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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself is , self don't take a year off from school go straight into college and stay focused . Don't let myself get derailed and don't have children although they are a blessing they will hinder you from completing college on time. Self get on a time management schedule and get very career orinated. Make sure that you are goal focused and you are very sure of the immportance of having this career that you are setting out to get. DON'T GIVE UP ON SCHOOL BECAUSE SCHOOL WON'T GIVE UP ON YOU.....


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior, I would have some good advice to give. The main thing I would tell myself is to set some goals for what I would want to achieve in my future. Then, work hard, and take the steps necessary to complete those goals. Most importantly I would tell myself not to let anyone or anything stand in the way of achieving my goals. Finally I would give encouragement by assuring myself that I could accomplish anything I set out to do. Believing those things back then, would have made for an easier transition through college life. I am doing well now, but I could have already reached this point a long time ago by taking the advice I just gave my self as a high school senior.


Do not take further education for granted. You are lucky to recieve the opportunity to continue on expanding your education and in turn, your future. Sometimes school can be hard, but push through it. The benefits you will recieve are beyond extravagant. It may look and feel much easier to enter the workforce straight out of high school. However, it is very beneficial to continue on to college; you will not regret it. You have a big decision ahead of you, so take your time and figure out all of the best options in what college or university to attend. You make your future. The best way to expand your possibilities is to take a step to continuing learning. Dont stress out! You will enjoy college, and applying yourself in school. After all, if you really do want it, you CAN get it!


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are some things I would pass along, incomparison of the college courses I have attended. Telling myself anything would begin with advising of work for the college credits available, so that when you apply to classes and different school. Also, I'd tell myself to remember to become a Registered Home Healthcare Aide, as it follows into the education that interests me in Psychology. Always take notes, and save your work as often as possible. When it comes to stress and work, remember that family should always come first, before you realize you suddenly have no other family. Also, I would tell myself that keeping a log of activities on different days can help with makig a time management plan, in order to keep tasks organized, and in a time frame that will provide results instead of feeling as if they are rushing to do research.


I would tell myself that studing is worth it. And that college is worth your time. In the long run you will develop skills and discipline you will need to get the best career you need..


The advice I would give myself will be to go straight to college after high school. If knew what I know now I would have been finished with college and on my way of opening a bakery. I'm no longer in my twenties and currently I'm a single mother of two, working full-time, and attending online classes at University of Phoenix. I struggle everyday trying to complete homework at the same time supporting and raising my children. If I would have known about the way my life would have been I would have finishing my associate degree in culinary arts and my bachelor’s degree in business in hospitality management.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would have went to an HBCU (Historical Black College and University) to receive a great education and learn from an African-American experience. I would have been more into my academia my first year of college and would have not dropped out. I also would have went to a university first because the junior college experience is nothing like a traditional university. I really missed out some wonderful experiences but the main thing is that I did not give up on a higher education at all. There are many people who have given up altogether and I assume that I beat the odds by going back to school and receive the degree I started on ten years ago. There is one more thing I would have done different would be to live on - campus and experience the university life full, front and center. College is all about how you make it and it can be stressful, fun, rewarding, and aggravating a times but it is all worth the headache, once you have finished. I suggest that anybody wanting to further their education to think about a college or university first.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are many different things I would say to myself. I would begin by stressing the importance of of a college education. I understand now how difficult it is to survive day-to-day life without an advanced education. I would also explain that I without a college degree, I would be limiting myself and my potential. I would explain to myself that the tranistion into a college atmostphere is so simple, it just takes the ambition to make it happen. I would also inform myself that waiting to attend college is not an option. If I would have attended college right out of high school, I could have received my current degree almost 5 times by now. These are the things I would talk to myself about if I were able to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior.


I f I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing I love what I am accomplishing in life and also what I have accomplished. I know that I need a degree to better my self so I can afford to take care of my myself and my kids. I also want to look back and say hey I accomplished something that was so meaningful to me and that's get a degree. I will lay this in my kids also as they get older and that's to accomplish something that's meaningful to you. It's never to late to accomplish your dreams in life.


