resources for those seeking a higher education. Personally, being the last child of four my family did not have the economical means to provide an on campus, out of state college opportunity. My parents did consult with my guidance counselor, however, I did not put forth an effort to complete tasks as directed, and not knowing this would be the beginning of shaping my educational future. As a high school student matures, looking back on regrets is not the answer. Make better choices in the present because those choices will definitely shape your future.


Being young we think we know everything and that we have the power in our hands, little did i know. If i could go back in time i would push myself to continue my education instead of working so young. I would advice myself to persue a career instead of working in any job. I would have told myself "do not settle for less," I will then tell myself think of your future and of the future of your family. I would have loved to have been the first daughter to have broken the chain in my family for not graduating from a colloege. I wouldn't take no for answer.


I would tell high school Stan, go out and make lots of friends and enjoy the different experiences that will come your way. But be aware of the fact that the money and time should not be wasted while you are enjoying those experiences, learn to say no to going out. Keep track of your credit score and how you spend money, take an elective on it if offered, your credit is very important to your future. When it comes time to decide on a career follow the plan you set for yourself and take the necessary steps to helping yourself reach those goals. When deciding to work to help pay for college don't overwhelm yourself and let the grades lapse because of your strong work ethic. Don't be afraid to seek out help from tutors, make every effort to get the best grades possible so you never feel as though you didn't give yourself every chance to succeed. The number one thing I want to say to you is wake up everyday ready to work for a great and incredible future, your won't have any regrets if you do that!


I would tell myself to go to college after graduating from high school instead of waiting until you are over the age of thirty and have children to start college. Having your goals set early in life pays off because you will already be on your way to success.


If I could give myself any advice as a high school senior, it would be something like the following: "Stay in school. If your issues become too burdensome for you, transfer to Pathways, but DO NOT DROP OUT! Pathways has smaller classrooms, and they do not allow bullying at all. If you drop out, you will get into a lot of trouble with the law, develop an alcohol problem, and become pregnant. Although, your baby girl would be beautiful, you will become very stressed, and the transition to college will be very difficult. You will have to take online classes, so you can be home and take care of her. All of the stress that you will face from dropping out will cause you to be very argumentive with your mother and sister, and with your temper, you will end up in jail. You will miss your mother, your daughter, and your friends. Just remember, it will be much easier if you just stay in high school. Your life will be one million times better."


Challenge yourself to limits you didnt think you had. It's important that education is your first priority. Be young and dont grow to fast, take responsibilities on little by little and master that task before moving on to the next. Young young and smart now, your not jaded by society ..try new things and never stop learning, just when you think you are done challenge yourself again and again to learn something else. There is a vast amount of information, that if you pay attention to it youll hear and see the answers you have about life right in front of you. Open a book, go to new places, see what the world and the people who live in it have to offer.


I would have tried more my freshman and sophomore year with getting better grades. It wasnt until my junior year that I started to care and started wanting all A's and B's. If I could go back I would tell myself how important it is to get good grades righy from the start and I would have tried to get scholorships if I had good grades all through high school.


I would definitely tell my self not to give up or quit despite the hardships and naysayers in my life. An education is very important and as you get older your ability to learn is reduced due to other time consumers ,such as children,work,illness and other distractions. I know it is hard right now to believe this but in ten years from now the only type of jobs you will be able to getr with a high school diploma is minimum wage physical labor type . These jobs are not long range they are menial jobs without much future or ability to advance or higher wages. Please stay in school while you can and get the education you need and deserve.


It's okay to not know who exactly you are today because you'll learn more and more with each day.


There are so many distractions to what happens during college years. Enjoy every last bit of it but dont get distracted from your school work. The more work you put into your classes the less work you will have to do the rest of your life. Keep a schedule and schedule the fun, the study time, and time to relax. Take the time to realy learn everything not just what your classes offer.


