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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what i know about college life and making the transition, my adivice to myself would be that first, it is very important to make time to study so meeting each class requiement will be a success. Second reashearch about the field of interest by going to the college and asking questions until everything is clear. Also be decisive and confident about choices made,because it will help focus on college goals no matter what comes along. Finally stick to grade and if help is needed ask your professor because college life and transition is tought to personaly handle but when spoken about to professor or advisor, it make life more easier. Go to college, have fun studying, explore and graduate within time.


School is important, and the choices that are made today surrounding an educational journey, effect the outcome of tomarrow's goals. Remember to stay focused on the end result, and to never give up when it comes to the pursuit of higher education.


go into business associates then go into nursing then go into nursing administration to give people the chance to better care with your help making right choices so others can benefit the most.


Oh, I have thought of this long and hard for many years. I would tell my self that a college education is the most valueable thing that I will ever aquire for my future. I would advise myself on how to apply to college, and how to apply for financial aid. I would explain to myself how the next four years may feel like a long time, but in reality, four years is a very short time. And while I may miss out on some activities while I am studing I will gain so much more from getting that degree. I would advise myself that I am worth the investment that it takes in time and finances to college. I would also advise myself on how good I will feel about myself after finishing college and while attending college.


I would tell myself to concentrate on my future goals of obtaining a BA in Criminal Justice. I would tell myself how proud it would make my parents if I obtained a degree. I would explain how a well paying job is needed in the future and how a degree would make that possible. I would also tell myself that the world is a better place to live in and that mistakes can be made, but not to dwell on them. I would discuss how my career path would be affected without a degree and that there will be obstacles in the way, but can be bypassed if a four year degree is obtained early in my younger selfs life. I would talk about being financially responsible as a young adult and that their is a difference between needs and wants.


Be patient...I know it's easier said than done. Technology is booming right now, consider accelerated courses and online courses - they will save you a lot of time. They cost more, but are more effective for your learning style.


I would have stayed more focused on completing college while I was still young and had the time to do it before having a family. It cost less than it does now and I was attending a campus near my home state. I would of told myself to apply yourself all throughout school because what you are doing now will affect your life as you become older. Nothing happens overnight prepare yourself to be patient, but continue to set goals and never give up on your dreams. It will not be easy but you can do it with determination and mental support from your friends and family. When someone tells you that you can not do it you work harder than ever to prove to him and more importantly yourself that you can do it. Because what you do is watchec by your childeren and you have to set a good example for them as they learn for you and will follow in your footsteps in the early stages of their lives.


I would tell myself to stay focused and finiah my degree in the shortest time possible. The longer a person is in college the more expensive it gets.


I would say to stay on the path that you are on. College right out of high school is not for everyone and it may not be right for you right now. Don't worry about checking out different types of learning programs and technical schools, when the time is right you will do the right thing for yourself. One not of advice is to pay attention to the employers you have and learn everything you can.


My advice to myself would be to focus, be determine, have confident, and stay positive when things feel like a challenge is to face the fears I might have by tackling what might seem difficult to do by having determination to accomplish what I set out to achieve. For me to strive for perfection is to never give up or to be discourage by things that can be improve with practice and when feeling overwhelm by my assignments I can redirect myself by finding common ground where I lack at or in and to push forward. When I feel lost I can turn to help or get extra work to help me become comfortable in what it is that is ask of me to do. I also would tell myself never give up and to give it my all as long as I know I try and no matter what still continue to stay positive through it all. Finally my advice would be no matter what still push myself to making through my courses while being open and consider when learning new skills and knowledge that will benefit me in the furture to come.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that I need to believe in myself and that I am worthy of a college degree. A college education is priceless and will help you go far in life. You earn so much more than just a piece of paper. A college education will polish you from a rough rock into a beautiful diamond. You need to be challenged in order to mature and develop. College teaches you so much more than reading, writing, and math. College helps students to acquire self-discipline, self-efficacy, self-esteem as well as assist in building self-confidence. College will help you to tranform youself from the caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly. So do not let anyone tell you you are not good enough and that you cannot achieve your dreams. College will give you the tools that you need to make your dreams come true.


