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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have one simple piece of advice, “find your dream and follow it.” You see, I was raised by an extremely controlling and abusive mother who made my life so miserable that during my high school years I attempted to commit suicide, twice. At a young age I realized I had no future except for the one she had mapped out for me, there was no point in even trying to dream of anything different. I thought graduating meant finally getting the freedom to figure out who I was instead of the person she wanted me to be; although, I quickly learned that she planned to control my college life as well. Needless to say, I dropped out the second I turned 18 and ran as far as I could. When I had my son I knew I had to instill in him the importance of education, which meant going back to school. Now that I’ve found my passion, I wish I could go back to that 18 year-old girl and tell her not to run; but instead “dare to dream.”


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself: enjoy the time that you have left in high school because life gets complicated when you are on your own. Focus on your long-term goals, instead of your social calendar; a little bit of hard work now will make things a lot easier on you in the future. Don't worry about what others think of you, after high school you will never see them again so their opinion matters very little in the long run. Ignore the people who tear you down and tell you that you can't accomplish your goals, they have no idea how strong you really are. Education is important and can open many doors so take advantage of every learning opportunity that is presented to you. Going to college may seem scary, but the experiences that you will have and the things that you will learn will be well worth the hard work that you will do, the stress that you will feel, and the sleep that you will lose.


If I were to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior desirous of transitioning to college life, I would say, "believe in oneself, use time wisely and confront your apprehensions." Believing in oneself is pivotal to living a successful life. Many persons today desire to go to university, however, first believing that you have the capacity to be great will start a chain reaction in one's pursuit of that personal dream. Additionally, effective use of one's time as while in university is key. Time management develops overtime and must be applied to every facet of one's life. How one uses time at home, work and school requres a careful balance to ensure nothing is left undone or inadequately addressed. This is where having a schedule for EVERY day becomes important to ensure efficiency as an individual. As a high school senior, this practice should begin NOW! You will have apprehension of this new environment and new level of education, however, find creative ways to overcome those fears. Visit the campus before the semester begins, take classes the summer before and connect with those who have been and currently are in university.


As a young teenager I was, like many, unconcerned about organization. The best piece of advice I would give myself is to make sure I understood the importance of organization and committment. Organization allows you to prepare for the adventure of college before you enter it. Committment keeps you on track and focused in a new world that will have many "distractions". College is about growing and with that comes a responsibilty that is much easier to accept if you practice in those areas before you hit the world, begin your life, and join the grown ups!


Dear Shawn, Learning is a very important aspect of life. It is more important to continue learning throughout your life than to earn money. Your grades in High School and as a freshman will help you to better afford college classes and courses beyond the university. Although many people think that it is cool to not put any effort towards school, remember that it is most important to do well for yourself and not worry about what others think about you. You will find out later that others will be motivated by your own persistence in school. Learn, now, to do your homework. I know you haven't had to put much effort towards school up until now, but college is DIFFERENT. Bad habits that you have today will affect you in the future. Best of luck! Sincerely, Shawn


I would tell myself that there will be plenty of time in the future for boys and that a high school relationship will not last as long as my college education will. I would tell myself to focus on my school work and getting a good GPA so that I could be accepted to a good college. I would tell myself to go away to college so that I could get the full experience of "college life", including living away from my parents, making new friends, working to support myself, and learning how to manage my time effectively. I would explain to myself the benefits of having a college education and how it would affect my ability to get into a good career in the future.


Choosing the career that will work for me is not as much about what tasks I will perform as about the environment I will be in. Try some internships, and think about the ideal workplace, then ask around for ideas. And when you tell your parents you can't handle an 18 credit hour workload, and they tell you to get a part-time job if you're going to drop down to 15 credit hours, stand up for yourself. You want good grades as much as they expect you to get good grades, and a full-time workload is 12 credit hours for a reason. Don't let them sabotage you. Respect yourself, believe in yourself, and demand that others respect you too.


Complete your program right away. It is very difficult to go back after a break. Stay strong and beleive in you ability.