Hello Michael, Yes it is me your future self and we need to go over a few things to better set you up to excel going forwarded. Don’t freak out just listen, and don’t ask any questions because if I tell you too much it could change to many things in the future. You are getting bye in all of your classes which are fine but put extra effort into English because this is something that you need more than anything. Also don’t let what I am saying alarm you and change what makes you happy. Still have fun with your friends and do what you love to do, because this is what eventually will make you the person you are today. Also you know you want to join the Coast Guard and you will. The one thing you need to change the most is not waiting on starting your collage. What you do in the Coast Guard is very hard and time consuming but you must make time for yourself and your person development! Ok, I might have said too much but take what I have said and do great. You will be fine Michael Thomas


Amanda, always try your best! Stop doing things half-way through and finish projects to their fullest. You have it in you because i have seen what you can do when you put your heart and mind to something. Don't take short-cuts or make exscuses becuase everything is better and you feel better about yourself when you give it 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Don't put yourself down either because you can do anything that you want to do.


If I were to go back in time to talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to go to college before having a family. I am busy squeezing school in between two demanding young children and find myself having little time for school. I would tell myself to utilize the Army's Green to Gold program to get an education while becoming a commissioned officer. I would have maximized my educational benefits while in the military prior to having my wonderful children.


Always be prepared never fearing of what lies in front of you because it is the best decision that you have made to succeed in life after school with this you can go far and never be stopped form growing. This will help you and youtr family to not live how yopu did growing up not having much money to have nice things.


I would tell myself not to be dumb. Love can wait for an education. If it is true love, it will outlast the four years to obtain a degree. I have wasted a lot of years not having my degree. If I could go back and re-do my senior year, I would attend college right after high school. You only live once. Look at us now, we are even married to the high school sweetheart anymore.


Hey Gaudy, I know you want to go out and have fun on weekends with your friends, but you also need to get started on those applications for scholarships. I know, I know, it’s only the beginning of your Senior year and you cannot wait to graduate, but if you want to be rushed into writing up essays the last few days before a scholarship is due, don't take my advice. If you start searching now, even if it's a random search, you can find many scholarships that you qualify for; you can maybe even find simple applications that you can do in a matter of a few minutes. Try it, take half an hour today before you watch that juicy soap opera, and see who will help you pay your college education! Oh, and don't forget keep up the good grades! Sincerly yours, Your Future


If I were to go back and talk to my formal High School self, I would encourage myself to want more from life. Obtain the degree I am persuing now. Gain new experiences from college life and the hard work that is put into it and not follow in what your family expects from you. Get the career job you have always wanted mush sooner than where I am now and prove yourself to those who did not think you could succeed at anything.


I would tell myself not to wait. That school is best done now instead of letting life make excuses. I would have tried to motivate myself to continue with my goals, no matter the hurdles.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have many important and valuable advice to give myself. Knowing what I now know about the college life and the transition I would tell myself to take things more seriously. The smallest details of lessons in high school become large aspects in college. I would enlighten myself on how it is a great thing to be smart but it really has no use or value unless I apply myself. Most importantly I would give myself advice on the difference between professional, academic and personal priorities. I feel as though I tried to balance them out by keeping them equal but as I have made this transition I realize that balancing does not neccessarily mean that I am making the subjects equal to each other but proportioning them based on imporatance.


I would tell myself, "self, college isn't a cake walk. So far, what i've learned, it's probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Take your time in school, study, miss a few parties, focus on the big picture, your future. Sure, the party of the year will be the talk of the lunch table for a while, but what about putting food on your own table? With your own money? That's something to think about. Invest in your education and I promise, you will be successful. I'm only saying this because I love you (me.) You can still make time to be a teenager, but do it in a way that helps you become a successful adult. Also, one last thing, being a nerd is cool! Don't listen to what those other kids say, one day you could be their boss, if you play your cards right. I'm glad we had this talk."


I would explain the importance of going to college right after high school. I missed an important time in my life because I chose to be a grown up to soon. I would put emphasis on choosing one career. The best advice I could give my younger self would be to keep studying and to always excel to my best.