The advice I would give myself is that high school was fun and tought me the things i need to know so I can go to college and going from high school to college is going to be hard but as long as I have determation to do it I will be successful in life so no matter how hard things get keep pushing through it and to work on my math really hard to get better at it so I wont have such a hard time with it .


I did not make it to be a senior. I quit when I was 15 got married and started having kids. I would tell myself not to get married and take precautions so I will not get pregnant. I would tell my self that the next 15 yrs are going to be the hardest years of your life but there is a light at the end of the tunnel just do not give up.


I would tell my high school self to start out at a community college rather than a four-year college, as I did. Community colleges are a much better place to start, and much cheaper. I would tell her to pace herself with her assignments and not stress too much over them, but to do her best. I would tell her to not let herself be easily distracted from doing assignments and going to class. I would tell her that if she has trouble in a course, to either drop it or get help with it. I would tell her to take her time with choosing her courses to make sure that she picks the right ones.


If I can go back in time I would tell myself that college is really not as hard and initimidating as I thought it was. There are teachers and advisors that take the time to help you throughout your process. I had no idea that there were mentors and that advisors truly care about your future within the university. If I knew that I could juggle family life, a full time job and go to an online university and still obtain my degree I would have definitely continued to school. After almost two years into it I am closely reaching my Associates degree and hope to continue in efforts to obtaining my bachelors degree. I wish I would have known and had the support I do now. University of Phoenix makes things a whole lot easier and allows you peace of mind to know you have someone there to count on throughout your process.


Do not wait to go to college. If you can afford to go to college right after high school, do it! You, as a young student, are more able to retain your education knowledge if you enter school right away. If you decide to wait a few years to enter the college life, be prepared to refresh your brain with what you might have lost after graduation of high school. When you do decide to go to college, be careful of your student loans. Do not take out more money than needed and always stay on-top of your accounts.


I would tell myself to do research on the different schools you may be considereing. Compare graduation rates and choose the best way to pay for college funding. I will also tell myself to always have motivation, never give up on accomplishing a goal and dont be afraid to ask for help because college has many obstacles and down falls. Some peole think collegeis easy while others find it hard to maintain between personal life. Whatever you choose to do in college, be sure to have a strategy and a plan, to avoid stress, and help with time management. You should also come up with a good financial plan for college finances, this will help you become financially stable and avoidhaving an issues. here are many ps and downs to college so make sure you investigate on information, weigh your options and keep a positiv attitude for motivation.


To remain focused, and that doing well in highschool will translate to a better career. Take advantage of the opportunity as a highschool student now that you have less to worry about, living with your parents and working part time helps. If not you will have to go back to school as a working adult, with kids and it makes it much harder.


My name is Shary martinez, 26 years old, and a current student at Valencia Community College, but most important, I am a single mother looking for a better future for my family . My goal is becoming a Dentist. However, if I could go back in time as a high school senior making a transition; I would advice myself to start searching different colleges, different majors, but most important, start applying for scholarships, or anything that will help to pay for classes. If I would have done all these things while I was in high school, I would have save so much time and money. I went straight to a college I did not know anything about, I started taking the wrong classes. However, now that i am actually taking the right classes for my major, I dont have any money to pay for them. Getting a scholarship will be the best thing that can happen so I can continue achieving my goal. Sincerely Shary Martinez Thank you


Take your time. Consider what you love doing and how you can translate that into a career. Do not worry what others think you should do. Volunteer. Work a part time job. Remember nothing is forever, if you change your mind 10 times between freshman year and graduation - thats ok! Spend time with friends. If you live in the dorm, enjoy this time! Never again will you live with so many of your peers - you'll miss it. Appreciate your family, you'll need them more than you know. Work hard. Make friends but remember this time is precious and in 5, 10 years you will wish you worked harded. Talk to your professors. Ask questions. What you think is important now will likely not be soon. Appreciate the dining hall! Experiment, but try not to go too crazy - you have years and years to do so much! Work hard, play a lot and most of all appreciate your place in life and remember how great a time this is!