College life is a lot different than high school life. You have to be more responsible for your education once you reach the college level. Focus on your future and do not wait until the last minute to make decisions. You need to work hard to make it in this world. The economy is in the red and jobs are not plentiful. You have to be the best you can be, work hard, study hard, and come out on top.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to get and keep any job. I would tell myself to safe as much money as possible. I would say to focus on your studies but have a little free time to take the stress off. Go to college as soon as you get out of high school, do not wait because there is so much opportunity out there that you should not wait on. Remain focused on your studies and stay in school in order to achieve your goals in the career that you want to succeed in.


While I was in high school I wanted to become a police officer or something of that nature. I did have plans to go to college but did not have the money to do so. If I did go when I wanted to my life would have turned out alot better. I would have an education and a better career and been ahead of the game. When I graduated I immediately had to get a job to help support my family. It has been 15 years since I was in school. It is never too late to start school but I wish I had went sooner just to be in a better postion than what I am now.


If I can go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, and give myself the knowledge I learn as a college life and making key decisions, I would have stick to my lifelong goals and take the opportunity I had been offer at that time and not turn it down. I would stay in school and earn my high school diploma on time and continue to college and earn my degree instead of wasting time. You can’t just stop and throw away a good future when it is knocking at your front door. I would also make better decisions and not be a teenage mom and is unable to enjoy life before maturing within myself. Time is something you cant just put off.


I would have study harder and dedicated myself more to my schooling.


I would say go to college right away and not wait. Life is difficult and getting a job is hard with no education. Go to college and get a good education and find the right job for yourself because finding the right job will make you want to stay with the same company for many years instead of changing jobs trying to find the right one. If you get a good education you will earn a better income and that will also make you want to stay at your job. Not having an education could put a person in a low paying job that they may get bored of and/or not enough money, so that person will continue to look for other work. Going back to college has changed my life and how I veiw it. I have learned so much about ethics, values, and respect. I want to help others, I want to learn more. I want to make a better life for me and my little girl. Plus, I want to be someone important in life and make that difference that everyone will remember me by. Thanks for the opportunity to achieve that goal.


I would tell myself not to wait 3 years to start college. Start right out of highschool at least to complete pre-requisite classes until you decide your major. You can be done by age 22, have a Bachelor's Degree and get a decent job. If you wait, you will be 24 with two years left of college while trying to work and take care of your family. Also, do not second guess yourself. You know what you want out of life and you know your major, do sell yourself short because you are afraid.


Do not give up and take advantage of all courses, workshops, and advice regarding your education. Know that you can do it and there is support and help when and if needed. A college education is not only rewarding, but necessary in today's world and will give you a sense of achievement and confidence.


I would tell the high school students to work hard so he or she will be able to be awarded scholorships to go to college instead of receiving student loans. Keep up his or her GPA and do a great job. It is worth it.


If I was able to go back and talk to my senior self, I would stress the importance of education. Not only college, but getting good grades in high school. My senior year, I slacked off quite a bit. When you are seventeen, you think that you know everything. That could not be farther from the truth. The thought of going into college after I had spent the last four years in high school, seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. I wish that I could have had the dedication to getting my education when I was younger. I would most likely have a better paying job now. Not just a job, but a career. That is why I have chosen to return to school. To better myself and have a career, instead of just a job.


As an adult returning to school nearly 20 years after graduating high school, there is so much advise to give. First take the time and find a college that fits your goals and go for it. Attending college is the best way to get ahead of ones competition in nearly every career, and will make the difference in ones salary. College comes with a great deal of expence, and although loans are avaliable, it can cost close to $100,000.00 to get through to a Masters Degree and that does not include living expenses. In order to alleviate some of this debt, make sure you apply for every scholarship you are qualified for. Take the time to write the essays, obtain the reccomendations and have a goal to apply for at least one per week. The best advise however is to never give up on your dreams.


I was never a high school senior. I dropped out of school in tenth grade and obtained a GED instead. If I could go back to that time I would have told myself that finishing school is very important. I only had two years left and that is a very short amount of time considering I was in school already for 13 years. I would tell myself that a college degree will take me further in life than where I was at at that time. I would tell myself of the struggles I had to face in order to be where I am today and that those struggles may have been avoided had I finished school and pursued a college degree sooner. I would tell myself that I can be somebody and I can get through highschool as well as college. I would tell myself that every thing will be okay just do not give up and do not give in.