If I could go back to my High School days I would first listen to my teachers and take advantage of all the information that was giving to me. I would just pay attention to all my work and be focus on the important things instead of silly teenage girl stuff. By me being in college now I see that if I was that student that was on top of my work in school I would understand things that are thrown at me now that Im in college its like a whole refresh for me like things that I should just fly bye and know Im learning it now. So my advice I would have gave myself is just to be the best student you can be pay attention also do alot of the extra cirriculm activites be apart of your school and make a good memory of being a welll rounded student that gets her work done and go over and beyond for your sucess. An also I would never advise someone to wait to go to college go straight after you graduate trust me its way better and you can finish early rather than late. Patience is Success.


Attending college is a huge life changer and a totally different environment than high school. In high school, you have pretty the same students in each class, while in college you have all different classmates. Also, in college, the people chose to go there, while in high school most kids are forced to go, so you don’t have to feel intimidated at all. With respect to college life, there is a lot of getting used to as a college freshman; for example, the schedule. I tend to find myself forgetting what classes I have each day, because I’m still used to having the same classes each day from high school. In addition, it’s a bit difficult adjusting to the workload I have for each of my classes. Since, I have about two days to do each assignment; my professors tend to assign more than I’m used to, since we have “so much time” in between each class. I try to get all of my homework and projects done the day they’re assigned, but I have other obligations as well, and still procrastinate and stress myself more than I should.


The greatest advice I could give to myself as a high schooler would be to really consider the financial reprecussions of the different Universities I applied to. It is very important to consider all aspects of your future before deciding where you will go to college, as well as what you want to major in. Most high schoolers are only looking ahead to their future and their dream jobs, but there are so many other factors that come into play once you actually begin attending college. Now that I have lived each and every one of my days, I am proud of where I have ended up with online school because it gives me the convenience of teaching children every day, while earning my degree to be an educator in the school systems.


If I could tell my high school self anything it would be to not give up. My first go round at college I quit it because I felt too overwhelmed. That put me 10 years behind in getting my life to where I want it to be. To my high school self: Keep going, do the papers, do the maths and go to class. It seems hard and it seems it is in the way of making money but it is not, it will only help you and your children in the long run.


If i could go back in time when i was a high school student i will definitely choose the desicion to make better grades, and to take the advantage of filling out Scholarships earlier. I chose these two because them two could really help me if i wanted to go to a good college and live on campus .


I would go back and ask myself "Ebony are you ready to make this commitment of furthering your education or is your desicion based upon what your family wants for your life" I honestly feel that when I graduated from High School I was not ready to attend a four year university I had no clear direction as to what I wanted to do. I was told by my parents that finishing high school and going to college was a must and there was no other options available. Now that I am older and have a better understanding of life I can say that everyone's path is not the same, and the choice to further your education must be a choice an individual makes for themselves. Education is an investment in your future, so careful planning and goals must be put into place.


The best advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior is to start now.dont get hung up on the fear of starting a new phase.When I graduated high school I was comfortable with my life . I actually said,what more do I need in life. My life as I knew was perfect. I had a job paying $10.00 an hour, I was the co manager of a store, I had a handle on my monthly bills(at the time was a carpayment,insurance and a pager bill.I had a place to stay rent free( at my momas house) and no dependants.I had all that i need.Why continue my eduaction?ILife was perfect! Honestly I feared change.I didn't feel ready to make the next step.Not because I wasn't smart enough but beacuse I was fearful of taking the next step and start something new.Now that I am in school I see that there was nothing to fear at all. My eduaction is worth investing into. It will be the stepping stone for my future. I just need to believe all will turn out well .


Going back in time as a high school senior, I would remind myself to work hard to ensure that I get into a 4 year college. As a freshman in college you want to experience living on campus and getting involved with different activities that will allow you to get to know others on campus. It is also imporant to have a clear idea of what you would like to major in when you are trying to find that 4 year college. You want to know that the college you go to has the proper resources to help you further your education. I would also tell myself to make sure whatever you choose to do, it is something you love to do so it never feels like work.


Being that I was a high school dropout I would go back and sort out my problems that I had at home within my family. I would stick to the plan of graduating from highschool and seeking the advice of school counselors are options to pursue a college degree. I would advise myself to do my research about what the adult world is really like. Schooling does not prepare us for the gauntlet that life presents us once we wrap up our academic lives and entering into an independent working world that does not revolve around a homelife with parents, studying and doing homework at night, and attending a Friday night football game. I would have prepared myself for a major by seeking out the things I enjoy and am passionate about and find the best choices and colleges possible to ensure that my future will be bright and full of success.