I was an honor student all throughout high school and went directly into a wonderful university. Certain choices I made led me to drop out and live my life day to day not caring about my future. Fast forward four years, now I have a beautiful daughter but unfortunately my job as a restaurant server is not providing for her in the way I dreamed. I would tell my younger self, if I had the opportunity, that getting mixed up in the crazy life is not worth it. The money and time that I wasted could have been put to better use. In hindsight though, I probably would have still made the decisions because all we can do is learn from our mistakes. If it were not for those choices, I would not have the greatest joy of my life nor would I appreciate furthering my education in the way I do now. All in all, I feel that no matter what anyone tells us, we are always going to do what we think is best at that time in our lives. I am just thankful that I am able to have a second chance at an amazing opportunity.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get it together because the years that were to follow for me were rough. The years following high school, I was more into the social scene and I was less worried about my education. It wasnt until i met my husband, who is a soldier in the United States Army did i learn a work ethic that has paid off today. I completed 2 years of school at a community college and I was no closer to getting my degree than i was when i started in 2005. In 2009, when i married my husband, I went back to school and today I have a GPA of 3.7. I work hard and hope to set an example for my daughter so that someday, she will carry on the work ethic that her parents have put in her.


Each human being has a foreordained purpose to achieve in their duration. It is the innate compulsion that we cannot repudiate. It is the aspiration of our hearts that lies within our conscious that declines being disregarded for any reason. It is the justification that clarifies the individuals we convert to during this era. Some may choose to retort upon detection to the fate that was devised for us while others make the pronouncement to eliminate their destiny.Challenges are the foundation of who an individual is or shall become. The difficulties of our existence contribute to our hopes, visions, disposition, and ambition.Unfortunately, we acquire innocence until we grow to comprehend the trials and tribulations of the world, or it is detached from our possession. Our knowledge of life itself is what is to become of us.


Your senior year of high school is a special time in your life. Take the time to cherish the moments that you have with your friends because this may be the last time you see many of them. When considering your choices for colleges, follow your heart and select the school that you have always wanted to attend. Do not make a selection based on what your friend/boyfriend is doing. These people are special but many of them are not permanent fixtures; therefore, your decisions should be focused on your needs and where you see yourself for the rest of your life. Once you have selected your college, take as much time as you need to determine your major but do not take a "break" from school to figure this out. You can make your decisions while you are taking your general courses but if you decide to take a break from school it will be very difficult to return. You are young and you may not know what you want to do for the rest of your life but completing your college degree is a very important step in preparing you for a bright future.


Don't worry about starting a career right now. You're only 18! Worry about using this time wisely to put yourself on the right path so that when you finally decide what you want to do, you'll be in the right place. Use this time to get experience working with different people in different circumstances to learn empathy. Volunteer to teach yourself how to work hard to make a real difference. Finally, challenge yourself so that when you do walk across that stage you will be proud of your accomplishment and ready for anything. Make your education mean something more than a piece of paper. It should be a promise that you make to yourself to preserve your future.


I would advise myself to go to an online college such as University of Phoenix-AXIA for my general-study courses while going to high school and enroll into a full campus to finish my bachelors and masters. This would have given me the ability to work for 2 years in an industry related job while taking general-study courses, all while making money to pay for the masters. This way I would have had a masters degree at age 24 or 25. High schools need to replace general-study courses so when college comes, you are literally studying what you want to study, not refreshing what you already did for 3-4 years in high school and middle school.


If I could go back 18 years and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to opt for a distant learning environment like the University of Phoenix Online. Had this option been available when I was 18, I am certain I would have recieved my degree when I was younger.


Stay involved with school. Even though you are finished after your first semester, use your second semester as a chance to take more college courses, not as a break. Look carefully at the colleges you want to attend; this means look beyond just scholarships. Take the time to research and consider everything. The best colleges will work with you and make a way for you to attend and enjoy their institution.


Stick with it, start early and don't give up. It is a pain right now but it will be so much better once it is all over. Just keep working hard, keep your head up and focus on what needs to be done. College is not that bad.