I would go in with am open mind and not be scared because I know that here are people that are able and willing to help me at all times. Bear in mind that this is not one othose school wherer you can play all day. Go prepared to work and know that you will get the help you need.


If I could go back in time when I was a highschool student, I would tell myself do not take so long of break before you get back in school once you graduate. You can do anything you put your mind to, and be succesful any area of study that you set out to pursue. So be smart, stay focused , and strive to be the best that you can be!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would advise myself to take school more seriously. I graduated early, only completing three years of high school rather than the full four. I would tell myself to take my time and be patient because college is not as easy as it may seem. I would tell myself to work on time management and get used to working hard. I would give myself advice on being more involved in school activities and functions because the more involved you are, the better the experiences are. I would tell my high school self to not be afraid to try new things and always keep a positive attitude.


Hey my younger (and less intelligent) self!It’s your older self and I will prove it. In the top drawer of the dresser; nobody knows this, but you have a couple condoms and a jar full of change.So, Racquel, I know that being in high school is rough, but it honestly will be over before you know it. Upon entering college the rough times will keep coming.First off, drinking and drugs will NOT help anything. Losing your best friend in the first 3 weeks of college to a drunk driver will be rough, but it will not help to go to classes high and hung over. Go to the counselor BEFORE it gets to that point. Look to God to give you guidance and support.Second, I know that breaking up after 8 months is hard. Don’t let your feelings consume you. A greater, more loving and special man will come into your life and you will be happier than ever before. This man will love you beyond belief, so just stay true to yourself and you will go far.Love Always,Racquel Marie DeMarteleare (Yeah..that is what your married name will be!)


I would tell myself to always try the best that I can and put forth a lot of effort. I would also tell myself that it's going to take a lot of responsibilty such as meeting deadlines, attendance, participation, and managing finances. I would let myself know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and to never give up and follow your dreams.


You need to attend college right out of high school. going back 20 years later is a very hard thing to do.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to decide on a different college where I would not drop out. I would also advise myself to finish college because as an adult with a family it will a lot more difficult. Not only that, but as you get older a college degree is necessary. It is not the same society as when you were growing up and the little piece of paper is important. Even though you have the experience and have worked hard for many years, it doesn't seem to matter so much without that piece of paper. I would also have told myself to go to school for something you like to do instead of worrying on where the money can be found. That is not nearly important as liking what you do.


Save your money, college is expensive and start as soon as possible forget the fun life just continue your education and soon you can have fun without worring about money. Study hard and keep your nose down life will come to its own soon just work hard and keep in mind this will make you a better person one day.


Put in the extra time to apply and work for scholarships. As a teenager it is hard to understand the value of a dollar, but as you get older it becomes painfully clear just how far a dollar can go. Take extra time on the weekends to go online and submit applications for scholarships. Do community service work to help you qualify for a wider range of scholarships. While community service may not sound like fun, invite your friends to work along side you to make the experience more exciting. There are scholarships available that could set you up for the next ten years if you work at it. Take the time to study for the SAT's and take them multiple times if needed. Because the SAT's are so time consuming and draining, you may not want to give your all. One tip is to take the SAT multiple times, each time focusing mainly on one of the subjects. This way, one day your working on Reading, the next Math, etc. The SAT's combine your highest scores from all of your tests, so you are going to get the best result of all attempts.


I would tell myself that i shouldn't walk away from college life like I did so many years ago. I would have made sure that I found a school like University of Phoenix that provides great support and help through out my college career making the transition better and easier so that maybe I would have stuck with it and finished college earlier in life. Instead of going back to college at 35 years old.


My senior year of high school was very stressful. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to relax a little bit and maybe take more action on scholarships. I tried to undo the actions of my sophomore year, but those bad grades and mistakes could not be undone. Senior year is already tough with all Ap classes, volunteering, clubs, college applications, and I had to help my father take care of my brother since my mom is out of the picture. I should have spent more time on myself and less on family issues. Copper Mountain College, where I attend now, shouldn’t have been on the bottom of my list. Since realistically I couldn’t afford college, I should have been more open to going to a community college. There is nothing wrong with going to community college and transferring, what I plan to do in the fall, and it doesn’t mean you can give up. Everyone is different and you should work with what you have and grow from your experiences not let them make you upset. My senior year self would be in a much better position having known that.