Don't put off your college education. Without a college degree you will not be able to earn your full potential in the job market. Having a degree and not having a degree is an important part of your resume and employers specifically look for those degree. There are plenty of grants, scholarships and finalial aid for anyone to attend college. Start researching colleges and find the right fit for your financial situation, your dreams, and your goals. College is a great way to meet new people and apply your high school knowledge. Call an enrollment counselor right away, they offer plenty of information about what the right fit is for your education. The enrollment couselor will guide you through every process necessary to become enrolled. So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and make some calls. College is fun and exciting and a great start to your financial stability later in life.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that education is so much more than I could imagine. That it is necessary to pursue a college degree not only to be successful, but to truly experience and understand how much life has to offer. I would insist that I should go as far as I could in achieving an education and not to wait. Though I may think education is not all that important, that I am wrong. Education takes your mind to new levels, to new places , builds understanding and confidence. That the an education will continue to give back throughout your entire life.


Looking back upon my high school self and considering advice to give to him, I would have to press him to do two very important things. Those two ideas I would give to him would be to network with other people and master the art of prioritization. After high school these two things were the weaknesses of my character and while I managed well, I still wonder what increased potential having done them would grant me. As important as education is in this world, the significance of contacts, friends, and associates should not be over looked. A great social personality and great academic skill go hand in hand to create a well desired employee. The brightest mind in the world could not accomplish anything if the mass of society disliked or was ill feeling toward him. At the same time prioritization is the key to balance. It is a skill that is commonly taken for granted and underappreciated. Prioritization is the foundation of efficiency. To be able to create goals and tasks in order of importance, accomplish them, and not neglect ones personal life is indeed a balancing acing act. To my young self I would stress these two things.


After high school, I took a year off before attending a local community college and completing my associates degree. If I could go back in time, I would encourage myself to apply to schools in NYC, face my fears, and attend. While going to a school that is hours away from all friends and family can be intimidating, the opportunity to explore a new place will never offer itself as easily as when you're in college. The personal growth that comes from facing this fear and the experiences that will ensue are truly once in a lifetime. I try to live my life without regrets, but this is one that I'm not able to get past even though I graduated high school ten years ago. Watching my friends' college experiences via Facebook and other social networking outlets has been extremely tough, and I regret not going through with attending a four year school in the city nearly every day of my life.


As a high school senior I can understand that there is so much that is polluting your mind and it seems hard to know which way to turn. The most important adive that I can give you is to focus on the most important things, and getting a college education is key in the world we live in. It is key that you allow nothing or no one stop your progress because when its all said and done, you are the master of your capabilities.


I would tell myself to continue at monroe community college until i was a junior and maybe considered going somewhere cheaper besides kent state.


A few months ago I skipped my junior year in high school and was officially a senior. Back then I didn’t know half of the things that I do now about life and college. When I was in high school I believed everything would work out on its own. I never worried about transcripts and scholarships because I thought college would be paid for and all the important things would get done by someone else. I remember I used to worry about boys and relationships, the typical teenage "he said, she said". Now I worry about deadlines for classes and how to pay for a two hundred dollar book I won’t need in three months. I would tell my high school self to stop worrying about the unimportant silly things of high school and instead worry about deadlines for scholarships. I would tell myself to be confident; the moment I entered college I had no idea if that was what I wanted to do. Mostly I would tell myself to enjoy every minute of high school and having fun with friends because from then on real life would begin regardless of whether or not I was ready.


If I could talk to myself in the past I would give myself a good talking to about college.I would explain to myself that signing up for scholarships is very important and that it could help out a lot. Also I would tell myself to study harder and that college isn’t joke when it comes to studying. I give myself how much books and classes are and how important it is to keep your GPA up.I would tell myself to invest more time in my books and save more money.I would tell myself that in college you have to be more independent and push yourself. Also teachers are a lot different in college and how they are there for you, but if you don’t go to them with questions and grades then you will never get help. Teachers in college don’t baby their students. You are in charge of your grades and keeping up with them. The last thing I would explain to myself is to talk to advisor before I do anything with college. They are there to help and show you the right path to follow to make it through school.


