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Doctors, Lawyers, and CEO's Oh My!

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Smack dab in the middle of Washington D.C., and surrounded by luxury town houses of Senators and Representatives alike, Georgetown is at the forefront of the D.C. metro and political scenes. It’s also in what permanent residents consider to be the trendy part of the city. Students aren’t deterred from the nightlife because they're constantly focused on their studies. “Even those people who love to go out on the weekends, or weeknights, know when they have to buckle down and do work. Everybody wants to succeed.” Because the government is around you, many students major in things like “Culture & Politics, the most interdisciplinary major of any in the SFS (School of Foreign Service), yet I still was required to take a litany of courses designed to prepare students to follow orders at the State Department or the World Bank.” Obviously the “language programs are really good, as are most of the SFS courses.” The “professors are not flexible when it comes to missing class for interviews,” but “the career center, on the other hand, is heavily biased towards connecting students with finance and consulting jobs.” One student bragged “a lot of us, especially those in the business school, are competing for the most lucrative jobs in investment banking.” It might not be empty bravado when “there are literally thousands of internship opportunities that can help you network and land a great job after graduation.”