Since I spent the later part of my life as a drug addict, I would tell my high school self not to be a drug addict in high school. If I were to really give myself direction, I would have tried to help my high school self find a different outlet and reach out for help. I should have submersed myself in my studies more. My high school self was a great student, I just had such a miserable life at home that I ran from foster home to run away shelter and was a victim of social services. I would have given myself more coping tools and helped myself pick out better friends. It is hard when you don’t fit in and live in unfavorable areas. Since I can’t help my high school self, I spend my time instead being a role model for my daughter and giving her the tools that she needs in life to make it. I started my life over and I am very content working two jobs, going to school and being a single mom. I am getting that second chance that I blew in high school as a lonely lost child.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would be sure to tell myself that the University of Phoenix is the school for me. I would have made sure that I didn't waste my time at the school I previously attended. In addition, I would have made sure that I focused more on my school work and scholarship applications rather than my friends and socializing. If I had known what I know today then I would have been farther in my education.


Forget boys, forget partying and look towards a real future...go to college!


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself a lot of advice. The main thing I would tell myself is to save my money. The most stressful thing about going to college is the cost and if I had saved money it would be a lot less stressfull. I would also tell myself not to take any time off. After I graduated high school and went to college I would not want to take any time off I would want to continue until I get my degree. Another piece of advice I would give myself is a college degree is more important than you thing. I would want to make my grades better than they were my senior year. Also, I would want to concentrate more when I start college and make sure my grades stay as high as I can make them. I know I am able to have high grades than I did in my first year of college and I regret it. I would hope I would do a lot better and be more prepared for college.


I would have told myself as a high school senior to think very hard about the person I am because it would have enabled me to realize what kind of profession I would have been best suited towards working for years ago.


I would tell my senior self to work on study habits even if I felt I didn’t need to study. High school classes came easy to me so I didn’t do much studying. When you haven’t done a lot of studying previously it’s difficult to start. I would also tell myself that learning was more of a reward than earning a grade. Taking a class purely for a grade will limit you and will stop you from fulfilling your absolute potential. Plus if you commit to learning material instead of just knowing enough to get an A, future classes will become easier because you have that much more knowledge stored up. On my own I’ve had to go back and relearn information I forgot after the tests. The final thing I would tell myself is to take more challenging classes. While calculus and physics in high school challenged me some I wish I would have taken more AP classes. AP calculus in high school made college calculus a breeze. I wish I would’ve taken AP English because I felt I knew enough in my first English class to skip it with college credit.


If I could go back and time and talk to my 18 year-old self, the conversation would probably take an entire week. Love and believe in yourself. Never give up. Nothing worthwhile happens over-night. Knowledge is power. Take some time to find yourself and your true passions. Save your money!Dear Mary,Everything will be okay. Take this time in college seriously- this is your future. You might hate college right now and not want to be there, but all that will change before you know it. Find the fun in learning- explore everything, find out what it is that you could see yourself doing. Gen Ed’s aren’t the most exciting courses, but they will be over soon and you need them. Make it exciting if you have to- you must always try your best at everything. If you make good habits now, you will always have good habits. Which reminds me, buy a calendar and schedule out your days! I firmly believe that life is all about learning in some way, shape, or form. Take every experience in life and make it an opportunity to learn, to gain something- take the good with the bad.


Now that I'm about to engaged to a new experience in college, I know that I have to make my own decisions in choosing the right way in which im going to transform to a new doctor, or maybe an architect or who knows, probably in focusing in politics. As Im entering to college, I have to see what I really want, what the future wants in me. I know while looking into students presepective views, I also need to embrace the major I want to be and never let it go. Of course, college is going to be awesome and competitive at the same time. Awesome, because of the parties I will experience and moments forever will remain in my life. Competitive because proffessors, homework, assignments, and so on will be in ambitious and I have to be responsible for every action college wants me to do. All of this things will show how mature I can be in the future. I need to be prepare, be prompt to my classes, be ready when a proffesors wants me to do a project. I will never give up and never let my beloved ones down.


If i were to go back to my highschool self, i would make sure i stressed the importance of getting good grades and working hard. I would tell myself to worry less about the boys and parties and worry more about being in good academic standing. Also, i would tell myself to take classes even though it is not mandatory. It is harder being in college without having all the highschool classes done like chemistry, so i have to take them now that im in college. It is a lot harder to get homework done with two toddlers running around, so i would tell myself to go to college straight out of highschool instead of waiting four years to go back.