I am assuming that if the average college student could go back in time and talk to themselves as seniors in high school one would tell him or herself to not attend every party and study once in a while. I did not attend a large college with frat parties, big sports events, and socials because I found out I was pregnant shortly after graduating high school so the temptation of parties over studying was simply not an option for me. However, now entering into my senior year, I look back and wonder where the time went? I wanted nothing more than to finish college as fast as I could so I could start my career to provide for my baby. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to slow down. College life is fast-moving, hectic, and chaotic but it is important to take the time to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of special moments. I wish I appreciated the fact that I was blessed enough to be able to attend college instead of dreading it. I am glad I have realized how lucky I am before it was too late.


If I have the opportunity to turn back the clock and be a high school senior again, I would tell myself to not make any changes to your life. Because the path you will be going down may be rough at times, but you will get a beautiful family out of it, one full of love and laughter. I would tell myself to prepare yourself for college and when you finally commit to it, study, study, study. To never give up because the final reward is going to be great. Sometimes taking the other path, though detered at times, is just as rewarding. I would also tell myself to hug my loved ones more, for they are not always going to be here. Finally, I would tell myself to never second guess yourself about anything and always go with your gut instinct about everything.


I would go back into time, to let myself to complete classes to fulfill the options credits. These would be a math, science, humanity and social science. You do not need to pick your degree or major. If you are still unable to decide on a degree, take time off and get a full time job. This will help you understand what you want to do with your future. When you apply to a University, be sure to look into Scholarships or Assistance. Any help you can get financially will help you lower your long term debt in student loans. Have fun and make sure that you participate in class to soak up as much knowledge as you can. If you are an observer, it will not be guaranteed that you will get the most of your school dollars.


Life after high school is really just the beginning. The world is full of opportunities and you are the key to making this world a better place. Set your goals high and use every opportunity to challenge yourself to be the very best making sure that your actions will help you become a better person and impact those around you positively. Your first challenge is to achieve a higher education and be the first in your family to finish college. Do not be afraid; you have it in you to shine bright take the steps to learn. This education nobody can ever take it away from you and the pride you will feel each time you say I finished my degree will be unmatched. More doors will open for you and you will not have to coward from opportunities because you do not have the education. It is more important to you and your family than you can understand right now. You will soon have a family and when you look into their eyes you will say with pride: Mommy is a college graduation and you will be to one day!


Looking back at my years as a senior I would have stayed at home instead of off campus housing. During my first 2 years of college got side tracked and a little too social. If I would have lived at home or atleast on campus I think that I would have been more focused. When I went to college I lacked structure which lead to bad choices which eventually caused me to drop out. I was salutorian as well as the vice president of every student organization that our school had to offer but I still dropped out of college. I then became a single parent and had no time for school. I had no choice but to get a job. I then began to make money and completely forgot about school. Now my child is in school and I have to explain why I did not finish. I wish I would have gotten it over with after high school. I now know and understand the importance of my education. I would have told myself to stay focused and not to give up. Slow and steady wins the race.


The advice I would give myself is the importance of co-op/intern positions of companies within the field of interests. Companies are now looking for applicants who have a certain amount of experience in a particular field. This transition allows a person to experience if they would like to further their education toward that field. It also allows them to gain working experience of that field, and secure a job with a higher pay rate. When you have the available tools from an internship it can open a bigger door for networking opportuntites within the field. Networking is crucial in terms of finding a job, and the earlier you can establish a network the easier a job hunt can be.


I would give myself the advice of taking college more seriously. I should have fully looked into my options of what I really wanted to do with my life, and not just have went with the first thing I thought of. I would also advise myself to talk to more people about college to help me figure out what I really wanted, I never asked questions to my guidence counsler, so I feel like I didn't know what I was getting into. I would tell myself that I should have started out at a community college, since I didin't know what I wanted, that would have given me time to figure things out and try new things to help decide what field I really wanted to go into. I would give the advice that it's ok to not know what I wanted to do, don't feel pressured into picking something just because everyone says I need to pick a major right then. It is ok to change your mind!