That I should go to college as soon as I graduate and not to wait later in life. That if I wait it will be harder to try to manage work, kids, school, and bills if I wait.


Please attend college after high school to become a productive adult. There will be plenty of time to hang out with friends, party, and attend clubs when school is complete. Join activities at school to meet new friends who are all about obtaining a college education. Network with people with similar goals as yours to find jobs and activities that you may like to do. Stay away from people wjo are negative, and who do not have any goals in life. When you associate with people who do not have any goals in life, you may turn the wrong direction and stroll down the wrong path. It is okay to take many career paths to find the one you like, but try to find out your true passion before making a decision. If you always wanted to teach, then go for it. Do not let anyone change your interests, though it is okay to obtain many certifications and/or degrees in life. Volunteer and help others who are in need. Do not be afraid to ask questions; you may learn something that will keep you set for life.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be "Get it together already!". When you're in middle/high school and you have all these adults telling you that you need to do your best in school or when you hear the classic "I don't want you to struggle like I did, had I did what I was suppose to do at your age...", you never take it seriously. Not only until you're about to graduate high school, do you realize you should've listened. I would tell myself to get it in high gear and do the absolute best that I could possibly do! I believe the better you do in school, the further you'll go in life. Even though I may not have done my best in high school, but I'm absolutely determined to do my best in school now because it's not just me anymore, I don't have the luxury to be selfish. My baby girl derserves the world, and that's exactly what I intend to give her!


First of all, it is very important to decide what it is you want to study. You do not want to waste time nor money on a career you dislike. Set a goal and stay focus, be very diligent with how you proceed. Do not underestimate yourself; everything is possible once you set your mind to it. I would greatly recommend you to start applying for scholarships if you have not done so yet. The last thing you want to do is quit school because of a financial issue. Even thou you can always use student loans for backup, they are not highly recommended due to the high interest. Never ever listen to those who tell you,” you can’t do it”, those are the ones that know you can do much better than them and they don’t want to see you succeed. If they give you a thousand reasons to quit, give them a thousand and one reasons you wish to continue.


I would give myself the advice to work as hard as I can in school, becuase it only gets harder to make enough time for school.


I had always wished that I went to college after graduating from high school. I was a single mom, and working. This did not allow me to continue my education. I always told myself I would go back to college one day. I have made and kept that promise. Although at times it is very difficult, and I want to throw in the towel. Then, I have outstanding support from my admissions counselor, my family, and especially my daughter who just told me the other day shw was proud of me. I am both her mother and father. I have made many mistakes in my life. I am hoping to get a college degree, and have my family have a postive outlook on me. More importantly, I want to be proud of mkyself. I have always had a low self-esteem. But, I am carry a decent GPA, and I remind myself every day that I can do it!


If your hobby becomes your career, you will take the chance of hating your hobby.


If I could go back to high school and have a chat with my senior self, I would tell myself to go to a four year university and get the full college experience as opposed to going to a two year community college. I wouldn't want to hurry up and start working and making money so I could move out and live on my own. Getting the full college experience is important as you transition into an adult; dorm life, friends, parties, all college has to offer. I worked full time at night when I went to community college the first time and am very proud but if I could do it over again, I would go to a four year college, focus more on my school work and the experience of college, and not rush into being finished. I was so ready for it to be over so I could start working that I shorted myself on just going for two years. Now I'm going back to school a second time to get my bachelors degree and on to grad school. If I could just do it all over again, I would know what to do now.


I would advise myself to stay focused on the long term goals and to remember that life happens therefore it is better to prioritize based on your situation at the present time becuase you don't know what might come up later.


Collge isn't easy. Stay focused and above all learn self dicipline. You are an extremely bright girl but your lack of organization is gonig to get in the way of an early success if you do not get organized and stay focused. College is not like high school and the military may not work for you. Injuries are common and you need to have a backup plan. Use your intelligence to your advantage and do not let it cause you to be closed minded to the world around you. You have so much to offer but gonig to college is a big change from living at home with your family. You need to be ready for real world responsibilites and take on your academic career for yourself instead of relying on your parents to make sure you complete the work that needs to be done. They will not be there to hold your hand all of your life. College should be your gateway to te real world. If you can survive it you can survive your next chapter in life. Keep your head up and no matter how long it takes do not give up on your dreams.