If I could go back in time as a senior, I would better inform myself of the college process. I would began researching and preparing for college my freshman year. My parents would be more informed about loans and grants to assist in the expenses of college life. I would go to the guidance counselor and ask about aid and asistance that the school offered. My GPA and class selection would be more centered on the focal point of the criteria i would need for the college of my choice. My SAT scores would be taken repeatively until I was satisfied with the outcome. I would take weekend trips to vist colleges. I would inform my friends of the college process so that I would be more motivated to keep focus and excited about the anticipation the college experience. If I could go back in time, I would be a better researcher, motivator, and go-getter toward excelling in the college process.


Education is the key to a lot of doors and the future start here. If only I could go back to my senior year I would have gone a different route. Parents have a lot to do what we do when we are in high school. One of the problem was that I did not had either of them. I was raised by my uncles, my father die when I was five years old. I will always missed him and for him and me I want to finish what I have started. Take the time to apply for scholarships is a great way, the more funds we get for school the less time we need to work for all the supplies for school. Having a helping hand will always be welcome to everyone especially when you are raising a family and going back to college. Take you time and think before you make an important decision. A family is a great acomlishment to have , but it takes corage and work to make it worked. Remmember that an educated desicion will always the best desicion.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself was to captured the knowledges that the teachers have been taught and to practicited it by sharing, refer to the ideas with peers, also feel free to ask the questions to teacher, don't feel be shy and the operation of the school is also actively involved to be more understanding and do not see lack of confidence in front of the crowd. Because in college there are the people have different ages of their knowledge will also be more than me, in this case do not be frustrated or timid. And also don't for get to make a good friends . However, the English is important either for me in high school or college, how I studied the English language then successful I will get in my life. In summary, there are many advices for all students, but especially for me there are 2 things I need most interested in English and be confident in all cases, so I alway have to know and encourage self motivated to myself.


I would tell myself to not take anything in my social life too seriously. High School can either be a cruel, cruel world for some just because of how adolescents are during that period; but it can also be the best time of your life, if you allow it to be. I would tell myself to work hard and do the best I can in any and every situation and to always be there for my friends no matter what. Friends can come and go but some of then one's you make in high school will be forever by your side if you let them. I would also tell the younger me to experience anything from football games, and sport's events to rallies and even a study group with strangers. I would most importantly tell myself to keep an open mind and to be proactive when opportunities present themselves.


I would definately tell myself not to give up. The most important thing is staying true to yourself and keeping focused on what is important. I would tell myself not to let anything or anyone stand in the way of reaching my goal. I would tell myself that if I can think it in my head, then it is possible.I would tell myself that I have the ability to change the world, and thats what I would set my mind to. The only one responsible for the outcome of my life, is me. It is my decision and mine alone. If someone wants to stand by me, then let them. If they do not, then bid them farwell.


to pick the college that is best for me and to know what i want to do in my life isteand of going to college and not knowing what you want to do.


When I was a high school senior, I did not have encouragement from my family to go to college. We lived very poor and it was known that my family could not send me to school. Looking back now I would have told myself that anything is possible and all I really needed to do was to believe in myself and I could succeed. I would have investigated all my options for financial help and put my education first on my list. I would have told myself that in the future you will need to have a degree to be hired in most company’s and the chance of advancement without a degree is few and far between. Knowing what I know now I would tell myself everyday to learn as much as I can because learning seems harder when you are older and have a family and a full time job.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college life and making the transition, I would have a lot to say. For starters I would tell myself to choose a community college for the first two years and obtain an Associates degree. Even though it would kill me to have to stay around my mother for another two years it would have been worth it. I would also tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible to help pay for school. I would bring up the fact that college is much harder to succed in if you don't stay focused. I would inform me that staying away from boys and drama would be the best thing for me. And if something should happen where I could not return to school for financial reasons, that I should work hard to make sure I could continue, and don't throw away everything for a boy. My final words of inspiration would be to not worry about anything, stay focused, and remember my goal.


Don't delay! There will always be challenges along the way but the sooner you begin the better.