I would tell myself to go away to college. Don't wait so long to finish school. Reach for my goals and don't give it a second thought. I have always made decisions on the right here right now facts and thought of everyone besides myself. Now being a single mother at such a young age, I would tell my highschool self to make sure I put my future first. Make decisions that will be for the long run, not for the short term. I would also tell myself to stay motivated and to strive to do the best I can possibly do.


If I go back to talk to myself in high school about the transititon to colleage would be to become a leader. We work in teams in every class and we use team leaders every week. I would instruct her to be a leader in every class to get the expeirence working this way. To take control of any situation to prepare for future classes. There are so many students that bow out of taking the lead becuase they feel intimidated and rather not. I would also insturct to work hard and continue to get good grades. I would also tell her to start eariler in life to go to school. Not to wait so long to start. Start as soon as you finish high school don't wait until you have children. It is better to have more time for school then having to work it in between the kids schedules. To remember that collage is a privlage and an adventure.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to panic about college. That college would be a great turning point in my life where I would finally figure out why I have so many problems with reading and math because I will finally be diagnosed with dyslexia in my freshman year. I would tell myself that once I figure this out, that my entire world opens up and I take off like a rocket with my studies because I learn how to function with my disability. I would tell myself that learning will become fun and that I will actually enjoy everything I will learn from here on out. Sure, there will be a few challenges, but it won't be anything that I can't handle. If I could go back to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to just go with the flow and to live your life as if it's your last day on earth. We never know how long we have left here, so live it up while you can. This is what I would tell myself.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say to go directly into school as a full time student. To participate in as many activities and to take advantage of every moment. Once you have to work, have a family of your own and a long list of responsibilities it makes it twice as hard to attend college. When you are just out of high school you studying habits are still fresh in your mind where as if you wait you tend to have to relearn your studying habits. Not only do you need to relearn study habits you need to find the financial means to pay for your school and still pay all your housing expenses and family needs.


Be responsible and focus on your studies. College is very important to be successful in life.


It is hard as a high school student to transition into college. As a senior, I felt pressured to attend college and was still unsure of what I wanted to do in life. College offers so many career options and they have advisors who are there to help you decide what you want to do or what fits your personal style most. I would tell my high school self to not worry and stress about what I would have to be. I would have told myself not to rush into something that I was unsure of. I would tell myself to focus on what careers fit me best and go through all my options. I was so focused on people telling me what I should be that i wasn't focusing on what I could be. I would have done more research and talk to more people that are actually working in the field. I would have even told myself to think outside the box and outside my comfort zone. People change dramatically from the time they graduate to their mid-20s. It is important to not stress and take time in finding out what fits me best.


College life is not as hard as you make it out to be. Look at the time-line involved in going to college. As a senior, you are 18 years old. If you go straight into college, even to get your Associates degree, that would take two years and you would be 20 years old. If you take a break, you will not be motivated to return to school. Think about where you want to be in five years, or what type of career you want to be in. In order to get there, you will need the education in order to gain the experience. No one said it was going to be easy but if you just take a chance and keep going, there is that moment in life when you look back and say you have accomplished it. Think about it, stay focused and keep going.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to repeat my life as I have lived it. I would not have learned the life lessons or appreciated what I am nowing now with my life and attending college. I saw my children grow up into becoming successful, responsible individuals with dreams and goals of their own. I believe that going to college when I am older has given me the maturity that is needed to complete the dream I have had since high school. I am content and happy with my life as it is and would not change it for the world.