Time is a concept that will continue to progress in everyone's life. Life is meant to be lived with minimal regrets; but as an individual there are a few words of advice I would give to myself as a high school senior. The first thing I would tell myself is to make future ambitions that portray actual reality instead of a dream. Being able to set attainable goals make college life easier instead of making a goal that seems unreachable. A second point I advise myself to do is visualize the seriousness of life. The ability to keep a student's mind focused on academics is difficult during one's college years. By establishing a strong thought process in terms of focus and perseverance, a high school senior will develop good habits for his/her college career. The third tip of advice I would give to myself would be anxiety control. Knowing personally I tend to become anxious during testing points in my life. During those times, good things happen in the end result. Controlling anxiety as a high school senior, would allow myself a greater advantage of being more prepared for college struggles and course loads.


As I look back on my previous life academically, I realize how Immature I really was. In highschool and even early on in college, I never really took school seriously. I was average at best and focused more on hanging out with friends. If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior, I believe the first thing I would say is, "Straighten up kid, you may not know it now but good academics are the key to success. Those 'so-called' friends will come and go but a good education will remain with you for the rest of your life." Life is a long learning process because we learn something new everyday. I am a far cry from the student I used to be. Last semester I made the President's Honor Roll and the semester before that I made the Dean's list. With only a few classes left in this semester, I am actually on my way to attaining yet another President's Honor Roll certificate. I hope all this will be taken into consideration when determining the recipient of this scholarship. Thank you for this opportunity.


When I was a high school senior, I had applied for a scholarship to another university. Much to my surprise, I won. The scholarship was going to pay half of my total tuition to a major technical university. I began my classes a month after graduation. The only problem was, I just didn't feel ready to start college yet. After a mere 2 months, I dropped out and gave up my scholarship. Looking back now, that was the biggest mistake of my life. Here I am, sixteen years later, starting again. If I could go back and say one thing to my high school self, it would be to not give up. Although it seemed overwhelming at the time, the decision to drop out has haunted me every since. I know now that my life would be completely different had I just pushed through.


Knowing what I know now, if I could go back to high school and give myself advice, I would say, "Don't give up. Don't give up on finishing high school, and don't give up on your dreams of being a CPA. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it. There's no sense in trying to grow up early and dropping out of high school to get your GED, you're going to find yourself going through dead end jobs that lead you right back to college, where you want to be, around the same time you would have been if you just finished high school. You want to show the family that you have what it takes to finish school and have a successful future, so why not? Oh, and that idea of going back to school to be a mechanic? Toss that out the window, because you're going to change your mind after a year and decide you still want to do accounting because it's a more secure career and it's what you really love. Enjoy the ride!"


I would tell myself that making the transition to college life is quite different, but completely worth it. In this life, I have to work for what I want. The more effort I put into my work, the greater results I am going to see. I am going to make mistakes, and that is okay. Learning from these mistakes I make is what is going to build me to become stronger and to not make the same mistake later in life. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to branch out and connect with people. There are so many different kinds of people out there that each one can offer me something different. They can teach me things I do not know and how to look at something differently. It is important to make connections in life, this is what keeps me going day to day.


If I could go back I would tell myself to not wait and just jump in. I would say quit thinking about,quit wasteing time, and quit waiting for nothing. Time is not going to pause for you. You go down the wrong path and get lost after highschool. It was a hard long road you go down and it is even harder to recover from all your bad choices. Dont even go there, all that waits behind that door is heartache. Stay on track go to college right away like you alwasy said you would. Jumping into college is far less scary than where you get stuck at if you wait.


I always think about this question. If I could back in time and ask myself as a high school senior, I would say make better choices. Think about what you enjoy doing, not only think about how much money you are going to make. Do not get distracted and take the easy way out by going to private colleges that promise your certificate in 18months. I'm saying that something is wrong with that, its just that there is more to life then a certificate.


The best advise I could give my high school self would be that there is no dream too big or out of reach. With hard work and determination anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. It is easy to get lost in high school especially during the transition into adulthood. It is okay to choose a path that is different than everyone elses. Fear is part of the journey as we follow our dreams and with each hurdle we over come we get closer to our destination.