Take classes that will benefit you through your career. Think about what you want to do in life instead of having fun all the time. Take Japanese class so you can speak and read their language for the tourist industry. Take your classes seriously because it will benefit you in the long run.


If I would go back in time as a high school senior I would tell myself to enjoy it. My senior year I was pregnant with my daughter and rushing to graduate at semester. I would want myself to involve myself in the fun. I would want myself to have studied harder for tests but to have participated in all the events that seniors are allowed. Once you have children and enter the 'real world' most fun and games are over with. I would want to have played for my rugby team again during my senior year. I would have told myself to attend prom because its the last opportunity I had. I would tell myself to take risks. I would tell myself to attempt to achieve the impossible. I would want myself as a senior to enjoy my last few moments of being allowed to be a child for just a little longer.


I would tell myself to find something I like doing and stick with it. I would remind myself to stop and smell the roses as often as possible. I would remind myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible and try to pay off the bebt as soon as possible.


I would give myself the advice of done but college off. I would tell myself that it is much harder waiting 6 years then going back to school, because you loose a lot of knowledge when not being in school for awhile. I would tell myself that school is the best things for me. With a college degree, I might have already have owned my own business by now, if I would have gone right out of high school. I would tell myself that it is hard making out in this world with minium wage jobs. If I could go back and tell myself these things I know I would be so much better off than I am now. Struggling everyday really sucks and I wish I could go back and time and change a few things, and the first thing I would have changed was going to college. College is going to make things so much more simple in the world. With having a degree your able to get a lot futher in jobs, your eduaction, and life in general. I would also tell myself not to give up on my dreams, and make the best out of life.


Advice to give to self, would be to follow your childhood dreams. Take advantage of college before having a family, because it can get overwelheming at times. College is an important step in life to reach your potiental career goals, but working hard will always pay off in the end. Live life and enjoy it to it's fullest.


Attend the University of Phoenix and stay with it.


I would tell myself to do what I feel is right and not do what everyone else is doing. I would want myself to remember who I am as a person.


I would tell my high school selfl that college life is not as bad as it seems. With the professors and staff who are willing to help, you will not have any trouble getting through math and science. It will take time to adjust to being a college student and how to navigate where classes are at on campus but you will get to the point where everything is route at least for a semester. Coolege life has its ups and downs, but it will be worth it in the end. Transfering from Des Moines Community College in Ankeny, IA to Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL is worth it, especially since you will have some quality time with Grandpa and Grandma. I would also tell myself that life is short so enjoy the ride even with the ups and downs, it is worth the effort.


When I first attended college, I set aside very little time for enjoying college life and unwinding from studies. My life was centered around work and school. With a chance to start over, I would choose a college that offers smaller classes for more personal interactions and a campus life that would offers the activities that are geared towards my interests. I would also stress the value of the instructors. My first universitiy was a revolving door for visting professors that were mainly interesting in earning their wages instead of engaging students with the educational process. I would not return to my first university and many to this day hate their choice after graduating from this institution and never have any additional involvement.


The advice I would give myself in high school is no matter how hard college seems, do not get discouraged. Press through and finish the degree. I would stress the importance of not procrastinating and to focus on school, not frivoulous relationships. I would mention that friendships are important to maintain, but don't let them pull you away from completing the degree. A final message that I would leave myself is to not let professors discourage you. They may not be willing to help as much as you would hope, but there is always other ways to push through the degree. One thing I regret is succumbing to the stresses of college and dropping out the first time.


The advice I would give myself if I was to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be to get college done and out of the way right after high school. It is much harder to earn your degree with a family and other responsibilities. Going to college when your young is and will be a great experience for you and you will learn a lot from the experience. You will have more support of getting your degree from your parents when you are younger and don't have the additional responsibility that you will have when you are trying to raise five kids, while working and dealing with daily life responsiblities. So be smart and get it done now so that you can have a better situation for yourself and your family.