In hindsight, there are a lot of things I wish I would have done differently when I was a freshman in college (in 2005) and I wish someone had given me this advice back then. I would tell myself to stay on campus all four years, because once you move off it is much easier to get lazy about attending class. When you live off campus you also don't have the same experience as you do when living in the dorms. I would tell myself to stick to the major I really wanted to pursue (English) and not the major that everyone told me would be more useful (Hotel and Restaurant Management). I would also tell myself to go out and make friends and not hide in my dorm all the time. Most importantly, I would tell myself to stick with it and not drop out. I made a lot of mistakes my freshman year of college, which led to me dropping out my sophomore year. Now I am an "adult" student at University of Phoenix and working hard to complete my degree (in English, this time).


The advice I would give myself would be to have been more dedicated to College. Today's career field is based on having a degree. Without a degree of any kind it is so hard to survive. I would tell myself to stay in college. Find a good job and I would also tell myself to have waited on children. Another form of advice that I would have gave myself would to have stayed away from the people who didnt want to see me do good. I would tell myself to be positive and always stay close to God. I have struggled my whole life, and I want to do better for myself as well as my children. A scholarship would help me in so many ways seeing as I got denied the Pell Grant due to owing a college that I didnt finish. It is hard to provide for my family and I know that a degree will help me change my familys future. Thank You, God Bless.


I know that this might not make sense to you at this time but all i want you to do is to please listen to what i have to say, i know that this will sound crazy but it will change your life. First of all, forget the summer romance after high school becuase he doesnt work out and will delay you starting college. Second, it doesnt matter what college you to as long as you go. I know that you were devastated that you were not able to go out of state like you planned and wanted. I know that your family did not know how important college was to you, after all you were a first time high school graduate... How proud they were to see you up there with your cap and gown. I know how you tried to explain to them just how you felt and what your wanted to do with your life, BUT dont let that stop you. It is ok to go to a community college. Transfer to a University. Be what you want to be before life passes you by.


DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF HARD WORK. (I had it easy in high school and arrogantly assumed that adulthood would be the same.) Just because life is easy now and obstacles are not at all daunting does NOT mean that the rest of life will be the same. There will be hard times-very hard- and others will be fantastically simple. But it will change; day to day, class to class; even term to term. Hold on to the fact that you can do it and know that whenever you hit a hard time, remember that an easy day, or class, is right around the corner. Don't be super student and take as many classes as possible thinking that it won't affect you. Presevere. push through. School is what you make it. Don't get caught up in the little things but hold on to the bigger picture, what you dream to be. Everyday your goal should be to improve. Most of all just enjoy it all. Everything learned and every credit earned and apply it.


I would tell myself to research productive ways to study that matched my personality and learning style. I would tell myself to breathe and not let all the options that life offers overwhelm me. Eat healthier and exercise regularly, you will need the energy to complete all the daunting tasks ahead of you. Do not quit! It is harder to go back to school once you have take ten years off and have had a child then it would have been to complete it in the first place. Do not get discouraged. Do not focus on how far you have to go, focus on how far you have already come. I would tell myself to relax, it is not a race, keep pace. Enjoy the ride.


Stop trying to please everyone! Plus, do not look at the boys focus on yourself and making you successful you are going to need it. You are so much smarter than anyone will ever tell you. In the future you pull yourself out of a lot of trouble and if you would only listen to your brain for a change then you would not get in to the whole mess. Please give yourself more credit. Your sister is not better than you and you have just as much right to live a happy life as she does. So stop trying to please her because she will take it for granted and will only hate you more. There are issues that Jessie has to deal with that you will never understand and that is her problem not yours. You can not put yourself down to make her look better. Especially since she will not even take a second glance to help you. Her opinion in the future is you made your bed go lay in it. So, please take the time to help yourself and trust in your instincts. You are not beneath her in any way, shape, or form.