Never take the extra curricualr activites for granted, particapte in them all and make as many firends as possible. Not every thing is life is about money, make the decisions that make you happy and take you to where you want to go and what you want to experience. Nothing is every too expensive if it is rewarding and makes you happy!

Luz Stella

My advice? No advice. I wouldn't give myself any advice. I know in my heart of hearts why I didn't go to College after High School. I was offered the chance to be a rock star in NYC. I was a minor getting into bars and playing with great bands. I was younger than everyone, and got to experience life. I have stories to tell that make people twice my age look at me in astonishment.


Dear me, Girl what's your problem? Boared? Tired? Well hanging in there child. It really does get more interesting. But hey, lets face it, you haven't been anywhere close to doing your best. So what if other people called you dumb, you know better and you will prove them all wrong. You have a fire in your belly and it won't be snuffed out by simple hurtfull words. Stand strong and push on, because girl you will persevere. You will be leaving all the nay sayers behind in your dust and at the same time, you will be reaching your hand out to them to help them up. You are a shinning star, you just need a swift kick in the rear to get your brain firmly located above your shoulders. So girl, here's your kick. Unheard voices of children in pain are waiting for you to come along and help them. They need you and your spirit so don't let them down and don't let yourself down. When you feel you are walking through fire, just keep on moving forward, you won't get burned as long as you keep on moving on.


To stop messing around and don't worry about the immaturity of the other students. This is YOUR future and you shouldn't care about what they are doing. None of that matters. You getting C's in high school because of the drama and nonsense around you is unacceptable. They won't be here once you graduate. The grades you make are all that counts. That’s what the colleges are looking at. So just focus on you and your future. Create goals and reach those goals so you have a bright future down the road. What your friend did in high school that made you cry will not matter in 15 years. But those grades you made, the college that accepts you, and the major you pick DOES. So please stay level headed and ignore the nonsense. This is YOUR future not theirs. It's YOUR choices that matter, not theirs. Believe in yourself. You can reach those heights. Be positive and productive. Success will come when you are positive, diligent, and dedicated. Work hard, YOU CAN DO THIS, I PROMISE! LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO DO THIS!! YOU DESERVE IT! I LOVE YOU


If I could go back in time to give advice to that high school senior, I would tell myself to have patience with schooling and life in general. To enjoy every step of the journey and to focus on college and complete my degree. I would tell myself to persevere and not be dissuaded from pursuing my career choice, which at the time was veternary school. Becoming a veternarian was a passion and dream. Because there were only a hand-full of schools in 1982, I was told being a white female, I would never be accepted. Only 100 students were accepted each year and only 20 students of that 100 were caucasian. I would tell myself to make the attempt and not be accepted instead of never trying. There is a lot to learn from defeat and no shame at not being accepted when the odds are not in your favor.


The advice I would give myself, my young, high school self would be to never count yourself out! Life is going to show up regardless but never allow it to defeat you. You will have some defeating moments but that's ok! In those times you take learn and recharge to come back even better than before! However, believe in yourself Paige, you can do it! Surround yourself with people who challenge you to do better for yourself. Stay focused and stay with your mind on your goal. Prepare and trek diligently towards your goal and you will achieve it! Believe in yourself, you're on your way!


The main advice i would give my high school self if i could would be to listen to all the advise my parents gave me about college. To sit and do my research and pick the best school related to my career goals. Make a list of career and educational goals for myself so i would know what i want to accomplsih and by when. I should apply to scholarships as soon as i get into high school becasue there are many oppurtunities. Most importantly to apply to college early so that i can get a response early and can make plans accordingly.


Life changes every single day. We dont know what to expect out of life, and we dont know the things that will come to us. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not rush into things I'm not that sure about. Take the time to find my talents, what I like and do not like about working, things around me and etc because believe it or is not as easy as it seems. I would also tell myself to start saving money, apply to lots of scholarships, and to believe in myself. The main thing I'd need to have known as a high school senior would be that life is not easy, it's hard but its manageable and its beautiful. Take all the time needed to figure out your goals and what you want to do because time stops for no one, it will continue to tick and tick and if you have no set goals or plans...that time will just run and run while you are at a standstill wondering your next move. Be smart and take action.


What do you want to be when you grow up? Knowing the answer to this will keep you focused on where you are going in life. College is just part of this journey. Stay focused. It will take some students four years, some students fourteen. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, always keep looking forward. Use all of your experiences to help you reach your destination. There is no such thing as failure unless you completely give up. Live life, enjoy life, never forget to say I love you to those you love.


The best advice I would give myself would be to focus more on school verses my relationship at that time. I had my first child my second semester in College which of course, changed my life complelty. I was forced to work a full time job which cut back on my time for school. I had my second child when I was 21 and made the decision to drop out of college. I worked two jobs for a year and half to support myself and my kids. My previous boss, who is currently one of my mentors, stressed to me how important it was for me to finish college and earn my degree. He had received his Masters from University of Phoenix and encouraged me to check it out so I did. I am now in my last semester to receive my degree. If I could do it over again knowing what I know now, I would have stayed in college right out of high school and finished sooner instead of giving up and taking a few years off.


Be patient, and optimistic. You will learn more than just what is in your academic catalog, but will learn about yourself, your passions and interests. The driving force of what will make you happy, provide stable career options and be the change you wants to see in this world, in the community and within yourself. College is the first step of independent and the driving force in which you and only you can accomplish with the right will power, attitude and support system. Being scared, as well as overwhelmed will happen, but when the time comes to graduate, personal accomplishments, a worthwhile education and the self-sufficiently and confidence that will have been gained will make the whole life event be worth more than one can describe but must be experienced on a personal level, in a field or direction that is steered in the path of what you want. High school is simply the stepping stone for the world and opportunities for the future and for your future self. Go out and grab it, experience it all, bad as well as good. Because this advice is known from personal experience from my past self to my present a future.


If I were to take a trip back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have advised myself to take studying more seriously. Although I did very well in high school, I didn't necessarily take the amount of time I should have with preparing for testing. I would also have advised myself to have more fun while in high school. I feel I could have joined more school activities. I may have limited myself when it comes to greater opportunities by being a little to closed off. I didn't realized by joining different school activities that I could have earned funds to attend the college of my choice. If I could do it all again I would have attempted to be class president while studying more than a hour for my test. Thank You!


I would tell myself to becarful of who you choose as friends. Dont follow them to the end of the world. You need to concentrate on yourself and your school. Keep you head in the books, dont worry about people liking you, you have the rest of your life to make friend. Friends come and go but a education never leaves once you have it. Dont worry about being cool and partying with everyone to try and prove a point. In 10 years you dont want to be sitting around figuring out how you can go back to school because you failed out every other time you tried. Kepp you head in the game casue friends come and go.


I make myself understand that I would benefit more by going to college right out of high school. Or continuing my other path and going into the military and taking college courses there. I would make myself understand that if I give my homework my all, then there is no way that I will not achieve any goal that I set for myself. And i would also tell myself not to believe everyone when they say negative things about myself. I turn out OK. Then before i left i would politely tell myself that I needed to quit worrying about being popular and wanting unneeded attention and make sure that I put all my efforts into my schoolwork so i would understand that getting into college and apllying myself will pay off in the end.


Do not lose hope. Getting your college degree is not only for your sister, but you as well. You have the ability and will be a much happier and well-rounded person for completing your degree. Having this milestone in your life to look at and know it is yours and yours alone, will not only help you with overcoming hardships, but gives you the courage and ability to move on and tackle lifes hard tasks with greater financial, emotional and mental ease.


I would say to myself that is easier than I thought it would be. You are treated like an adult by your instructors and are expected to act as an adult. Knowing that, I push myself each day to do the best I can in each of my classes. College life is harder with expectations, but since I am paying for it, I know that I need to not waste my time or money on doing a poor job. I would also say that college life can be confusing with requirements, funding, and picking a degree. There are many people that can help you in making those decisions so that you don't waste your money taking classes that you don't need. College is challenging but knowing what my end goal is, will help me with the college experience.


I would simply tell myself not to be scared to finish what you start, because it's more important to get things done while you have the perfect chance. Be sure to apply for as many scholarships that you can, and if you don't need loans, don't get them. I would tell myself that I should take my ACT and SATS to ensure that I can get an academic scholarship. Once again, don't be scared, It's not as bad as you think it is.