You can do it! If you want a lifetime of opportunities with success and benefits it is imperative that we gain college education to access the maximum potential in your lifetime. There are two choices in life fail or succeed. For me, I realized that failure took more time to accomplish than success. Years later, I went back to college and now I am earning a degree to reach success and happiness. Education is everything and in today's economical and politicall changing world, it is very hard to have a pleasing lifestyle. Even at my age an Associates degree is better than none and there is always the possibility to continue further in Education and a better way of life. The old saying 'Better late than never", may be true but the longer you wait the more time you waste. College life is great and the rewards do pay off. The vision I had of graduating College with a Diploma will happen soon and what a great vision in life to have! So my advice to me is simply Do it now! Angela R. Cary


The person I am today is the immediate result of the choices I have made and taking responsibility for the consequences that occurred after. If I did not make the choices I had as a college student originally, I would not have returned home, which would not have led me to the full-time position and it's benefits, which would not have enabled me to grow into the mature adult I am now. I would also have not been able to experience the things I did and realize the importance of a degree, thus instilling a greater motivation to succeed and not take my opportunities for granted. Therefore, the only advice I would give myself, if I were able to, would be to never lose hope in myself. Whatever I choose to do, accept the consequences of my actions with humility and dignity and grow from the learning experiences gained. Everything else - life, love, happiness, fulfillment - will happen when they are meant to. Above all, I would tell myself to be myself, I'll be just fine.


A message to myself from me. Study hard and never give up! Only you can pick the path that leads to the future you desire. It is okay to have an opinion that no one else shares with you. It is okay to be different. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to just be okay. Trust yourself and fight for your dreams until they come true. Wear a cheerful expression for every living creature you meet for you may be the inspiration they need to move on to the greater achievements of their future. Just be amazing!


You made it to senoir year! Go you! Many of your friends did not make it this far. If a 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} drop out rate was not hard enough the amount of tragedy you have seen in your young life has cost you handfuls of friends' lives. You made it though! Love this time like you have always loved everything you do. Remember that car/phone/football helmet is your heart and soul now but it is just a thing. The memories made in it and because of it will mean more in 10 years than you will ever know. . Do not fall into thinking it will get easier as you get older to be happy. Be happy now. Be happy always. Stay in love as long as you can but know (after a few mistakes) something much better is coming. Hug grandma a little more. Forgive yourself for the the little things. And especially the big things. Most importantly...nothing will work out to the plans you have set forth already. Make the plans anyway they will keep you grounded and be the foundations of your future realities.


Despite the fact that things are really hard for you right now and you hate the world and feel like a lost little pawn in it things are going to be so much better for you. All you have to do is hold your head up high and remember you're not alone. Remember it's okay to cry it's okay to get mad, it's okay to feel alone. You're going to find yourself it just takes a little bit of time, I know that's a cheesy saying because everyone says it but that's the truth, time is what is going to put your head on straight and remind you you're a good person and you deserve and will get so much better than this! Be proud of who you are because although you feel down now you are not alone and you are worth it!


In 1986 I was a senior at Cooley High School in Detroit, Michigan. If I could go back and whisper in my ear I would tell myself to step outside the box and look into the future. I wasn't very popular but I knew enough people from being in a few clubs and attending a vocational school and being in the academic club. I wish I would have accepted the scholorship that was offered to me for Norwood University in Upper Michigan. My grades weren't perfect but they were good enough to graduate. I wish I would have put more into studying than anything else. I wish I would have been apart of more activities other than dance and the D.E.C.A Club. I was very shy and love to read and write stories. I had an english teacher who was very supportive of me and I wish I could tell her thank you for everything and she was right. Going to college is a wonderful experience. I wish I could tell my old self to get it together and go out there in the world and meet new people and learn all that I can.


If I could go back in time and talk to high school senior, Berlena, I would tell her to seek advice and opinions from people she respects on what strategy to take after school. I would tell her to think twice about getting married and putting off college until a later date. Once you start moving your focus off of higher learning, the harder it is to get back on track. I would tell her that even though she feels totally lost and unsure of what to to do, there are people out there that will help as long as she takes the step to seek it out. Talk to school and college counselors, they are there to lead the way. I would tell her do not be afraid! Do not think it does not matter! Do not think no one cares! Stay focused Berlena, stay strong! College is challenging but time moves by so fast, you will be graduating before you know it. The career and the sense of self worth will make all the work worth it.